And the Oscar goes to!!!And the Oscar goes to!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Today’s mental workout directs you to be the star in your own life movie. This is a wonderful once in a 'real' lifetime opportunity for you to not only be the starring actor or actress, director, executive producer, but most importantly, the screenwriter. That’s right, you get a chance to determine your life plot, you should no longer let others write it for you. Nobody knows what you want out of life better than you, I hope. So grab your iPhone 11 and call Mrs. Imagination, her number should be listed, she lives in the best possible neighborhood in town, on the right side of your brain. If it’s been a long time since you last spoke to her, no worries, don’t rush her, try sending her a text first to let her know you are thinking about her. She’ll get back to you, she never lets you down as long as you are willing to make good use of her.

So would your life movie be a tragedy or comedy like the Greeks loved so much, or perhaps an action adventure or Sci-fi thriller, maybe a love story or musical. If you love the smell of blood and violence, you could shoot for a horror one or a shoot em up western. Be careful taking the violent path though, remember the stories of Biggie and Tupac, your mind leads you where you take it. You can even make an epic drama or blockbuster war movie and be like George W. and Cheney and get other people to star in the fighting roles for you. Whatever your heart desires, you can have. Make the life movie you want to make. Let your imagination drive you where your true passions lie. Don’t worry about the budget, you have infinite resources at your disposal. Don’t tell the Hollywood stars though, we don’t want them crashing our party. We don’t want the paparazzi anywhere around. We always want to be able to enjoy the quality of our life. Don’t pay attention to any negative critics either, we don’t need their opinion anyhow. Who told them they could possibly know our life movie better than us.

Remember you have all the time in the world to make your life movie, if the original script is not going to plan, learn to improvise and change things up on the fly. Make sure your story line fits with your true character, strengths and skill sets. We don’t want you pretending you are something you are not, we don’t want illusions in our life movie, we only want real substance and authenticity. We’ll the leave the fake stuff to the other guys and dolls. Realness goes a long way in our world, that fakeness can only last so long. If any of your supporting cast are being negative and trying to steal the spotlight from you, show them the door. Don’t even worry about the union, fire them on the spot and tell them to go star in their own movie. We only want an encouraging cast of positive energy vibes around us. Be sure to arrange your life set with the beautiful colors and décor you love. Really set the stage with the scenery that brings out your personality and flair. Have fun in your life’s movie, make sure it’s original and all yours, we don’t want no remakes over here, again we’ll leave that to the other guys. Your life movie is for your imagination only. You have so much potential within you, you never have to copy from somebody else. Originality with imagination is your winning lotto ticket. Every theatre in town is going to demand your life movie, get ready for a box office blockbuster. In the unpredictable universe of life, even it bombs, who cares anyway, it was your life movie, you wrote the script and did it how you wanted. The mental workout team exercises the powers granted to us by the universe to award you with a special Oscar for ‘real’ lifetime achievement. Trust us, 'real' lifetime achievement is hard to come by these days. Give yourself a big pat on the back, no need for any acceptance speeches here, your actions spoke much louder than words.

Today’s mental workout is to please pass this along to 9 of your influential circle of friends who love to use their power of imagination. We are seeking those who can bring the universal currency of imagination to help better the world. We seek imaginative minds with courage to join us in our modern day renaissance. We at the mental workout team can show you a clearly defined strategy to unlock your full potential in a 9 step program starting Oct 10 through mid January. Applied imagination from the people can truly change the world especially in these times. As always make it a great mental workout.