All you need is love!!!All you need is love!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today’s mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays salutes the Sgt Pepper’s band themselves and anoints them as the first group in our super edition and rightly so. For all the harsh realities about life in our unpredictable universe, there’s at least some real stars that shine brightly regardless of what else is going on in this world. No matter what your favorite genre of music, you would have to rank the Beatles as the greatest band of all time. If most expert opinions are not enough to go by, then how about over a billion albums sold. A thousand bands would gladly take that number let alone just one band. It’s still amazing to think how these young men from Liverpool changed the world. What’s in the water down there in Liverpool, anyway don’t ask the Beatles they probably didn’t drink much water or perhaps the Jesus kind that turned into wine I imagine. Not so much that they were from Liverpool, well maybe that too, living in Liverpool might motivate one to do whatever to escape, just kidding all you scousers out there, we all love you when we can understand a word you are saying. But really John, Paul, George and Ringo deserve their place among the immortals of our known world. The Beatles showed music is the language of the heart and soul. Doesn’t it make such a difference to have the song writers actually sing the songs as well. They loved what they did, how else can you explain all the world records they hold. It takes up pages just to list all their sales accomplishments and awards. Just imagine in one week alone they occupied the first five places on Billboard Hot 100 as well as 7 other songs as well in addition to the top two albums. Those kinds of results are simply unreal, mind boggling indeed!

For people trying to choose their favorite albums, it can be quite an ordeal as there is so much to choose from and of course, one’s tastes changes over time as well. How do you really choose between Sgt Pepper’s and Abbey Road, both are the best albums ever produced on our planet. The Beatles served as the bridge between the left brain music art form process and the infinite imagination of the right brain’s experimentational power. They also served as that all important bridge between parents and kids for many generations, how could parents tell kids to turn that beautiful music down. In spite of all their individual genius and brilliance, they still had such an open innovative mind to experiment with other different sounds and recording techniques.

As far as the John vs Paul debate, it’s a shame how people tend to mischaracterize Paul as simply a pop genuis, he was as much a heavyweight as John especially when you consider the range of his solo career. They both need to be put on the same stage as equals. One could make the point that Paul was such a universally talented genius that made everything look so easy especially with his mastery of so many instruments in a Mozart like way. John, a little older, on the other hand brought the passion and substance of a conflicted Beethoven in his lyrics, well a very happy Beethoven that is. But you can certainly feel the pain in some of John’s lyrics that reflect his tough upbringing. Also John had to endure the barrage against Yoko, but he stood by his woman, it had to take unbelievable emotional strength on top of all the other challenges the band was faced with. While both John and Paul were idealists, Paul was more optimistic while John was cynical with his portrayal of the world and rightly so. Some of John’s lyrics are deeply perceptive, emotionally moving with heart-opening implication. The way he was taken from our world just reminds us of the harsh realities of the unpredictable universe around us along of course with the unpredictable nature of human behavior. However his star still shines bright as does George's. It’s truly remarkable that the Beatles were almost the top selling band of the 2000s even though they broke up ages earlier. Of course we can’t forget the immense contribution by George and Ringo who were superstars in their own right. George was a superbly talented lead guitarist and Ringo was an innovative musician that changed life for all drummers. Unfortunately due to people’s short attention span nowadays we have to cut it short here. Ringo, don’t feel too bad my friend, you are a double legend, you married a Bond girl for Pete’s sake. Today’s mental workout is love what you do, sing a love lullaby to your heart with your chosen profession. Truly loving what you do from your heart will open up a world of infinite possibilities to the life that your dreams are made of. As always, make it a harmonious mental workout.


Thanks Gary, I like so many

Thanks Gary, I like so many of them depending on my mood, but I especially love John's Imagine, Let it be, Strawberry Fields and Lucy in the sky, Hey Jude, Eleanor Rigby, Guitar gently weeps, Across the Universe, I could go on all day.

Wonderful insight on the

Wonderful insight on the Beatles. You seem to be a renaissance man of many interests. Curious as to your favorite songs. Mine are practically all of the Abbey Road album, when they really were at the very top of their game despite the issues.