100 Day New Year's Challenge100 Day New Year's Challenge

Day 40 - Meditate

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Consider adding mediation to your weekly routine. Choose from various meditation techniques. Find what works for you. It’s just a matter of sitting down comfortably and chanting some mantras quietly or loudly. We recommend Deepak Chopra techniques over here to penetrate the mind and reach a higher state of consciousness bringing clarity.

Meditation helps you relax and alleviates the stress and tension of the everyday world. Listen to your breathing, notice the rhythm of your heart beat. Become fully aware of your body, mind and spirit. Increase self-awareness and tap into your internal power.

Mediation has been praised in many circles for thousands of years for very good reason, it works, do it as often as you can. It takes patience and time to become a master, once you do, the whole world opens up to you. The awakening of the inner strength turns you into an unstoppable force. Improve performance on your daily activities by setting things up the night before – program your subconscious on the next task ahead.

Day 39 – Good failure

Saturday, February 9, 2013

You may be wondering how failure can possibly be good. First of all, failure means you tried to do something. If failure causes you to fail and never try again, then that’s another matter entirely. That would mean something is wrong with your view of the world. The world owes you nothing, you owe the world everything. Nobody is guaranteed to always succeed at everything all the time.

If you are not failing enough, you may not be breaking barriers and taking enough risks. A good way to measure if you are pushing the envelope enough is how many times you are failing. Every time you fail, learn from it and move on, each failure brings you a step closer to success.

The entire world tends to look down on failure causing many people never to even try. Think differently and embrace failure because it allows you to keep searching for what will work. Failure provides an opportunity for you to dig deeper inside you and discover what you are truly made of. Wanting to achieve your goals in 1 month then failing and losing steam is premature ejaculation – you need to build up steam and momentum to achieve results. Don’t be a 2 min goal lover, build stamina and resistance, enjoy the ride.

Day 38 - Risk

Friday, February 8, 2013

In order to achieve desired results, it’s also important to take even more risk that you may have planned to. Calculated risk is always advised. Hard to be successful without putting something on the line. After all, life is risk to a certain degree, even something as easy as crossing the street is not always guaranteed.

Evaluate your strategic plan, identify a calculated risk and take it even further. Put more on the line than you think you can afford to. However, be smart about it, just stick your neck out a little further than you planned. That little extra risk returns dividends. Even if it falls flat, that extra blood rush of taking risk works wonders.

Taking risk consistently builds your courage. It’s not just about achieving success, you should learn to sustain that success. Courage to take consistent risk makes all the difference in continuous self-growth. Embrace risk in our unpredictable universe. The world has a way of rewarding those willing to put themselves on the line. Expand your curiosity - keep seeking to open up new paths and opportunities by taking on more risk. Do what others dare not do!

Day 37 - Face off

Thursday, February 7, 2013

As you look to break barriers, face fear in all areas of your life. Is fear holding you back in not only your professional life, but personal too. If you don’t face your fear in your personal life, it can easily permeate your professional life as well.

Are there any personal problems that scare you to address? Face your fear and deal with them. Staying in fear only allows the problem to stick around and perhaps exacerbate. Your entire life is intertwined together, imbalance in your personal life can impact your professional life and vice versa.

Face your fear and see where it leads you. Often times, the fear is amplified in our minds, it’s easy for the brain to become preoccupied with fear. Contemplate what fears you need to meet head on and do it. You will be better for doing it, that much we can guarantee. Facing your fears is another crucial element of continuous personal growth.

Day 36 - Breaking barriers

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The results we desire are often at the very edges of our comfort zones. Sometimes we break through one comfort zone, witness noticeable results only to stay at a new comfort zone. We have to keep on breaking barriers on a continual basis. That’s why confidence and momentum are so important.

Massive results come through massive action. Massive action occurs because you gain confidence to keep pushing beyond comfort zones, breaking barriers is where success resides. Anybody no matter what level of success experiences nerves in doing certain things which are crucial for success. We have to break down those barriers and keep on pushing.

As usual, be totally honest with yourself. Ask yourself tough questions, are you really operating at the very edges of your comfort zone. Apply some friendly pressure on yourself to perform more in a positive way. Ask more of yourself. Human beings have a history of breaking incredible barriers, strive to do the same. Great goals come at great costs in terms of sacrifice and hard effort.

Day 35 – Energy

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Doubling the intensity in the second phase of the next few weeks requires plenty of energy. That means regardless of your regular schedule, you should be enthusiastic to get to work on your goals. It should be the case that after working on your goals, you feel revitalized and recharged.

Be careful and mindful of who you spend your time with. Human beings are easily influenced by their environment, negative energy can easily rob your power. Open your eyes and observe the energy of those around you, family, friends and associates. Do your positive affirmations daily. Figure out how to create more energy daily, keep boosting your dreams and aspirations by adding more levels.

To hit on all cylinders, energy needs to naturally ooze out of you. There will be days when you feel tired and may not be at your best, that’s always to be expected, but for the most part you have to be full of energy. If the energy is not coming like it should be, stop and investigate. Energy is also hard to come by if there are no visible signs of progress, so stop and evaluate yourself and your internal power.

Day 34 – Support network

Monday, February 4, 2013

Many pundits often say there is no better time to be alive in human history than now. They could be right too, the world offers limitless possibilities that prior generations could only dream of. Consider the potential of the internet and all the numerous applications available to make communication, sharing and collaboration easier than ever.

Try building some new connections today. Use Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter to reach out to others around the world pursuing similar goals. Share your ideas with like-minded folks and listen to their feedback. Show some interest in the objectives of others and see how you can offer help. Look to give – show gratitude – contribute to the universe before you worry about your return.

There are countless resources to connect with others around the globe, be sure to take full advantage. Build a support network both in your local community and around the world. Join local clubs and internet forums to connect with others. Remember to offer value first and foremost. Focus on giving and contributing – so your mind will keep leading the way – results come eventually.

Day 33 - Spark

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Today, we are going to spark those creative juices. Like most people around the world, you’ve probably been busy in your career, family obligations and ironing out the finer details of executing your goal planning, you may have forgotten to exercise the imagination muscle.

The imagination muscle must never be forgotten. How can you apply your imagination to help you achieve your goals today? Remember the imagery exercises? Now is a good time to perform another imagery exercise, you can do it just like the last one or try a new activity. Refer back to Days 15-18 to refresh your memory.

Imagination is crucial to stimulate your brain. It lives for imagination. Everyday should be a day for visualization, positive affirmation, and commanding your subconscious to deliver ideas to implement. If you engage imagination on your journey, you will never tire, boundless energy will always be at your disposal. Go ahead and spark those creative juices! Spark your brain cells with an artistic day – do some drawing on things that stimulate your senses for your goals – then brainstorm.

Day 32 – Mentor

Saturday, February 2, 2013

If you are unsure how to double the intensity with the right activities in your strategic plan, it’s time to consult with an expert. You need to understand which actions deliver the massive results you desire. If you can’t figure out by now the three most important activities required to deliver results, it’s certainly time to seek help. You don’t want to risk going another 30 days without any measurable progress.

Seek the help of a mentor. Make sure it’s somebody you can trust to provide the right support. Look for people that have accomplished similar goals you are pursuing. Somebody who is able to offer an objective assessment of your strategic plan and results so far. Most people who have experienced great success in their lives have been helped by mentors at some point in their journey. This is not the time to be stubborn or egotistical, seek the help you need. Even if things are going well, they could still be much better than well, it never hurts to get outside input and perspective.

If you are trying to lose weight and it’s not working, consult with a personal trainer. If you started your own business, consult with a local, experienced business coach. If you are trying to grow an existing business, target several successful business owners to bounce off some ideas. Take some kind of action, discouragement may set in if you continue unsure in your current direction without any results to speak of. Now is also an ideal time to evaluate your Support network. Who supports, motivates and inspires you? In contrast, who do you support, motivate and inspire?

Day 31- Double intensity

Friday, February 1, 2013

It’s time to turn up the heat. We are going to apply that research from a couple of days ago to double the intensity. When you first began your goals last month, you may have been unsure about several things, now more clarity ought to be developing.

Achieving goals consistently requires momentum. Go back to your initial planning and measure to ensure that you are headed in the right direction. Evaluate the metrics you set up in your strategic plan. Are you getting the results you expected? If not, what needs to change? Who do you need to seek help from to garner the results you want? In most strategic plans – there are about 10 to 20% of important activities that drive the majority of results – your job is to identify them.

Doubling the intensity means you need to have confidence that you are headed in the right direction. This is not about doing a million things in your action plan looking busy, it’s about delving deeply to ensure that activities are delivering the results needed. Find what is working and apply yourself to double the intensity in that area. You should be prepared to double your efforts over the first month in the next 30 days. Commit and believe! Double the time from your schedule if possible, but as most people tend to weaken in their goals at this stage, now is the time to grow even stronger.

Our 100 day challenge is broken down into 3 phases – phase 1 is the warm up – phase 2 for double intensity – phase 3 ends with triple intensity. If you are having difficulty executing your step-by-step system, be sure to download our motivation to take action eBook to provide you an outline. www.salesgymusa.com/motivationactionnetwork