100 Day New Year's Challenge100 Day New Year's Challenge

Day 20 – Passion

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy MLK day! Let's continue progress united!

For the past few days, our activities have been about trying to get your mind to connect your most passionate hobbies with your goals. There is no substitute for passion to accomplish your goals. There are always going to be bumps along the journey. You need passion to overcome obstacles.

Passion fuels your desire to succeed. The more you connect your natural passion with your goals, the easier it is to build momentum to power you all the way home. When you have real passion for what you are doing, it shows. Passion engages the power of your heart. Passion is authentic.

Use the imagery sketch activity as a launch pad to keep seeking ways to connect your passion with your goals. The potential of passion inside you is infinite. You become an unstoppable force when you engage your passion and connect them to your goals. Take the necessary time and keep searching for ways to connect your passion to your goals. Have confidence and self-belief in yourself!

Day 19 – Imagery label

Sunday, January 20, 2013

As you’ve worked on this project over the past few days, your subconscious has probably been feeding you fresh ideas continuously. This exercise with imagery develops the mind’s capacity for versatility. By turning the pursuit of your goals into a creative art form of expression, you can stimulate more neurons into action.

Pursuing your goals should be your personal art form. Something you create and bring to life. Pursuing goals is generally a left-brain dominated exercise of executing steps day-in day-out. Applying some art provides range of mind. Working on something related to your hobby incites enthusiasm automatically, trying to figure out a way to translate the associations turbo boosts the mind.

Next, label your sketch with applicable terms. If your favorite hobby was a football or basketball diagram, you can label designated plays you want to run associated with your goals. Input whatever applicable labels you can associate with your goals.

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Day 18 – Imagery Sub (Part 2)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Continue to work on substituting your goal vision into your favorite hobby's sketch. This is sort of an open-ended sketch, we haven’t provided any specific instructions on how to do it. We hope your natural creative skills will come to the fore.

The original sketch should convey how your brain translates your favorite hobby unto paper. You are then substituting your goal vision into the sketch for association. Check out what particular patterns begin to take shape.

This exercise unearths your power of creativity. Your right brain’s imagination acts like a muscle that needs regular exercise. Bringing some imagination and creativity to accomplishing your goals makes all the difference. Focusing creative energy lets your subconscious mind understand your devotion to these goals.

Day 17 – Imagery Sub

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sustaining your energy and motivation to achieve your goals is all about maintaining high spirits for the duration. Your brain must stay stimulated allowing you to perform effectively and consistently. It’s even more important to stay motivated after setbacks or failure. Whenever you get discouraged, you need to rebound and react. Never let yourself stay down in spirits for a prolonged period.

It’s important to have fun on your journey to accomplish your goals. In addition to spending time engaging in the activities you love most and spending time with quality friends, you should try new exercises too. To bring an extra dimension of fun in your goal-achieving quest, we are going to try a little experiment. A chance to spark your brain cells with the fire of passion.

Let’s see what your subconscious has come up with after yesterday’s activity. Draw a new sketch or draft of your favorite hobby and substitute an important goal you are shooting for into the picture. You don’t of course need to come up with a masterpiece. The exercise aims to trigger some association of your favorite hobby and your goals. You are probably the only one that needs to see this draft, so no worries if it doesn’t look that great. Do your best to transfer the concept of your goals unto your favorite hobby.

Day 16 – Imagery translation

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Take your image from yesterday reflecting your favorite hobby. We chose your favorite hobby for good reason. Anytime that you even think of your favorite activities and hobbies, you are changing the chemical makeup of your brain. Thinking about your favorite activities automatically triggers feel-good impulses inside the brain.

We then want to transmit the same enthusiasm into the framework of achieving your goals. Next, just visualize how you could connect the quest to accomplish your goals. Don’t write or draw anything just yet, it’s just a question of making the association for now.

Visualize the similarities of chasing your goals and your most passionate hobby. Think to yourself about how they could relate in any manner. Engage your subconscious to get to work looking for any possible connections. Consider only your most important and larger goals that you would like to get on track to achieving within the next 3 to 6 months or so, therefore your mid-level or big-vision goals.

Day 15 – Imagery Sketch

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

After taking action yesterday, you should be experiencing some adrenaline mixed in with some nervous energy too. If it’s a brand new activity for you, no prior experience, then your nerves may still be on edge. For some procrastinators out there, that didn’t get time to take action; somehow time got away from them or perhaps some emergency happened - now is the time to make it happen. If for any reason you haven't actively started your goals, then begin now and double up on today’s activity too. No excuses, just make up for it with action.

Always continue independent action towards your goals on your own executing your dynamic, strategic plan while applying our unique insight daily.

Today’s activity is going to tax your imagination. As a society, for the most part, we don’t utilize our brain’s incredible powers of imagination nearly enough. For this imagery sketch exercise, make a chart, drawing or sketch of your absolute favorite hobby in the world. Whatever your hobby, use your imagination to transfer it unto a blank piece of paper. If you like football, draw a football field with goal posts, if basketball, draw a court. Chess, draw a chessboard. If you like movies, sketch out a rough draft of a screenplay. Do your best and apply imagination to transfer unto a piece of paper.

This exercise helps you associate and visualize how your brain interprets your favorite hobby unto paper. Most of our preparation up till now has been primarily left brain focused processing, planning steps and researching best strategies etc. This right brain activity really stimulates the mind's most potent weapon - its imagination. The next several days are going to be centered around building our imagination, without it - you are just living a conditioned or programmed life. Even if it seems impossible to visualize your favorite hobby and translate it on paper, do your absolute best - get creative. This is a terrific exercise to build your powers of association which are so vital for self-awareness, it also boosts your memory capabilities.

Day 14 - Action

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today is the day to actually begin action on your goals officially. We are sure some of you would have probably started already. For everybody else, it’s time to begin action. You’ve certainly done enough research and strategic planning to get started. Go ahead and begin your plan in live action today.

You’ve had plenty of preparation time, now it’s action time. The extensive mental preparation has set the stage for the journey ahead. Like an athlete dedicated to practice time, you’ve completed some hard work behind-the-scenes. Many people fail to reach their goals due to poor planning and mental preparation.

You are a corporate athlete in the field of life itself. Working folks like athletes must dedicate themselves and aspire to peak performance. Effective preparation allows you to sustain your performance for the duration. Strive to constantly show initiative, create your own path and opportunities, you have the power within to do it. Begin action today!

From here on out, you continue action towards your goals on your own executing your strategic plan as best as you can. Again, we emphasize that your planning should always be strategic, pursue a new angle. The 100 day challenge is here to support you with premium fuel to power your engine on the journey to success. The challenge will keep you motivated, inspired and stimulated to sustain your energy for 100 days and beyond.

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Day 13 – Best habits

Monday, January 14, 2013

We are going to consider the best habits of effective goal-setters. Why is it that only a minority successfully reach their goals consistently across the globe? Do you ever wonder how so many people can go through life without even setting any goals, never mind trying to achieve them?

Try writing down all the best habits and qualities of effective goal-setters, they could be famous or simply your friends. Some you can write down instantly, others, you may have to ponder for a short while. Are you yourself surrounded by goal achievers? Awareness of those around you is also crucial.

You will find effective goal setters are often effective achievers too. As Woody Allen alluded to, much of success has a great deal to do with just showing up. If you set goals effectively, your mind will work to make them happen. Setting goals involves activating your subconscious, so even if you don’t take any meaningful conscious action towards pursuing goals, the subconscious mind still goes to work.

Compile your list of best habits and directly connect habits you can incorporate immediately and write how you will do it. Develop great habits and instincts in goal achieving that stay with you forever. Achieving your goals ought to be your life’s masterpiece.

Day 12 - Memory lane

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Accomplishing your goals is really about maintaining your energy throughout the journey. There will likely be ups and downs, it’s ok to get disappointed if ever things don’t turn out as planned, but never be discouraged.

Feel your greatness right at this moment, turn back the clock and remember a time in your past that you accomplished something that seemed hard or impossible at the time. Was there ever a time in your past that you achieved something spectacular? It doesn’t necessarily matter how old you were or what the feat was, all that matters is that you triumphed when perhaps others doubted.

Go back in time and re-capture that moment of achievement. You will find the brain automatically records these kind of moments to memory. You may have several of these moments in your life. Recall how you felt when you overcame challenges to accomplish those particular goals. Transmit those same signals to your brain again, remind it how great you once were and would like to be again. Spend some time visualizing accomplishing your goals now to experience that same feeling again.

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Day 11 – Step-by-step

Saturday, January 12, 2013

To accomplish goals successfully and consistently, implementing a step-by-step process is the way to go. After you’ve done your research and planning, fully comprehend that it will be a journey to accomplish your goals. It then becomes important to construct a step-by-step process independent of your plan of action. It helps you break down the process to accomplish your goals into measurable phases. Always understanding which stage you are as far as your goals are concerned helps bring clarity.

You’ve accomplished goals all your life using the step-by-step method. First you learned how to crawl, then walk, run, then ride a bike. You also progressed through the grades in school step-by-step. The brain is the best step-by-step engineering machine known to mankind. It lives to help you build a step-by-step system to achieve your own goals in life. The stimulation works wonders!

In your step-by-step system, attach timelines to completion of tasks. You also want to be flexible, you may realize later that some things are actually more complex than you imagined. With the step-by-step system, you can always focus your subconscious energy on the next step at hand. This process allows you to build up your confidence as you proceed, increased clarity comes from your mind always knowing what stage you are in and what to do next. On this mental workout blog platform, we are big on research, experiment, apply, adjust and adapt for very good reason – it works.