100 Day New Year's Challenge100 Day New Year's Challenge

Day 50 – Progress tracker

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Congratulations for making it halfway through the 100 day challenge. Taking consistent action is a prerequisite to obtain desirable results. Reflect back to Day 1 of your challenge, don’t you feel so much wiser and experienced for the journey so far? Hopefully, you have gained much momentum along the journey with clarity of your destination.

Analyze your results so far. Are you on track? If not, what should you adjust? Do you need to make changes to your plan? Can you honestly say that you have applied yourself with double intensity during the second month of your challenge?

Compare your actual results with your milestones and deliverables from your initial planning. What strategic changes have you made since the beginning? Has your curiosity opened up other opportunities? Where do you need to adjust to ensure success in the next 50 days? Take time to enjoy your accomplishment, however, be clear on what is required for the road ahead. Strive for happiness – even when things don’t go well – be happy for the opportunity to keep living your dreams. Happiness creates positive energy and enthusiasm, it fuels creative energy to succeed.

Day 49 – Day of rest

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Give yourself a huge pat on the back if you’ve followed along every day and completed your plan of action accordingly. Today is a day of rest, ok we know it’s not Sunday. Well, for your information, the universe couldn’t give a crap if it was Sunday anyway. Everything’s relative to time and space according to Einstein’s theories. No theory is ever going to be 100% precise, the universe has been keeping supposed perceived time for billions of years. The universal clock operates one way, your calendar system another way.

Learn about bodies in motion and in rest through your own devices and experience. If you’ve pursued your goals with all your heart and mind, you deserve a good rest day. It’s not easy to pursue your goals relentlessly for 50 days. You’ve certainly earned a day of complete rest. If you missed some days along the way, go ahead and play catch up.

Relax and rejuvenate your mind, get ready for the remaining half of the challenge.

Day 48 – Mental Fortitude

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mental fortitude is an essential ingredient to success. You are probably aware of people around you or others you knew growing up who seemed to have amazing mental strength. It could be the kid in the school that was bullied every day, but refused to back down. Perhaps, a teammate on a sports team who didn’t have the physical strength of others, but didn’t let anything hold them back.

A majority of very successful people will tell you that mental strength played a crucial role in their triumph. They can probably recite numerous stories of circumstances where all seemed lost, situations where average people would have given up. However, they maintained their resolve to endure. However good you think you need to be, strive to be better. You can’t let anything detract you from your purpose. Single-minded dedication and will to succeed.

Consider a time in your life when you needed mental fortitude to overcome your situation. Tap into that strength now. Where did the power come from to overcome your circumstances? How can you build upon that experience to triumph now in achieving your goals? Do you feel you are becoming mentally stronger every day? If not, why?

Day 47 – Application

Sunday, February 17. 2013

Total commitment brings application. After yesterday’s activity with the RAS, your mind is on high alert that application is required. Your brain is the best super computer in human history, it’s a real shame not to maximize its deepest capabilities. Apply yourself with all your energy to succeed in your endeavors.

Applying yourself means that you are constantly building new connections in your brain increasing your capacity to transform ideas and information into workable solutions. It’s then a question of implementing those solutions to see what kind of results eventuate. If you are experiencing tough challenges – connect where your heart and mind meet – that’s a powerful source of surreal energy.

Your mind is only as determined as you are to succeed. No two ways about it, you have to apply yourself to almost the point of obsession. Your mind must understand that you have skin in the game and are totally committed to achieving your goals. Apply yourself with all your energy and focus on each step of your plan. Deliver the double intensity required to complete this second month on a real high.

Day 46 - RAS

Saturday, February 16, 2013

After being focused on pursuing your goals for a month and a half, your mind’s reticular activating system (RAS) should be on overdrive. If you are not actively gaining new insight or ideas in executing your goals, you need to reassess your passion. The RAS plays an important role by alerting a network of interdependent entities to work together to produce results.

However to work effectively, you must focus all your energy and attention on specific tasks you need to accomplish. Everyone has used their RAS in some shape or form. Whenever anyone really desires something, it’s the RAS that signals clues that can help at a moment’s notice. For example, at the beginning of the week if the mind was set on completing a task over the weekend such as painting the garage, you could be driving along mid-week thinking about something else entirely, then you drive past a hardware store and realize that you need to buy some paint supplies. The act of driving past the hardware store had triggered the senses into action. It alerted you with pertinent information that you need to produce your desired results.

Your RAS needs to be delivering results on specific tasks you need to accomplish. After so many days focused on your goals, if your RAS is not delivering results, something is certainly wrong. Use today for focusing all your energy on your goals and determine the quality of results your mind delivers. If you are not completely sure about how the RAS works, it’s essential you learn it today. Go ahead and Google the RAS and its function, so you can learn for yourself. Then test to see if your RAS is functioning correctly.

Day 45 – Super Motivation

Friday, February 15, 2013

Approaching the mid-point of the 100 day challenge, in the double intensity phase II, can you confirm that you are super motivated to succeed? Are you on track to achieve some of those clearly defined goals you set out for? If you were to ask someone who knows you, would they describe you as being super motivated to succeed right at this very moment? Being super motivated provides laser sharp focus - nothing can stop you from achieving what you put all your heart and mind into? The barriers exist only in your mindset.

It’s hard to sustain double intensity for a month without been super charged and super motivated. Time for complete honesty and assessment in what stage you are in. Being super motivated is worth every effort to get to. It delivers the energy and power necessary to create massive results. When you are super motivated, you strive to find a way no matter what, no excuses hold you back.

If you are not super motivated now, what will it take to get you there? There’s no secret to why people become very successful with all things being equal. The highly successful are driven, they put in the time, effort and sacrifice. There’s a myth that most successful people inherited their wealth, that’s not the case, a majority of highly successful folks are self-made - industrious doers and dreamers who kept persisting to overcome obstacles along their journey. They simply wanted it more than others, they are willing to commit wholeheartedly to their goals. Highly successful people are super motivated to do what others aren’t prepared to do. What are you prepared to do today in order to succeed?

Day 44 - Motivational Source

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day!

Fuel your motivational drive with a great positive attitude and demeanor. Most people lose steam when they experience setbacks or failure. Think differently, consider setbacks as a valuable motivational source. Odds of success increase with each failure! Have you ever tried something twice and did worse the second time around? That rarely happens, you noticeably improve on your second and subsequent attempts.

Most things worthwhile in life require plenty of hard work and effort, your source of motivation must power you to the finish line of your dreams. If accomplishing goals was an easy ride, most people would be doing it. The fact remains that not enough people believe or understand the power potential inside them. It’s hard to fully realize one’s power, if one doesn’t truly believe.

As you proceed on your journey, shoot to gain more motivational power and strength as you go along. You’ve already done the hardest work – to get going. Provide yourself even more reasons to be motivated than you did when you started. Dig deep inside of yourself, there are many reasons to be super motivated to succeed.

Day 43 – Motivational Lifecycle

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Balancing the ups and downs of pursuing your goals takes a toll on your internal power. At the beginning, people are usually very excited and motivated, then after several setbacks or perhaps financial difficulties, they may lose their motivation and hardly seem the same people.

Recognize that it’s perfectly natural, sometimes even those that experience stellar results may still lose motivation. As we emphasized at the beginning stages, learning to recognize the signals is half the battle won. Once you notice it occurring in real-time, you can adjust accordingly. As soon as it happens, raise your spirits up by doing what you love most, things that you are most passionate about.

Sustaining motivation throughout the journey to accomplish your goals is a must. Sometimes what goes up must come back down, initial exhilaration at the onset can later turn into a low point at some stage. Whenever you feel de-motivated for whatever reason, don’t dwell on it, understand the cycle going on, ride it out and do the activities that help turn things around. Stand your ground when adversity comes knocking – convert adversity into opportunity.

Day 42 - Motivational Power

Tuesday, February 12. 2013

If your life was on the line and you had to figure out how to complete a particular task in a limited time, chances are you would be super motivated with what was at stake. That’s the power of motivation, when it’s a matter of life and death, things magically get done. There’s a reason why soldiers in the heat of battle accomplish unbelievable feats.

Are you super motivated to accomplish your goals? Are you super motivated to do whatever it takes? Are you super motivated to put yourself on the line? Of course, you don’t have to risk your life, however, you might be losing the amount of life you could have by accomplishing your goals.

Bottom line- you must be super motivated to fight and scrap every inch of the way to achieve your goals. If you are not, nobody else will be. This is nobody else’s fight, it’s all up to you. Accomplishing your goals to live life on terms you dictate is going to take all you have inside you and then some. When you commit to doubling the intensity while applying continuous research – you are dramatically increasing chances of success.

Day 41 - Motivational Drive

Monday, February 11, 2013

There’s really no substitute for motivation and desire on your quest to accomplish your goals. The will power to overcome any obstacles in your way is something that must come from you. It needs to come from deep inside you where your power lies. Do you have an appetite for what you are doing – feed the appetite. If you are not constantly hungry or curious about your goals, there lies the problem. Find goals you are invested emotionally deep in.

When the time comes to work on your goals, if you are not super motivated and excited to go, then results are likely to reflect it also. Whenever you feel hesitant or de-motivated in any way, you need to move fast to address the issue. If you don’t address it and let it linger on, it will slowly strangle your enthusiasm making quitting your only option.

If you need an extra boost of motivation, go back to Day 2 activities, and find the notes where you communicated the force behind your goals. Refresh your memory and connect with those innermost feelings that propelled you on this mission to accomplish your goals. Honestly assess what has changed, if you’ve lost motivation, it’s perfectly natural, you don’t have to quit, you just need to relight the fire of passion and enthusiasm again.