All creatures great and small!!!All creatures great and small!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays follows a tiny, but ambitious Ant on his journey in a universe where the big boys get all the accolades. It’s sometimes hard to get human attention in this universe if you are only a few millimeters tall. Today is a great day for the Smiths, a working class family of Ants, they are just like every other Ant family; they have high aspirations of moving up the social ladder. It’s a special day, the youngest, John is off to a very prestigious university, the Harvard Ant School of Business, very successful at churning out world leaders. At this very time, strong leadership is definitely needed, there are rumors that war is on the horizon, the Ants on the Eastern front are bracing for battle with the West, the eternal struggle for Ant world domination continues. John is very optimistic that all he'll need to thrive in his world will be found in books, surely people only ever write the truth.

John is not sure exactly what kind of Ant he wants to be when he grows up. He doesn’t mind being a lawyer, Doctor or Insurance salesman, apparently those jobs stay around forever. There will always be Ants who want to sue each other, stay healthy and prepare for the future. John dreams of fulfilling his parents’ wishes for him, they had worked so hard to build up their little Ant community only to be laid off. He never wants to be laid off, John wants to do the laying off himself. He wants to be rich, stinking rich, able to demand respect even from human beings. What he lacks in size he can make up with money. That’s what life is all about, just piling up your cash and letting your kids do the same. Perhaps one day they will put him in the Ant museum or on a postage stamp, he’s not sure what good that will do him though once he’s gone.

John struggles to adapt to his new surroundings at the Harvard Ant School, the other kids make fun of his accent and his poor background. They accuse him of taking advantage of the school voucher programs. John has always envied the spoilt kids whose parents bought them everything they ever wanted, now he realizes being rich may not be all it’s cracked up to be. To his bewilderment John associates with minority ants and gay ants for the first time in his life, he never saw anything like this in his little neck of the woods. All his life John thought being poor was the worst thing that could happen till he saw how the rich kids treated these folks. John enjoys the experience of interacting with others different than him and realizes it's far better to be a caring and good Ant than a rich one. There seems to be much more to the world than his parents ever taught him, maybe they only did their best with what they knew. John opens his eyes and realizes that it doesn’t really matter what job he does, it’s about individuality and self-expression. He needs heart and courage to live life on his own ant terms. He doesn’t want to follow in other people’s Ant steps, John want to make his own way in the universe. There must be a good reason he has six legs, inventing shoes, now there’s an idea. As John dreams, he runs into one of the harsh realities of his Ant world, the unpredictable universe; he’s squashed by a human size 10. He never even saw it coming, unlucky chap! Give a toast to the little fella with a whole lot of heart, remember all creatures great and small have high aspirations in our shared universe.