9 Steps to unlock your full potential!!!9 Steps to unlock your full potential!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Today’s mental workout is going to do some shameless promotion for our mental workout 9 step program to unlock your full potential. Don’t worry, you will never find any annoying pop up ads here or banner ads. In the future we may recommend some products or solutions that we or our partner program affiliates have tried and experienced firsthand. However we believe first and foremost in a value internet experience. There are many sharks out there in the internet sea world, we’ll strive to only bring you the most valuable dolphins.

The mental workout 9 step program to unlock your full potential is part of our motivation to take action renaissance movement to bring people closer to living that rewarding life aligned with their passion. This program is not for everybody. If you are only looking to make money or some kind of magic bullet for success or some get rich overnight scheme, then this is not the program for you. The program is designed to unlock your unique innate universal gift and build a 9 step roadmap to monetize your passion through rigorous mental workout and our universal currencies of courage, passion, value etc. Sometimes fear of the unknown prevents many people from taking action to realize their goals. It is very understandable given the state of the current economy. However the courage and commitment to take action is crucial. Doing nothing may not necessarily improve your situation. Even if you don’t join our program, take the initiative and find some avenue to monetize your passion. The internet offers numerous opportunities, make sure you perform your due diligence. Use your powers of intuition to guide you towards a successful program that will bring you closer to your dreams. Beware of all the potential pitfalls, realize the internet has been infiltrated by scam artists residing all over the world. The right affiliate marketing programs are a proven way of building sustainable residual income. Research the various sources available and don’t fall for manufactured checks with multiple zeros on display or even video testimonials of live actors that have been paid and bought for to spread falsehoods. Google everything and ask for real life references to verify! The false prophets and fake marketers out there understand that people often get desperate in tough times making them very vulnerable to profit schemes. Be wise and proceed cautiously. Always ask questions and read between the lines to prove credibility.

We understand that for many the journey to monetize their passion may not be one they wish to venture alone. That’s why our program is designed to use your brain power to unlock the true passion that lies within you. Also the mental workout team in addition to our innovative affiliate marketing partner program will be your teammates and partners to assist you along the journey. The internet is our chosen vehicle for our modern day renaissance. It offers so many opportunities across the entire world to capitalize and bring value and service to those that demand it. All you have to do is open your eyes and see that the infrastructure of the internet will be expanded to open up even more new markets around both the developed and developing nations. Small and big businesses will be forced to allocate even more resources to their internet strategy. The internet is not a passing fad anymore. The internet has revolutionized the world faster than the printing press, industrial revolution, radio or TV. Now mobile technology along with social media will take it up even more notches. Position yourself to capitalize just like the gold rush or real estate boom. Picture yourself as establishing your own real estate online that will be worth gold to you through strategic planning, hard work and dedication.

Unfortunately the days of completely relying on one job and one source of income for 20 years and a cushy pension appear gone. Individuals can no longer outsource their financial stability and future to corporations. We all know now that big business looks out for those at the very top first. Find a way to take proactive steps towards your desired goals. Just make progress every day. Gather more information to combat any fear you may have. Fear is a natural response considering the way we’ve been conditioned and taught our entire lives. Consider fear as your brain simply asking for more information and reassurance. So perform the necessary research and planning to bring composure to your mind, then take action.

The first step of our program will closely examine the source of one’s motivation to unlock their full potential. Motivation is a crucial component of most endeavors whether it’s internally or externally driven. The second step evaluates the lifecycle management of your motivation. When people first set out on ventures, they are highly motivated at the onset, however sometimes after a setback or two, some lose their enthusiasm and gradually fade away. It’s important to gain strength and momentum from any challenges you encounter and not the other way around. It’s an unpredictable universe, you need to condition your body to last the distance. The third step considers alternate strategies to your destination. It’s very rare indeed that there’s only one way to get to your destination. Taking the time to plan out alternate strategies will not only make your original plan stronger, but allow you a plan B and plan C in case things don’t work out exactly as planned. The key is that you are doing more homework up front now while you have a calm and composed mind as opposed to trying to make last minute changes in the heat and pressure of the moment. It’s better to do more foresight advanced planning and not need it, than need it and not have it.

The fourth step visualizes your goal, it allows your right brain to feel, taste, smell and experience the desired outcome while the left brain formulates ways to achieve it. The fifth step examines the inspiration to reach your goals. What’s going to inspire you to take the required steps even if the going gets tough. Step 6 takes a look at developing a strong, encouraging support network to keep your spirits high throughout your journey. Step 7 establishes a timeline of measurable milestones to pace you on your journey. Your quest may likely be more of a marathon than a sprint so it’s important to gain strength and experience as the journey goes along. Step 8 is all about the X-factor, what unique skill you bring to this universe and how to best harness it for success. Step 9 will execute the final steps to reach your destination. Today’s mental workout is to find a way to take progressive steps towards unlocking your full life’s potential. Scout all available resources and take action for yourself, don’t wait for the govt, wall street or corporations to lead the way. The universe belongs to you, control your own destiny.