100 Day New Year's Challenge100 Day New Year's Challenge

Day 30 - Over the hump

Thursday, January 31, 2013

In the journey to achieve one’s goals, the challenge is to get over the hump when things become easier. There's always a stage you can reach where you witness tangible results of all your hard work paying off. Unfortunately, many people quit before they are able to get over the hump.

The journey to accomplish your goals is usually a steep hill to begin with. Eventually that angle of ascension does begin to flatten as you acquire experience. Keep that downhill stretch in mind, in order to get to that point, there’s a need to get over the hump. As you are climbing that hill, never lose sight of that downhill slope, keep making forward progress, things do get easier.

Most people maintain their New Year’s Resolutions or goals for only about a month before they give up and revert right back to their old ways. Give yourself a pat on the back for sticking to the challenge for the first 30 days. Commit to getting over that hump! Gain strength from sticking to your goals for 30 days and get ready for phase II of doubling the intensity. This is a journey of self-improvement – you are a diamond in the rough of Earth, work hard to polish yourself- scrub hard till you sparkle.

Day 29 – Shake-up

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today’s a fun challenge! Find one of your rules or guidelines that you’ve abided by your whole life and then just break it. You have permission to just break one of your most trusted guidelines. It’s better to choose something that has been dear to you, something meaningful.

Go ahead and break those rules just for today. Shake things up a little in your life and see where the day takes you. Breaking one of your golden rules is not going to be the end of the world, we promise you, go ahead and see for yourself. Here’s some sound advice, in whatever niche you are in – be aggressive when others slow because of the economy - think and act differently.

Sometimes we get rigid in following so many of life’s rules. Who made some of these rules we’ll never know. You’ve heard the saying that rules were meant to be broken, well today is just that day. After you break one of your rules, reflect on what insight you gained. How did your mind think differently?

Day 28 – Back to the drawing board again

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost a month into your challenge, you should be well-placed on that learning curve. Your goal for the second month is to double the intensity of your performance so far. We hope that you can really accomplish clearly defined goals within this period. In order to that, we can’t just cruise along the way.

It’s time to really push past the comfort zone again. The brain has a tendency to just get lazy sometimes after it gets used to the pace of your challenge. In the second month, we hope you raise the stakes and really increase your intensity. You should now understand what is required. Get your head straight – don’t sit on the fence just trying here and there – commit wholeheartedly to discover what is missing.

Go back to the drawing board today and perform some new research and planning. Determine what it will take to double your intensity in the second phase of the challenge. How can you double your efforts over the next 30 days or so? Apply the experience gained. Go back and adjust your planning accordingly for a second month of double commitment. Don’t allow your mind to get too comfortable, turn up the intensity in areas you can.

Day 27 - Adapt and evolve

Monday, January 28, 2013

Yesterday was a day to bring something into the open. It’s also time to adapt and evolve. There should be things that are not completely working out as intended for whatever circumstances. It’s common we sometimes have to adapt and evolve our thinking once we get in the thick of the task.

It’s very rare indeed that you don’t need to adapt your plan in some way to suit the surroundings. Not only should you seek to adapt and evolve your planning process, but also your thinking too. What areas have you adapted or evolved your thinking process about a particular activity or plan?

You would be surprised how many people start off on their journey to accomplish their goals, only to experience so many different circumstances, their end goals may barely be recognizable from the initial ones. If your journey is not yielding any wisdom or enlightenment – adjust. Look for areas to adapt and evolve.

Day 26 – Denial

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The journey to accomplish your goals is also one of self-reflection and thorough introspection as you truly discover what you are truly capable of. You learn a lot about yourself, some things you may like, others, not so much. Knowing thyself is as important as anything else in this universe.

Even though some may try their best to believe otherwise, but you were born a unique individual in this universe. What’s inside you is different than anybody else. What you may want out of life may also be different. There’s no need to please the majority just to fit in or conform. As John Mason said “ You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”

Be totally honest with yourself. What are you in denial about on your journey to accomplish your goals? Is there anything along the journey so far you need to deal with? All of us usually have some reality we need to face once we begin a quest to accomplish something. Our brains are wired to protect us automatically. However, that could also hold us back from personal growth. Determine any denial you need to come to terms with and handle it accordingly. The sooner you face it, the better. Work it out for yourself! Making your goals is high stakes - go all in with all the power inside you and more.

Day 25 – Path

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A quarter into the 100 day challenge, do you feel a sense of accomplishment already, like you are on the right path? What is your gut feeling about your initial plans? Do you feel like you are on the right track? For your larger and big-vision goals, more patience is of course required. However, you should have some strong feelings about how you are doing. What does your daily scorecard reveal? Do you feel like you’ve really warmed up to the physical and mental challenge?

The success of your goals is only as good as your initial preparation and execution. It’s important to be honest about how you are executing your plans. Don’t sugar coat anything, accomplishing your goals is far too important to risk fooling yourself. Honestly access your path so far. If your intuition tells you things are wrong, investigate further.

What results are you getting from your strategies? What needs to be tweaked? Where do you need to adjust? You should be experiencing new things that you may not have anticipated. That’s perfectly normal. Your initial planning needs to be flexible and dynamic. Strive to expand your vision in various directions. Again, use the power of curiosity to lead the way and guide you down the right path.

Day 24 - Balance

Friday, January 25, 2013

As you pursue your goals, strive for balance in your life. You still need quality time with your family and friends. You also need balance in nutrition and exercise. Working hard to achieve your goals can take a toll on your body, even if you are enjoying every minute.

If your goals are not fitness related like losing weight, then ensure you are taking proper care of your body. Physical exercise is vital to maintain energy in your journey. Your body is much more cooperative when you take great care of it. If you can get to a gym, do so at least twice a week, if not, walk around the block and spend time outdoors. Get out in the great outdoors – do some skiing or skating – anything that increases your brain’s sense of balance.

Maintaining a balanced diet is also important. Eat foods that provide energy for you to perform, plenty of fruit, vegetables, fish, if you are worried about getting sufficient nutrients, take multivitamins. Eating healthy allows you to focus better and concentrate on achieving those goals.

Day 23 - Resistance

Thursday, January 24, 2013

As you are well into the 100 day challenge now, you will find that some days come with inner and outer resistance. Even though things get easier every day since you’ve taken action, it’s still a minor struggle. Just getting started defeats the inertia resistance. Now it becomes about overcoming both and inner and outer resistance on a consistent basis.

Are you struggling with any internal resistance? Understand that it’s just natural, even though you started your endeavors, some resistance still sets in. In some cases your initial zeal and enthusiasm begins to fade and resistance sets in. It’s just the way energy works in the body, resistance is something you can deal with. Are your goals worthwhile enough to absorb the tension and pressure?

Whenever change is occurring, there’s always some natural resistance. Your body is merely executing its natural function. You mustn’t let internal or external resistance slow you down. As you implement your action plan, you may be encountering some external resistance too. That’s to be expected, resistance is a natural human impulse. Don’t allow any external resistance to take away from the big picture of accomplishing your goals. Keep your eyes on the prize, you have the power within to overcome resistance internally and externally. Embrace the resistance and build your tenacity.

Day 22 – Competitive spirit

Wednesday, January 23, 2012

Remember to actively maintain your daily scorecard to evaluate your activities on your action plan. It provides some accountability as well as sparking your natural competitive spirit. If you don’t achieve your goals in life, can you really blame anybody else but yourself? Sure, you could always find someone or something to blame, but you shouldn’t.

Take it upon yourself to make your goals happen. Despite all the bad luck or unfortunate circumstances that come your way, find a way to overcome. Realize that your ancestors had to overcome even greater obstacles that you could ever imagine. As long as you have opportunity to achieve something every day, that is more than some may ever get in their entire lives.

Tap into your competitive spirit. Human beings are born competitors by nature. Your birth itself was a competitive contest of millions which you triumphed. Seize upon the challenge to achieve your goals as a competitive contest. Your goals are worth fighting for every inch of the way. Feed off the challenge of goal achieving. Sometimes the challenge of the journey to achieve your goals brings greater reward than the actual success itself. Achieving your goals on your terms is your opportunity to be self-employed – to be self-governed. Relish the competitive challenge!

Day 21 – Daily Scorecard

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

After a week of taking action towards your goals, it’s time to reflect. How does it make you feel to be working diligently towards your goals? How are you coping with any procrastination issues? How are you handling any fear or anxiety?

It’s an ongoing mental challenge. Your mind can work against you as easily as it can be your best ally. If you allow the negative mind to takeover, it can convince you to procrastinate or keep you stuck in fear. Are you truly winning the battle within? Did you give your best efforts over the week in pursuing your goals? If you want to make something out of your life – you got to pay your dues!

Honestly judge your own efforts as far as executing your action plan. Are you accomplishing your daily activities towards your goals? Even better you should keep a daily scorecard to track your efforts. If you won the mental battle and got through most of your activities, put a win in the win column, if you lost, put down an L. Indicate a tie if you only got through half of your commitments. Strive to be a winner every day!