Animal Farm!!!Animal Farm!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays follows up on the critical success of jungle Earth, so we’ll bring things closer to home somewhat since we are all domesticated animals from a certain point of view. Not the almighty though, he may consider animals worth saving over humans, ask Noah. Can’t blame the almighty, perhaps he feels humans are under-achievers given our innate abilities. Anyway here’s a subject the almighty loves, human pets. What kind of farm animal would you be. The options are endless. Do you fancy yourself as a domesticated pet in the farmhouse or a more useful animal around the farm. Would you be a social animal like a cow and dog or do you prefer the solitary farm life of a cat and badger. At least you know every prey you catch is all yours. Perhaps if you were more social, you would have more resources to increase your catch, sometimes in sharing we can create more. Anyhow food for thought.

Today you get special permission to be a chicken even though you may not last too long on most farms unless you are cute like those Foster Farm ones. Would you be an untouchable animal at the top of the food chain like a horse, even get your own guest house stable and grassy field to roam. If you are a good horsey and behave yourself, somebody will ride you through jumps at an obstacle course. If you are real lucky, they will give you a surname like Sea Biscuit and take you down to the racetrack. You may even get to be a movie star. They'll make a lot of money off you and then put you to sleep. Hey, who said life was fair. If that’s too much for you, it’s understandable. You could always be a prey animal fighting for survival every day against larger predators, but you can outwit them. A bit of the ole David vs Goliath thing. Would you instead choose to be a herbivore cow where your prey is grass. But even grass are living things, blades of grass are a very tight-knit family. Perhaps a hamster, do nothing all day, they must be the congress of the farm.

What would your behavior on the farm be like. Would you be like a dog and not have any manners at all, basically try and hump any bitches you see, scratching every part of your body whenever you feel like. Would you be a pretty female house dog all pampered and demand nothing but respect from the hound dogs. Would you delight in eating the waste of other animals like rabbits and dogs, don’t knock it, supposed to be nutritious, some goats even drink their own urine to attract the opposite sex. They must have been watching too many adult movies.

Would you help keep the other animals in line like sheep dogs. Would you answer your jury duty from the farm court, after all you want to make sure it’s fair for all animals, nobody innocent should be sent to the slaughterhouse right. I guess on the animal farm, humans are the gods, we get to decide when they die and how, I wonder if they say prayers hoping that we are listening and we can intervene. Nah they ain’t that silly. They understand how their world works. We couldn’t hear their prayers anyway, kind of like someone else doesn’t seem to hear ours, oh the hierarchy of existence. Here's a toast to all creatures great and small! As always, make it a hairy mental workout.


Thank you all, appreciate it.

Thank you all, appreciate it.

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