Adjust your TV!Adjust your TV!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today’s mental workout seeks to ignite your brain’s right side to spark your dreams so the left brain side can come in and implement the plan. The right side of your brain oversees the controls for creativity, the left side commands the sequential processing to achieve your dreams. Go ahead and dream your wildest dreams, then make them come true. You have total control of the channels that play in your head. You are the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission of your mind. Play the channels that you enjoy the most, the ones that get your highest ratings. Make sure you are playing the right channels on the right side of course, no pun intended. Before the left side can handle the planning, be sure you are switched on to the right channels you want to play, not the channels your parents or perhaps your partner forced on you. It’s important to play the real true channels from deep inside you, so you can get a clear signal with no negative interference. Be happy and watch your own TV, at least it won’t give you a headache.

Believe deeply in what you want out of your life, visualize it, plan it then take steps to realize it. Unfortunately this favorite pastime actually means going out and doing something yourself. Go ahead see the big picture, only you can really see it for yourself, remember watch out for the negative static. Apply yourself, dare to dream then dare to live it. Word to the wise, learn to be happy with the channel that inspires you deep inside, even if nobody else tunes in to watch or no corporations buy any ad time. First and foremost, learn to be happy with who you are inside without wealth or extravagance so when you do make it, there’ll be a higher likelihood that you might find true happiness. Take action and chase your dreams for you, and if anyone’s overly negative, simply tell them to worry about their own channels inside their head and just keep it moving. Enjoy your mental workout.