21st Century Mindset!!!21st Century Mindset!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today’s mental workout highlights the significance of new thinking to prosper in the 21st century and hopefully beyond. There’s no doubt that our current educational system no longer meets the requirements of an ever changing world. Professors at prestigious universities all over the world with beautiful advanced degrees hanging on their walls could be completely incognizant to what new technology a teenager may be working on that could change the world. Our left brain dominated educational system did a fair job of preparing people for the 19th and 20th century hierarchy of structure. Now we have a young generation who did as they were instructed, worked hard and received a good education only to end up in debt with no descent prospects for an adequate career. Furthermore with corporations outsourcing and leveraging the power of the internet to change the structure of the workplace chasing that ever important bottom-line, it means today’s job landed could be obsolete tomorrow anyway. So yesterday’s left-brain dominated education of dependence and structure must transition into tomorrow’s right brain creativity and fluidity. Just observing the new age powerhouse companies of Apple, Google and Facebook shows clearly how creativity through imagination and discipline of execution will win the day.

A dependent mindset must shift into a proactive one. The world has experience with this kind of radical shift, after the scourge of the Black Death devoured Europe in the Middle Ages where neither the State nor religion provided any solutions, individuals took the initiative to return to self-reliance and self-education. The result of the Renaissance period provided the fastest era of human development and achievement since the Roman times. The freedom to experiment and curiosity to test the limits of human potential yields immeasurable results. The same transition has already occurred in several industries over the years. The power of technology has affected almost every industry. The Internet has eliminated incredible barriers. It has served to level the playing field. It would have been unthinkable before for small companies without huge advertising dollars to take on the traditional powerhouses. Now authors numerously rejected by traditional publishing houses have a direct global outreach. Aspiring movie directors unable to break into Hollywood can release movies or documentaries directly online. Musicians unable to get record deals can independently release online. As the world gets larger and larger, it in fact becomes smaller and smaller. The new thinking becomes finding creative ways to overcome your challenges. As long as you possess the power of imagination, you only have to match it with drive and a powerful will to succeed. You even now have sales trainers/Entrepreneurs conducting mental workouts online. Who would have thought it?

Everybody feels for the young generation as well as the 99%, those who have been displaced long-term in most cases through no fault of their own. However is storming the streets really the answer? Most of the corporate barons of today are simply the feudal lords of yesterday. They are the new land owners, sitting on the power of their resources. How can you hope to influence those that have no idea what you may be going through. Even the likes of Obama, Romney or Gingrich, the political Generals have no idea what the front line soldiers are experiencing. 20 applicants per job is like a foreign language to them. The 99% feel desperate obviously and are very emotional. They want to march and use their uprising as a symbol of emotional power. However they are attempting to influence people who may have no nerve endings at all to understand those emotions. Senior corporate minds may be solely on profit. They have their own fears too, giving too much or opening up their hearts might leave them or their children vulnerable. Therefore the 99% must take it upon themselves to improve their own position in life. They must adapt. The Bronze age tools must now replace yesterday’s stone age ones. The dependency mindset must turn towards self-reliance. The 99% are struggling. Small and mid-size businesses are struggling. The internet is about 90% mediocre at best, if not total nonsense. Tomorrow’s internet is striving to increase that 10% value and quality. The Google Gods seem intent on bringing more value and quality. After all, as more learning transitions online and students search on the internet and work on school projects, shouldn’t their searches yield quality websites with accurate information as opposed to just websites that know how to search engine optimize(SEO), but lack any quality content. Tomorrow’s mental workout will explore the opportunities possible with the ever changing internet with those willing to learn, adapt and execute with new dynamic tools.