Back to more school!!!Back to more school!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today’s mental workout continues from where we left off last Friday, encouraging you to develop your own school type schedule. Create your schedule around your passion and activities you need to do in order to achieve all your life’s goals. The process of formulating your schedule will re-ignite old brain cells into action. This is because most people in their youth were exposed to a wide range of subjects and activities then gradually began to specialize in specific areas as they entered their professional careers. Exposure to multiple subjects keeps the brain curious and flexible, opening up multiple pathways to keep creating new brain connections on a frequent basis. However specialization in just one area whether your occupation or a specific viewpoint is not making the most proficient use of your potential brain power. You could be the best expert in your chosen niche and seemingly know everything there is to know, however, after a while your brain gets lazy and doesn’t give you peak performance.

Setting your own schedule will give you a great idea how you are spending your time. Most people in the world wish they could find more time in a day. Breaking down your schedule will make you more organized and productive allowing you to see the big picture in your life. Taking a few moments every day to rewrite your goals for the day will focus your mind on achieving those goals. In addition writing down your goals improves your brain’s Kinesthetic process. It’s a great warm-up for your day to improve your brain’s motor coordination and ability to process information. Making your goals a priority daily will help make it a priority in your mind increasing your chances of actually following through. The schedule allows you to process a time and place to actually get those goals accomplished. In achieving all our life’s goals there are times we have to do certain activities we don’t enjoy as much, even a painter, musician or actor has to dedicate time and practice to less favored endeavors, the schedule allows you to do a quasi-mind map. Understand the best times to set your favorite activities that can boost your spirits. A schedule allows you to focus your mind on the best use of your time.

A schedule embodies positive energy. It provides the mind with intention of action to completion. It puts you firmly in control, others have done schedules for you, why not do it yourself now. When young, your school schedule was done by administrators, you were inexperienced to the ways of the world, perhaps idealistic, in any event a novice. Now you have life experience and ought to have a very realistic understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s world, use your power of intuition to guide your schedule. Developing your own schedule allows you to focus on finding activities that will yield opportunities. Those who set schedules are taking their destiny into their own hands and not waiting for government or corporate welfare, they seek ways for independence meaning finding alternate means to monetize their income. The Obamas, Romneys and Gingrichs of this world, multi-millionaires have multiple ways of monetizing their income, shouldn’t you. If the economy is going to endure ups and downs for the next 5 years, plan accordingly. Use your schedule as a template to be creative, get those juices flowing, a little planning goes a long way especially when you have fun in the process. As always, make it a proactive mental workout.