Adjustment periodAdjustment period

Monday, April 29, 2013

The first phase of the planning is important. As it’s more likely we are gearing up for a marathon, you don’t want to sprint straight out of the blocks unless you are a seasoned pro. Allow yourself time to adjust to your new endeavor, you want to give yourself easy manageable steps to get your feet wet as it were. Sometimes when people rush into an endeavor, they may experience setbacks or challenges and then experience discouragement losing that full head of steam. It’s a case of the tortoise and hare tale. The first phase needs to just set up a platform for you. In military strategy you would just be securing a beachhead from which to assault the castle. So you may want to allow yourself more time in the first stage as you are doing something completely new. Sure mistakes are likely to happen, just understand the calculated risk you have to take to reach your dreams. Nothing ventured nothing gained equals status quo. Get your adrenalin going and soak in the courage from embarking on something foreign to you if it’s your first time. Feel the excitement as your brain is excited to venture new territory.

Explain your meaning of the Tortoise and the Hare tale.