The battle for supremacy!!!The battle for supremacy!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Today’s mental workout urges you to fight back in one of the longest battles since the dawn of civilization, the battle against inaction within. There may be plenty of battles to fight out there in the world, but the greatest ones are also in your mind. Inertia, apathy, inactivity, it’s all the same. The concept of having goals and dreams about the life you desire, then doing nothing, accepting things as they are. That paralysis and fear or feelings of overwhelm is caused by your brain’s Amygdala. Its function is to manage emotional connections and responses between several regions of the brain. If the Amygdala perceives any danger red flags of fear or uncertainty, it can quickly trigger an emotional shutdown. It immediately mounts its defenses. The Amygdala wants to protect you from harm, disappointment or failure, it’s just doing a part of its job. The key is to consciously notice the events unfolding in real time. You may want to grab a piece of paper and write down the thoughts and feelings as they pour out. You may get negative self-talk like you are not good enough or smart enough to achieve your goals. You may think what is so special about you, that you don’t necessarily possess any more talents and gifts than the next person. The Amygdala has organized its defense mechanism by activating overwhelming negative impulses and feelings, now it’s up to you to launch your offensive.

As you consciously recognize what’s occurring and begin writing your feelings, you have already started your response counter-strike. As you write down all the negative thoughts, immediately express any rebuttals that pop into mind. Consider all your past accomplishments, all the times teachers told you that you couldn’t do this or that. Recall times in the past when you were afraid to try something new, but did it anyway, connect with those feelings. Process those moments of past accomplishments to provide assurance and confidence. You should recognize that fear has been a part of your life since the very beginning, it's just a natural part of existence. You are certainly not alone in the universe, others have experienced the exact same feelings. Even your great heroes like Christopher Columbus, JFK, MLK or Amelia Earhart all had their fears. However they didn’t let fear hold them back; they fought back. They waged their war within to triumph on the outside. They didn’t stay on the sidelines where it’s nice and comfortable; they rolled up their sleeves and got ready for battle. If they can do it, you can too. They were human beings just like you. As you grow in confidence, you want to fight the battle where you have a competitive advantage, a place where you have the best opportunity for victory, your passion.

To reverse the force of the negative feelings and impulses of the Amygdala, you need to fire up your blood. Consciously focus your mind on your passion. What are the things that you are good at? What do you enjoy doing the most? What brings your blood to life? Get up and move around. Change scenery, go to a place that always boosts your spirits. Talk to someone that always encourages you. Read something motivational or inspirational and of course do your mental workout. Watch some comedy and just laugh out loud. Create positive energy from within. Activities that bring exhilaration combat the negative impulses. The Amygdala must now process these new events, it stimulates a higher progression of mental processes. It now transmits these new feelings of excitement to the frontal lobes responsible for planning, motivation and action, especially engaging the prefrontal cortex to determine strategy. Immediately plan out action steps you can take within your control. Try performing the second item on the agenda first so you can have momentum after you begin knowing that you already accomplished the next step. Strategic planning stimulates the right positive feelings that will elevate your mood and give you confidence to take action. You don’t have to be plagued by fear. You have the power to fight back. Remember every negative feeling can be met with a positive force. Don’t let fear win, it’s easy to fight back when you know how. As a motivational coach, there’s no more rewarding feeling than seeing the transformation taking place when people overcome fear to venture down the path they were born for. You can experience the same transformation, fight back against fear and inaction to live your best life. Give em hell! As always, make it a combative mental workout.