9 Ways to grow yourself9 Ways to grow yourself

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today’s mental workout encourages you to make the best investment in life, yourself. Keep striving to grow yourself effortlessly like a Romney bank account. You have all the tools at your disposal to create the life you desire. Before you can truly help others, you need to help yourself. The world is full of the blind leading the blind. Open your own eyes and become enlightened in the ways of the universe and head firmly in the direction you wish, then you can help others.

1. Determine who you really are and desire to be, not what you think others want or expect.

2. Engage your subconscious, brainstorm and dream about what you want out of life, then plan and prepare a course of action.

3. Connect with new people and surround yourself with an encouraging network, learn to give to others and be open to receive.

4. Read different books on various subjects sharing multiple viewpoints, stretch your mind beyond its usual comfort zone.

5. Dedicate yourself to your craft, practice, practice and practice, make mistakes, learn and apply.

6. Become curious about the infinite possibilities of the universe, experiment with enthusiasm.

7. Combat what issues cause fear, first step is to admit to it and seek ways to address them.

8. Maintain a positive attitude through any setbacks in your journey, it's natural to feel disappointed,but never discouraged.

9. Follow the universal currency, your true passion, the source of infinite power, grow it daily to the life you desire.