100 Day New Year's Challenge100 Day New Year's Challenge

Day 80 – Bonus

Friday, March 22, 2013

Offer your mind a meaningful reward for finishing strongly. Give yourself an added incentive. Let the brain get stimulated and excited for a significant reward. Of course, it needs to be something enticing enough to drive desired behavior. You have to get the mind to think about the rewards of succeeding.

The mind is rewards-driven especially when something is very meaningful. So dig deep and unearth the ultimate reward as an incentive to finish strongly. Finding the right reward can boost you into an extra gear you never knew you had.

Ensure the bonus is not some pie in the sky dream, it needs to be something achievable within the context of the allotted time left. Offer the bonus and incite your mind to drive the right behavior. You should choose a bonus that you are dying to achieve, something that really stimulates you. Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you still end up among the stars.

Day 79 - clarity

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mediate or brainstorm to seek clarity of achieving your goals. At this point, there is no can’t or won’t in your vocabulary, you must do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. It’s not just about putting triple intensity into things you think will work. You need to be clear by now on what the best activities and tactics are.

Search for solutions that deliver clarity on any situations that cause doubt in your mind. Solutions for any challenges you encounter exist, it’s about discovering the right sources or executing the best fit strategies that work. Task your mind with all your energy and power to solve the challenges you face.

Achieve total clarity of thought and action. Reach out to experienced mentors who can shed more light on your situation. Clarity provides the necessary confidence to finish strongly. In the closing stages of the challenge, you need to have a strong vision of the finish line or know the best path to take.

Day 78 - Power of positive energy

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remember a time you were bathed in positive energy! At that time also, your brain developed at a critical speed. A time when you struggled to crawl, walk, and run. You overcame challenge after challenge and kept going till you succeeded. Return to the positive spirit of your early age development. Notice how babies are always positive bundles of joy, in essence, they show us how to live, how to be brave and keep going.

Find the positive charge in any negative situation. No matter what obstacles jump out, find a way around them. Where there’s a will, you must make a way. Turning negatives to positive has been a positive mantra for the universe, don’t let anything stop you.

If you have to deal with negative situations or people with excessive negative energy in your day to day activities, then make a plan to deal with it. You certainly can’t let the negative energy impact you. It creates too much fear, anxiety and doubt. Positive energy provides extra clarity of thought and judgment.

Day 77 - Energy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To operate at triple intensity, you are going to need plenty of energy. You need to be relentless at this stage. The goals that you intended to achieve in the first 100 days must be top priority. Your body needs to produce the energy necessary to accomplish those tasks. Regardless of how your regular schedule is, you must find the time to work on achieving your goals.

After the relentless pursuit of your goals over the past 76 days, there is probably a majority of energy built up in your system. When it’s time to work on your goals, that energy is either positive or negative. Positive means that you can’t wait to attack your goals with enthusiasm and vigor. On the other hand, negative implies making excuses and procrastinating for days on end.

Negative energy can be transferred to a flow of positive energy by thinking differently. If you have endured a negative experience up till now, hang in there, congratulate yourself for hanging in as long as you have done. Take steps to turn any negatives into positives by clearly articulating your thoughts and desired actions on paper, have a real game plan. Strive to endure and manufacture the energy to keep going by staying positive and improving each passing day. Put your total heart and mind into your endeavor to build a strong electro-magnetic force field to supply you with boundless energy.

Day 76 - Final quarter

Monday, March 18, 2013

Into the last 25 days of your 100 day challenge, time for an honest assessment. It’s time to ask some tough questions and figure out the necessary answers. Consider the amount of effort and time put in compared to results. Do you feel that you are on track? Do you know how to plan for a great finish and generate momentum beyond the 100 days to enrich your life?

Measure your progress and plan how to ensure a triple intensity finish. You should know which areas to focus on in order to deliver measurable results. You then want to place a majority of your efforts on your best activities. It usually works out with 80% of your results may come from only 20% of your activities. We must clearly highlight those activities and do more of them.

If you are not clear on the three most important activities that impact your results, you should consider hiring a coach or an expert. You have certainly enough experience that somebody may be able to build upon and offer some new ideas. Gaining clarity on the critical areas for success is instrumental to develop triple intensity power to achieve goals.

Day 75 - Different sources

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Today relax and read something different for a change. Read something that you don’t normally read. Keep an open mind and let new ideas come into your life.

Day 74 – Imagination day

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today live an imaginative day. Everything you do, try it with some imagination. Let your mind run free. Get used to adding imagination to your life. The more imaginative you become, the more stimulated your mind is making it easier to solve any challenges in your way.

Enjoy your imaginative day, see where your imagination leads you, and gladly follow along for the ride. Life is all imagination, people just don't know it!

Day 73 - Imagination

Friday, March 15, 2013

Are you still exercising your mind with some imagination? Always stimulate your mind by sparking your imagination. Make a goal to be the most imaginative person doing your endeavor in whatever niche you serve. Think differently, bring some new imaginative ideas to accomplishing your goals.

Imagination is your greatest weapon! Imagination is the very staple of existence on Earth for human beings - animals wish they were us. Your imagination is something you own, no government or entity can ever take it away from you as long as you are breathing. The world will be better for your right brain imagination, no doubt it's certainly a left-brain dominated planet. Add imagination to executing your goals.

Imagine how it feels to accomplish your goals on time and on plan. Escape into that deep conscious state of already achieving your goals, visualize and imagine what success looks and tastes like. Let your mind sense your ecstatic feeling, give it an experience to duplicate. Imagine progressing through every step of your journey.

Day 72 - Step by step system

Thursday, March 14, 2013

If you are not operating at triple intensity, you should evaluate your step by step system. If things are not running smoothly or you don't have the level of clarity to run at triple intensity, then your step by step system needs to be examined. Your brain is a complex problem-solver - engage its full capabilities. Therefore, if your system is not yielding results, then let your brain eliminate challenges in a methodical and practical manner.

The journey to accomplish your goals revolves around your system in place and the effort you put in. If your system is set up for trial and error, then that allows you to correct mistakes, learn and adapt on the fly. Even if you have to go through every single wrong approach before you find the ideal solution, it’s still worth it.

A step by step system allows you to always know what stage of 'planning to execution' you are in. Your brain is already programmed by society to operate thru a step by step system - why not capitalize on it. You should always identify your next steps clearly on any strategic plan. Never stay stagnant, when one problem occurs, analyze and research some alternate options. Only when a system works, can you really generate massive momentum and results operating at triple intensity.

Day 71 - Triple intensity

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

With under 30 days left in the challenge, time to turn up the heat even more. We want to hit triple intensity to finish off the 100 Day Challenge with a bang. That means you have to give it three times the effort you did at the beginning. After dedication to your goals over the past 70 days, you should have built up tremendous momentum if you applied yourself.

Since you are much more familiar with the landscape of pursuing your goals, take more calculated risk than you were prepared to take in the beginning. Stretch yourself out there even further, put more on the line. If for any reason you haven’t made sufficient progress in even some moderate goals, it’s time to re-evaluate again and figure out a way to give your absolute all.

In the first month of your challenge, it was more of an apprehensive warm-up, now in the last month, you are much more experienced and seasoned. Time to turn it up even more! Experience is truly the best teacher. Apply what you have learned over the last two months to cross that finish line. Deliver a triple intensity finish!