100 Day New Year's Challenge100 Day New Year's Challenge

Day 70 - Inspirational Network

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Be inspired to join an inspirational support network. Become inspired by others and take your turn to inspire others. Become inspired by a movement outside of yourself and your mission. Universally, humans are all connected in the same way sharing the human condition regardless of race, gender, status or sexual orientation.

Accomplish more goals and by joining a community of positive individuals. Feel the power of other like-minded people trying to pursue their dreams. Attract positive vibes and share in the positive energy. Share the experience of others and gain valuable inspiration to drive you further in your life’s journey.

Becoming part of movement make you desire to give more of yourself. Join a team and get the valuable support of teammates. Life is a team sport, play as a member of a support network. Get others involved to build community spirit to raise hopes where ever you live.

Day 69 - Solve the puzzle

Monday, March 11, 2013

Heading into the final month of our challenge. We are launching into triple intensity territory. We want you to give three times the effort that you did at the beginning. At this stage, you ought to have a great idea of what is required for success in your endeavors.

No doubt, some goals may require much more time to accomplish – the main point is that you are clear on the path ahead. Even if 100 days wasn’t enough to achieve your larger vision goals, you should have more clarity on what will be required to accomplish your goals. So if you can’t complete them, at least ensure you are well on track. If you are not firing on all cylinders by now, some puzzle must be solved.

Solve whatever puzzle is needed to reach triple intensity. You are now used to the pace of this challenge, identify any puzzles that need to be solved. Brainstorm with focus on solving the challenges so you can finish the challenge strongly with a full head of steam.

If things are going great, shoot for even bigger goals while you have confidence and momentum - express more vision and imagination while you are on a roll. Keep on trucking!

Day 68 – Inner spirit

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Connect with your inner spirit. What is it you want to express to the world by achieving your goals? How will achieving your goals impact your life and others? How do you wish to affect people? Truth in this world is universal. Inner spirit makes your actions authentic, and influence those you desire to. If your heart and inner spirit are behind accomplishing your goals, you will find a way to succeed.

With a little over a month in the 100 day challenge, the spirit needs to be strong within. If you are well ahead of your goals, great job, keep it going and add even bigger goals. On the flip side, if you are far from being on the right track to success, you must dig deep within. Are you mentally and physically prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals?

If it means the world to you to accomplish your goals, the inner spirit within will endure. As long as you maintain high spirits, you will remain confident. When the mind is confident and full of self-belief, it seeks opportunities. Search deep within and reinforce your inner spirit to keep pressing till you reach the finish line of your goals.

Day 67 – Inspirational story

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pick out an inspirational story to enrich your day. Consider what ways it could be inspirational to your particular story. Inspiration is a bond that attracts you to certain stories and people. You know, the kind of stories that hits the bullseye of our hearts. It makes us automatically assume the role of the person in the story, we suddenly find ourselves in their story. Everybody knows human beings always love good stories, whether real or not!

Human beings are social creatures. They love a connection with other human beings. Let’s face it, for a world of sometimes crazy and absurd people, things could be a whole lot worse that they actually are, think 'Dark ages.' We could have war between every nation in this world around the clock - so in a sense, the human story of us coming together here on this planet has been very inspirational to say the least.

Connect with an inspirational story that moves your heart. Take that power surge and apply it to your own story. Feel the human condition, human behavior is people going through the same type of challenges in different ways at any given time on this planet. Gain strength from the stories of others to write out your inspirational story.

Day 66 - Inspirational symbols

Friday, March 8, 2013

Greet yourself early in the morning with a huge dose of inspiration. Stay away from absorbing the news too early in your day. Before you brave the news and other sources for potential negativity, wake up inspired with your first thoughts of the day. Before you jump out of bed, keep in mind something or someone that inspires you. Let that set your mind on something inspirational to jumpstart the day.

Anytime you encounter negativity or setbacks throughout the day, reflect back on those that inspire you. Realize that they too had to overcome obstacles and challenges on their road to victory. Remember you have the power to control your thoughts. Don’t let your thoughts control you, be the boss.

Carry pictures of people that inspire you, in addition to any symbols or associations that can trigger positive vibes. It’s a good idea to also carry pictures of people you need to inspire and those that depend on you. Look at pictures of your loved ones, associates or anybody connected to you in a special way. Anytime you get down in spirit, draw power from inspirational symbols to turbo boost your energy. Achieving goals is a journey of ups and downs, let your inspirational symbols carry you home across the finish line.

Day 65 – Power of inspiration

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who or what inspires you right now, at this very moment? Even better who do you inspire? Just as others have inspired you, can you inspire others? Do you have what it takes to carry the hopes of others? In other words, can you lead by example? Can you inspire others to achieve their life goals too? You can build a bond connected to others as you achieve collectively.

The power of inspiration is immeasurable. Surround yourself with people that inspire you. Get absorbed in their environment. You will feel the positive energy impact instantly. As long as you are with the right type of people, you should get a surge inside you ready to unlock your full power.

Truly believe in yourself and your mission. If you are looking for something to be inspired about, remember you are almost two thirds into your 100 day challenge - that’s something to be very proud of. Become even more inspired to accomplish greater feats, challenge yourself to the max!

Day 64 – Look into the window

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Take a deep look into your inspirational soul. How inspired are you to accomplish your goals? Do you wake up with boundless energy and enthusiasm ready to attack your goals for the day? Do you feel like an unstoppable force? Inspirational power boosts you towards accomplishing your goals.

Inspiration turns you into an unstoppable force ready to accomplish your goals. It serves up a powerful force of energy that propels you to the finish line of your goals. Inspiration has sparked many breakthroughs in our civilization throughout time. Some may think pursuit of money and power is all that matters, however, inspiration trumps everything.

The power of an inspired person is truly infinite. The feeling of boundless strength and enthusiasm to pursue one’s goals is priceless. If your goals don’t inspire you, find out why and adjust accordingly. The best way to access your infinite power is to become someone on a mission. Truly believe that your goals are not just for you, but something that can inspire an entire community. Think beyond the greater good of yourself, to also serve others.

Day 63 – Take your stimulants

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Now is an ideal opportunity to gauge your stimulation. It’s more than 60 days into the challenge, your mind should be firmly focused so it should be firing up ideas on a regular basis. If after 60 day of focus, you are not stimulated, then we must unearth the problem. If you are not ultra-stimulated after 60 days to achieve your goals, then we must identify the sources holding you back.

Assess the reasons for any loss of stimulation. If you are highly stimulated already, then continue to stay engaged and supply your mind with new sources for stimulation. Those who have suffered setbacks along the way have to dig deep and keep their eyes on the prize, they can’t let any failures hold them back mentally.

Measure your current stimulation levels, to be working at double intensity, you must be stimulated. Adjust accordingly and do what needs to be done to have your fully stimulated. This is an opportunity to accomplish goals that are important to you. It must be stimulating for you!

Day 62 - New solutions

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fresh off yesterday’s activity of absorbing new information, you ought to have given your brain some much needed stimulation by feeding it fresh knowledge. No doubt that all kinds of new neurons sprung into action. The extra stimulation strengthens some brain connections that can spark other parts of your brain to build stronger links and associations.

As long as your brain is stimulated, you ought to take advantage of this extra surge. Think about new solutions to help you achieve your goals. Focus on a fresh perspective that can push you closer to the finish line of your goals. You should be getting stronger and stronger every day, seeking to be better than the last day.

In order to pursue our goals as best we can, we need to incorporate new ideas on a regular basis. Your mind must never stop trying to open up opportunities. Staying open minded for fresh data makes your mind flexible and more receptive. Explore all the new solutions within your power.

Day 61 - Fresh sources

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Today is time for something fresh. Today’s breakfast of knowledge encourages you to take in a brand new perspective. Visit new websites or blogs in your area of interest. Gain new insight by digesting some alternate viewpoints. Build new brain connections by opening your mind to contrasting views.

Your brain craves new knowledge on a regular basis. It especially loves to help you achieve your goals if you allow it to assist you effectively. Let your mind deliver solutions that can help you accomplish your goals. Focus your mind continuously on your objective. Any challenges that hold you back must be identified and addressed ASAP. If you haven’t solved your primary problems, you need to learn new information daily.

After you take in new fresh sources, breakdown the various ideas and relate to your overall strategy. Evaluate the other concepts and viewpoints. Break down the components behind their thought process, figure out the thinking process involved. Make it a habit to consume fresh sources of information on a regular basis.