Ask and thou shall receive Ask and thou shall receive

Monday, February 25, 2013

As you get feedback from your various support networks, discuss ongoing challenges or obstacles you may be having. Ask for their expert advice when facing similar situations. If you get actual solutions, then you are very lucky indeed. You should be happy for any clues or data you can use to brainstorm later into possible solutions. You want to seek to find possible correlations, what works in a totally different industry may be able to be applied to your particular situation, just have an open mind to soak up information from different sources. Choose a few key member of each of your support network to make you personally accountable for reaching pre-determined milestones. Find whatever way possible to break your plan down into measurable stages or phases. They can serve as additional inspiration and motivation to keep you on track. Everybody can use a crowd behind them, that’s the reason so many sports teams have better records in front of their home crowds. When the right group of people are encouraging and pushing you to the finish line, it can make all the difference.

Why are so many people reluctant to ask those who would be willing to help them?