Back to School!!!Back to School!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Today’s mental workout encourages you to go back to school. Not the school that takes your money to teach you things out of a text book, then sends you a huge bill. Prepare yourself for the school of life on your terms. School is never out in the journey of life. Tomorrow’s knowledge may easily replace yesterday’s information. Commit yourself to always learning in the school of life. Remember your high school days. Hopefully for most of you it was a great learning experience, and for those who had it real rough, no worries, adversity is good too especially when you front up and face the challenges head on. However this experience is going to be liberating though, you are going to create your own schedule and calendar for life the same way the powers-that-be determined your school curriculum. The educational system usually treats every single human being like they were the same, like lambs to the slaughter. They will scream out we need standardization, and claim that it would simply be too expensive to ensure every single young person is educated with the best possible resources. They would claim that it’s no big deal, just because every single human is unique doesn’t mean much, let’s just get them in and out and ready for the assembly lines of life. The educational institutions won’t find the resources to ensure a complete and varied education to every child, but they will surely find it for their salaries and tenure.

Anyway it serves us right for outsourcing our education to people who don’t understand the very concept of the universe themselves, the usual case of the blind leading the blind. What will they say about today's crisis, blame the economy for millions of young people with no career prospects, but saddled with student loans and thousands of consumer debt because universities allowed banks to set up shop on campus. The important thing however is that you gained valuable experience in school, you may have been educated the wrong way, but at least your brain was trained. You know the potential of what you can achieve through structure. If you were able to master just even the basics of learning, then you can apply your mind to lead you to your desired life. If you can survive a structured mandate by the government to learn things in school, you can apply the same techniques to the rewarding life you envision for yourself by setting up a similar structure. If you found school intolerable, no worries, it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There’s a reason only perhaps a select few of your teachers may have inspired you, unfortunately not many want to be there and you can already witness how much society values them by their wages while Adminstrators make tons more. Should we at all be surprised that the educational system fails to adequately prepare the next generation.

Get excited to go back to school, this time on your own terms, you get to play administrator, principal, teacher, counselor and detention monitor all at once. How’s that for control of your own destiny, the way the universe intended. You write the rules to your life’s script. Life may never provide you answers to every single question you may ever ask, but that’s the beauty of the universe, its mystery, the hidden potential yet to be fully discovered. Human beings were born with great potential, take it upon yourself to unleash it. Beware of those who provide you with definite and concrete answers to everything. No one human being for certain knows more than the next. One can present a case and you judge it on its own merit using your sound judgment, intuition and perception. All the PHDs in the world may be oblivious to certain things that ordinary people may know. With your life experience gained, develop a schedule and return your brain to its high school mindset. Be curious again to experiment with learning new things and subjects. Concentrate on the topics you find entertaining and engaging and give yourself a research project to monetize your passion.

Start your day with activities that make you happiest and most energetic to help you through your work day. Give yourself homework to apply positive energy to researching how to make your dreams come true. Dig deep inside yourself and unearth your youthful exuberance. Put yourself in detention when you fall short of expectations so your mind understands that you are serious. Be patient and plan accordingly. You didn’t learn all there was to learn your freshman year, it took you 4 years of hard work and application. The road to the life you desire needs the same patience and level of application. Your brain helped you do it before, it can help you do it again. You need self-belief and persistence. Focus your mind on the end point, what will success look and feel like. Get excited to go back to school on your terms and hold yourself accountable. Isn’t it worth it to apply yourself even more than you did before to put yourself in total control of your destiny, not at the hands of some school officials who couldn’t navigate themselves out of a phone booth. If your brain could tackle just the basics of algebra or geometry, it can certainly figure out how to get you to the life of your dreams. Only the way you think can stop you. Your brain can’t get you to a destination you don’t commit or believe in unless you are hoping lady luck makes your dreams magically come true. Anything can happen in our unpredictable universe, you may find that luck has a way of rewarding those who have the courage to dream, dare, plan and act. Apply yourself and keep going till you graduate into the school of life on your terms and get that most important diploma of all, a rewarding and happy life. To get to the Super Bowl of your dreams, you have to commit to the gameplan, then execute it in stages. Go ahead and score that touchdown in your School game of life. School's out for now, to be continued! As always, make it an academic mental workout.