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New Year Resolutions!!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Today’s universal mental workout for Sporty Mondays explores your New Year’s Resolutions’ performance metrics. Firstly, we want to wish you a happy MLK day in the US! Remember those New Year Resolutions, goals you promised to yourself, how are you doing so far, it's been just a couple of weeks. Life is indeed a dream, keep pursuing your goals and dreams every day with all you have inside you! Since you only get one life to live, it might be a good idea to actually live it in pursuit of your own goals. It makes no sense leaving anything on the table, give it your all, live this life to the fullest. As far as we know, no layaway plan is available for the next life. As you pursue your goals for the coming year, what are the performance metrics that you should keep track of? We are living in the age of high performance from student, mid-level management and senior management. With the pace of life as it is, it’s either keep up or get left behind.

Several weeks into the year offers a window of opportunity for some performance analysis. Are you still going around the track of pursuing your New Year objectives or did you drop out altogether? Apparently, a majority of people only stick to their New Year’s Resolutions for about 30 days or so. Like magic, they discover that their goals weren’t as easy as first considered, then just quit. Even though the same thing probably happened last year. As Einstein alluded to, repeating same behavior expecting different results can be insanity. So why do so many people give up so easily after only a month? Why don’t they recall their past failures? From our experience, some recall past misadventures and hope to put even more effort the next time around. However, although they may make an effort to try something else, their approach tends to be the same - there lies the problem. They begin with a great deal of enthusiasm and passion, encounter several obstacles, then fail to manage their emotional letdown, then all the energy goes right out of their ballon-body. Without energy in our universe, you tend not to get too far.

Understanding that January is only one month out of twelve goes a long way. Instead of giving up on your resolutions entirely, just commit to taking a little action every single month towards your goals, at least you would be making forward progress. Continuing to pursue your goals exhibits personal growth. It symbolizes you are not just going to quit, you realize that things are not easy, but are willing to hang in there. Take this time to reboot and refresh. Look for a new source of motivation, get your second wind of energy and keep pressing on. As Winston Churchill stated if you are going through hell, just keep going. Embrace the difficult challenges of life – as an opportunity to build character and resolve. Keep your eyes focused on the big picture. Simply quitting gets you nowhere. It may take away momentary pain, but the scars of quitting may haunt you. You already started something, just keep going, even if you are completely off-course, you are still in motion, it then becomes about discovering the right track. Push thru your comfort zone, that’s what personal growth is all about.

If you want to achieve more goals, you must persist and try multiple times. It’s simple math, your chances of success dramatically increase with each successive attempt. Each time you try and fail, you eliminate ways that don’t work. Nobody is perfect that always gets it right the first time around, not even Michael Jordan made every shot. To the best of our knowledge in the history of the universe, nobody has ever done everything perfectly, not Leonardo Da Vinci, not Isaac Newton, not Jesus of Nazareth. Be what you are, an imperfect human being living in an unpredictable universe. Become more conscious and aware of the power inside you. Find what inspires you and gives you more life. Succeeding in your goals requires you to get over the hump of your challenge, at which point you gain clarity and things become much easier. There’s remarkable power and energy as soon as you begin to notice results, that brings unbelievable momentum for you to achieve even more. You must stay motivated to harness that energy. Now is a perfect time to evaluate the energy of those you spend your time with. Are you hanging with goal achievers or complainers? Connect with a support network to help you become accountable and get on the right track to achieving your goals. Check out the 100 day challenge to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. www.salesgymusa.com/100-day-challenge

Life's renewable energy!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Today's universal mental workout for practical Fridays taps into the renewable energy inside of you. No government funding is needed for this most pure of energy sources, you have the power to create it yourself. Your potential to achieve all you desire out of life depends on the energy you generate within. As long as you have the energy, you can stick with tasks until completion. Ever noticed people with non-stop energy and commitment to complete things, they remind you of the Energizer bunny; they just keep going and going. They may even seem super human, their motor runs non-stop pushing them harder and longer than average people. In fact the self-perpetuating human body can be considered as a type of battery composed of three essential components, structure, liquid and electrical charge. Structure comprises of the cells, organs, bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves etc. Liquid pertains to the intra and inter-cellular liquids that play critical roles in generating electrical energy. Electrical charge activates the body and its structures, commonly known as the life-force or spirit.

Just as a car battery provides life to a vehicle, a weakened battery causes the car to malfunction. However when charged, energy can flow freely allowing the car to operate effectively. The same effect needs to take place in the human body, energy needs to flow freely. Pathways need to be cleared so energy impulses can flow unrestricted. Both the human body and a car need a continuous supply of fuels (petrol or food) and the supply of oxygen for combustion. In the vehicle, the starter motor turns over the engine before the oxygen using fuels can take over, just like the anaerobic energy processes in the body. Both processes also require the stored energy to be replaced (car battery and in the body ATP). Both the car and human body convert chemical energy (in the petrol and food) to kinetic energy (movement) and heat. Eating the right food supplies your body with optimal energy to renew itself. Your body has a huge workload with regulating your temperature, controlling your heartbeat and breathing and the digestive process, provide it ample energy to work around the clock.

Human beings are blessed with infinite power to generate energy, we create other life forms yet so many don’t understand the important role of energy in their bodies. People struggle to make their natural energy work in their favor to create the life they most desire. The entire concept of existence depends on energy, without it you couldn’t even get out of bed to start your day. Most people ask too little of themselves considering the potential of energy stored in the human body. Imagine all those that have passed on without turning their energy into what they most wished in life. Pouring your natural energy and enthusiasm in work you love will open up more opportunities than you could ever imagine. Your body’s natural energy will steer you clear of those over-the-counter energy boosters which cause fluctuations and can even deplete your nutrients. Building your natural energy allows you to stay refreshed all day long, you gain stamina and endurance to follow your heart’s passion. The human body is an incredible machine, tap into the infinite power source inside you and let your energy flow freely, gain the strength to create the life you deserve. There are no limits to what you can achieve when you devote the energy inside of you.

Feel the flow!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays turns on the faucet of your mind's free-flow. It may well be the best free investment in life to tap into the infinite wealth of one's mind, dare not outsource that job. Your mind operates under two primary settings, the left brain side representing cold, logical and calculating thoughts. On the right side, we have hot, fiery and passionate thoughts. The key is not to be too much of one side, we all know what happens when you become too cold-blooded. At the same time you can’t always operate from a hot and fiery temper either, you need to find that fine balance of combining the left and right brain to create a warm stream of ideas. You discover that magic compromise that creates the powerful flow of ideas that become balanced with right brain passionate imagination and left side execution. In a fast moving world, you need to stay on your toes, ensure you keep your faucet updated with the latest improvements. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest faucet in the world trying to show off to all your neighbors, your mind’s faucet just needs to be up-to-date and efficient allowing those brilliant ideas to flow.

In our abundant universe of energy, your mind’s energy if allowed to flow freely follows the path of least resistance. Find the passion in what you were born to do, you will create infinite energy to pursue your talents. Ideas will stream through your mind’s faucet effortlessly, that’s the way you were designed. Get your mind wet and turned on to the life you want to live. If your stream is not flowing powerfully, you are not engaging all your positive energy capabilities. Get the warm spirits circulating in your system, activate those red blood cells of passion. Your mind is the most beautiful place in the world when everything is flowing nicely. Your powers of creation stem from your natural flow. There’s never any need to fake it, your authentic flow will always shine through, it will show in the quality of your mind’s reservoir. Set the right temperature for your mind’s energy to flow like water to the infinite seas of your dreams. Your mind’s water has no definite shape or volume, you can be anything you desire to be and there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Take careful notice when your mind’s faucet is pouring out murky water. Your pipes may be rusty, you need to clear away all the rut and debris of negative thoughts. Take steps to remove anything that prevents you from enjoying your natural and clear mind-flow. Be careful who you allow to fix your mind’s leaky faucet, make sure anyone that influences your thoughts knows what they are doing. A faulty mind faucet will lead to faulty thoughts. Ensure your faucet is not insecure, it’s hard to build confidence if that’s the case. Life becomes much more enjoyable when all your plumbing is functioning correctly. You were created warm blooded for a reason, go ahead and engage the emotions that bring warm temperatures to your heart. Powerful emotional energy leads you to take action to the life of your dreams. Immerse yourself in a positive stream, release those creativity juices of your passion. When you set your mind’s faucet to the ideal temperature, it will pour out that positive cash flow of success that you desire.

Scoring life goals!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Today’s universal mental workout for sporty Mondays encourages you to shoot for goal in your life's soccer game. Make up your mind to score your own goals in life, don't expect others to do it for you. Trust us, life is always better when you do your own scoring. Soccer is considered a simple game, all you really need is a ball to play. In some of the poorest places in the world where they can’t afford a real ball, they find a way to make do with a can or some other object. That’s what life is all about, improvisation. Don’t worry about what you don’t have, work with what you do have. Don’t let lack of anything stop you from doing what you want to do, find a way to do it and have fun along the way. Your soccer game of life is meant to be a simple one, don’t over-complicate it. Find your passion in life in the shape of a ball and enjoy yourself kicking it about. Find a good team and pass the ball around to your friends. If you make a mistake, no worries your teammates can bail you out, always make sure you have someone watching your back. Your soccer game of life is better when you go on the attack and learn to control the ball yourself. Playing defense chasing the ball around is not as much fun, but you must have the grit and determination to do it. If you make a bad play, dig in and go win the ball back, don’t stand around pouting.

The fundamental thing is to focus on your craft on playing your soccer game of life. It’s true that scoring goals may not come as easy as it does in other sports overall, but enjoy the beauty and grace as you pass the ball to your teammates. The harder something is to accomplish, the greater the reward and total team satisfaction when you do score that goal. When you do score a goal, feed off the enthusiasm to score another one straightaway. Don’t rest on your laurels and admire your goal like a piece of art, ride the momentum and grab the goals in bunches while you have the hot foot. When you get in the zone, set up your teammates to score their goals too, that feeling can be even better. Pace yourself, you need stamina to last in your soccer game of life. Remember it’s a game of two halves, if things aren’t going according to plan, adjust at the half and try a new game plan. Do something different, don’t always wait to be in a perfect position to shoot for goal, sometimes try a long range shot, you never know it may go in. Add some flair and pizazz to your soccer game of life, try moves other people don’t even dream of doing. Use your imagination, you have the entire field to work with, don’t worry if it will work or not, try it and keep trying it till it works.

If you have been doing your utmost best, but the goals simply haven’t come your way, don’t lose hope. If goals were easy everybody would be scoring all the time. Scoring goals is reserved for those who persevere and apply themselves to their craft fully. The hard work you do every day will pay off at some point in the future in your soccer game of life. It’s just life, sometimes not all rewards come instantly, keep the heart and passion in your game, the results will surely come sooner or later. Always play within the rules of the game, be a gracious sportsman and shake the hands of your opponents win or lose. A loss is as short-lived as you allow it, remember form is temporary, class is permanent.

Slow your roll!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays invites you to take a load off. Simply breathe in deeply and relax! As fast as the world is moving, if you don't take it easy to catch yourself and relax, you may be working up a frantic pace in the wrong direction of your goals and dreams. Regardless of your chosen profession, to maintain intensity and accuracy in executing your life's goals, time off to recharge is equally as important. Relaxation and reflection are instrumental to center yourself. After all, what’s the point of running around all week like a headless chicken trying to complete this and that, if you don’t take time to evaluate the actual results of your actions. It’s via reflection that will yield ideas how to do more with less time. You should consciously ponder the events of the week in a relaxed manner. Reflection allows you to increase your focus, also improving your memory. Time off for relaxation and reflection brings much needed balance to your world. Just because the rest of the world is always in a hurry to get some place, it doesn’t mean you should follow along with them. Stress is something you can control, that’s right, it’s within your power, what good is life if it lacks in quality.

You probably weren’t taught the importance of relaxation in school, in fact they might have told you it was laziness, well it probably is if that’s all you do for a career, but it’s crucial to problem-solving. Releasing pressure on your body allows it to perform at its optimum level. It’s the reason why athletes need to focus on relaxing before engaging in the heat of battle. Force yourself to take a time out from the fast pace of life on a regular basis, at least once a week, take a prolonged bath or shower. Snap up coupons for a spa treatment, you can find them everywhere. Spend half the time just relaxing with no thoughts going through your mind at all, breathing deeply, and then the other half, reflect on how to improve challenges in your life. There’s a reason why many people come up with great ideas in the shower or bath, the water has a soothing, therapeutic effect, the warm atmosphere loosens up muscles and stimulates brain cells. Studies with control groups have also confirmed relaxation improved problem solving skills.

Even the sun takes a complete break, you should too. It goes without question that you should be sleeping well at night. During your relaxation, don’t allow any negative forces to invade your time and space. Stress wastes energy and steals your power. You should free yourself, completely detach from anything that will unsettle you. You need time to yourself, your spirit craves it. Calm your inner body, revitalize and re-energize, your output is only as good as the quality within. Relaxation leads to greater creativity, it opens your mind to more possibilities. You are more likely to create opportunities that you don’t usually come across during the intensity of your regular working day. Gain confidence that you actually control the outcome of your life. Relax, what are you killing yourself for, where are you rushing to? You always say you will relax later when you have enough money, but later never comes. Relax now, get more oxygen to your brain, trust me, it comes in handy. Life moves at a fast speed, slow it down and get time on your side.

Catch the bus!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays urges you to grab the wheels to the bus journey of life and punch your own golden ticket to success. Take control of that bus driven by a variety of people all throughout your life, you know, your parents, teachers, counselors, professors, friends and so on. They all mean well, but your life’s bus is supposed to be driven by you. There’s a reason why you may have been driving round in circles never really making any progress in your life, your bus driver may have been blind. No need to panic, just grab the wheels yourself, be brave, you surely can’t drive worse than others. You paid your eternal bus ticket through the triumph of your birth. You are like nobody else on this planet, you don’t need to be a passenger following along the same bus routes as everybody else, so get up from the comfortable back seat and grab the wheels yourself. Isn’t the view much better from the front? How can you not see where you are going with that big ole window right in front of you? Just changing positions works wonders. A more strategic vantage point translates into better perspective on which direction you want your life to head in.

Your eternal bus ticket of life has earned you a right to go anywhere you desire to go. It’s completely up to you how far you wish to go in your life. Drive your bus where you want to go. Your bus of life is worth as much as you desire it to be worth. If you want it to accept small change of dimes and quarters, then that’s exactly what it can give you. If you want to dream big and think big, it can reward you with the infinite dollars that your dreams are made of, you know those Benjamin Franklins! Life has a way of giving you exactly what you ask for. Life will pay whatever price you ask it! Beware of the neighborhoods you drive your bus and be careful of those you pick up. Some are masters of hitching a ride without paying. Sometimes give a free ride to people, it gives you more heart to help others, but do it with your eyes open. Develop clarity in the destination you wish to drive your bus, a focused mind will still lead you to your target, even through Los Angeles traffic.

As people enter your bus of life, make sure they respect the rules of your bus, but give them some freedom to voice their opinions. Be flexible and open to suggestions from your passengers, ask them for feedback on how you are driving. Absorb new viewpoints and evaluate them on merit. Whenever you stop for a break at the bus depot, exchange some ideas with other bus drivers, discover other new exciting routes in town. Be bold and daring to drive your bus down routes less travelled. Don’t forget that you are new to driving your bus, you may drive down blind alleys or dead end streets, no worries, maintain your composure and find your way back on track. Enjoy the experience, you derive more meaning if you overcome obstacles in your journey. If you want an easy bus ride through life, be a politician or a member of the Royal family, driving your life bus is not for the faint-hearted, have courage and the rewards will be significant and endless. Once in a while don’t forget to throw a party on your bus, there’s always a reason to have some fun in life. Make sure you never drink and drive though!


Monday, August 8, 2016

Today’s universal mental workout for sporty Mondays encourages you to score a technical knockout over whatever obstacles stand in your way to living life to your fullest potential. There are many negative forces out there that wage war against you. Forces that try and prevent you from reaching your dreams. No worries, you belong to the most advanced species known to mankind, you can triumph over anything that gets in your boxing ring of life. If you want something badly enough, be willing to fight for it. Let no human being or any challenges stand in your way. Show some heart, draw on the immense power of the organ that gets your blood pumping. Living life to its fullest potential is truly not for the faint of heart or mind. Life is harsh in many instances, only the strong survive. The essence of nature is what starts soft must harden. You started life with soft baby skin, it naturally hardened over time no matter what your plastic surgeon did. Your skin hardens to adjust to Earth’s conditions. Be ready to put your body on the line in your boxing ring of life, prove you can give as good as you get. Life sure will give you some, it will throw some heavy punches your way, you have to take it on the chin and be prepared to respond. When you step into the ring, preparation is the key, make sure you don’t freeze up when the spotlight shines on you. What separates the champions from the contenders is that the champions get stronger as the pressure piles on. The champions get wiser and better as the rounds wear on.

Prove yourself worthy in the boxing ring of life. When you have courage of conviction in your endeavor, let no challenge that steps into your ring dominate you. Don’t take a backward step, face the challenge head on. Fight the negative forces of fear, procrastination and doubt. You are already in the ring of life, might as well give it all you have. What do you have to lose. You never know what you are truly capable of until you have to move heaven and Earth to achieve something. If you want something badly enough, find a way to achieve it. Don’t make excuses why you can’t do something. The time wasted on excuses could be better spent on planning. If the obstacles that confront you appear too large in stature, use the ingenuity of the human mind to change strategy and overcome. Make full use of your pre-frontal cortex for strategic thinking. That alone has been fundamental to the survival of species since beginning of time. Your mind when you truly believe has the best track record of all, it’s undefeated. Protect yourself at all times, keep your guard up. Find opportunities where you can attack and launch an offensive with everything you have. Execute to the best of your ability and anticipate any outcome. In your boxing ring of life, plan to throw combinations, sometimes sustained step by step effort is more effective than swinging for the fences.

Make sure you pace yourself in your boxing ring of life. Rejuvenate and recuperate between rounds. If you are working hard enough, it takes a toll on your body, take in your fluids to keep hydrated, the mind needs water for peak performance. If you ever get knocked down, realize you are human in an unpredictable universe, pick yourself back up. The mark of a true champion is how you handle adversity. Don’t expect your entourage to be there when you need them most, just like the crowd they are usually just there in the good times. If somebody hits below the belt and the ref misses it, just keep going, don't dwell on it, sometimes luck is against you. Work harder and smarter to get Lady Luck on your side. Build resolve as you progress through the rounds. Take lessons from every experience and keep rolling with the punches. Keep going all the way till you score a knockout.

Life's expert solver

Friday, June 10, 2016

Today’s universal mental workout for practical Fridays examines the importance of problem solving to guide you down your desired path to life's success. Do you know what success in your life looks like? How do you know when you get there? Is it measured by financial incentives? If you haven’t attained the level of success you desire for yourself, have you deeply examined the reasons why. In order to get to our desired destination, we need to understand why we are not there already. What are the roadblocks preventing us. A majority of people will probably be eager to solve a problem and set off taking action without necessarily understanding the full implications of the challenge at hand. Of course it’s always great to take some kind of action towards solving our life’s problems, however taking time for pre-planning and planning pays dividends. More preparation will lead to better execution, then hopefully better resolution of the challenge. More preparation also provides your brain more time to survey the problem leading to more avenues of possibilities. Engage the expert problem solver inside of you.

The brain is the best problem solver known to mankind. All those hours of doing algebra and high school math must not go to waste. Consider any challenge in your life the same way as you would tackle a math problem. Survey the problem from all possible sides and angles. Break down each component of the problem into measurable chunks you can address one by one and step by step. The more you are able to break down and clearly define the problem, the more brain connections you can stimulate to bring you solutions. Challenge yourself to dig deep into the root cause of the problems. Challenge your assumptions on how you view the problem. Give it the sniff test, analyze each assumption for validity and ensure it can stand on its own merit. To further ensure that you completely understand the problem, pretend that you had to explain the challenge to a 6 year old kid. What simple language would you have to use to clearly communicate the problem? Even better find a real life kid to explain the problem to, please don't try and hire the kid if they do a really good job, most child labor laws around the world would frown upon it. The reason kids can make great problem solvers is that they are not as conditioned to fear, their brains approach challenges different from adults.

Seek to understand the core of the problem and attack it with depth, range and substance. An effective way to get your mind focused on problem solving is to actually practice some math. Try problem solving for a few minutes using the internet to locate basic algebra or math equations. You will re-ignite old brain connections which will suddenly spring into life. Your brain has powerful sensory mechanisms by association that will reach deep into your memory bank. The school of life and learning is never out unless you are a politician of course, where new information is like the enemy to you. Apply yourself to fully solve any problems you encounter in the workplace or life in general. Don’t wait for your boss, the government or anyone else to solve your problem for you. Take the initiative and do your best to come up with your own solutions. Mankind’s brain has been around longer than any other institution, solving problems to those that dare to ask, it's so easy it can do it in its sleep. Do your best and see what solutions you come up with, then seek input from others, both experts and non-experts, you would be surprised what you can learn from non-experts who are looking at it with a completely different viewpoint, applying a completely different set of rules from experts who may be conditioned to think in a certain way. Clearly defining your problems and engaging your mind to evaluate it from different perspectives increases your chances of finding solutions. Believe in yourself and your brain, the best problem solver known to mankind, yes even better than the Government.

High School Reunion!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays invites you to the bash of the decade, the high school reunion party inside your mind at the prestigious Club Medulla, newly renovated. Who could ask for a more positive atmosphere! Oh come on, don’t be a party pooper, put on your dancing shoes, this is one shindig you can’t afford to miss. It’s going to be a great night, all your old friends are going to be in attendance. You remember your childhood friends, Mr. Goals, Mrs. Dreams and Dr. Aspirations just to name a few. It may have been a real long time since you saw them, but no worries, they haven’t forgotten you, in fact everyone can’t wait to see you again. Word on the street is that Mr. Goals has been keeping fit ready to fulfill your every need. Mrs. Dreams is still looking as dashing as ever wishing for you to keep her busy. Dr. Aspirations has picked up yet another PHD, hopefully he’ll get around to doing some real hard work with all that knowledge, a good thing Mrs. Determination is heading over his way for a good talking to. But of course nothing happens till the Homecoming Queen shows up, yes you guessed it, none other than Mrs. Action. If she doesn’t show up, nothing happens.

The party is starting to liven up, we already have some cliques developing, Mr. Tardy and Mrs. Lazy are reminiscing about all those hours in detention. Here comes Mr. Cool smoking a cigarette as always trying to impress the ladies, but that doesn’t seem to work these days, they seem much more fascinated by Mr. Motivation. Remember how he was voted – most likely to succeed, and why not, nothing ever gets in his path to success. Mrs. Patience is conversing deeply with Mr. Instant Gratification, he’s starting to see the big picture, most things worthwhile in life don’t happen overnight. Mr. Ego just showed up accompanied by a beautiful blonde, apparently he’s not planning on staying long, she may charge by the hour. In the corner, we have Mrs. Insecure trying to hide, but here comes Mr. Confidence forcing her to dance, he never takes no for an answer. They make a great couple, those two! Mr. Immature is running around playing pranks on everyone, he misses the good ole days, remember the one he did in science class. I can’t believe my eyes, the jocks seem lonely, the Geeks have all the girls around them, apparently one of them discovered something called Facebook. Wow things have really changed! To take it away for the last dance is Mr. Ambition and Mrs. Imagination, whenever they tango, anything is always possible.

Pole Position!!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Today’s mental workout for Sporty Mondays urges you to head for the checkered flag in your racetrack of life. There’s no rush though, you have all the time in the world. Your racetrack of life extends as far as you are willing to go. To ensure a smooth ride in your racetrack of life, make sure you choose the best terrain that fits your personality, skills and talent. Life is so much sweeter when you follow your desired path. Go at your own pace in your racetrack of life, just because everybody else is always in a rush speeding past you doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Go at the speed that you are comfortable with. Sometimes show urgency when the situation calls for it, other times have patience. The most important thing is to always make progress in the right direction. Know the finish line for each of your life’s goals and even better, find out how to best get there.

The racetrack of life offers different lanes to help you stay on course. You will need stamina and determination to make it all the way to the finish line of your dreams. No matter how big your life’s goals are, as long as you stay on track, there’s always hope. Know when to make an aggressive pass and take risk, as they say nothing ventured nothing gained. Risk excites the blood. It makes you come alive, enjoy the thrill of the ride of life. If you crash into a corner, no worries, get back behind the wheel and try again. Adjust on-the-fly and learn from the experience. It makes no sense to scream and panic when things don’t work out. Learning to focus your energy in the right place is far more beneficial. In the face of uncertainty, give yourself the best chance, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Staying calm and in control allows for better judgment and decision-making.

Remember in your race track of life, it’s not where or how you start, it’s how you finish. Don’t dwell too much on what you don't have in your own particular circumstances in life, there’s always somebody who has it worse and would gladly change places with you. Concentrate on matters within the dashboard of your control. Put in the required efforts, apply yourself and commit to the tasks at hand. Develop good habits, do even the smallest and simplest of tasks well, the work ethic will transfer to even bigger things. Life requires consistency of certain mechanics and fundamentals. Triumph comes to those who stay the course, steady as she goes! In life’s uncertain curves, navigate slowly and wisely, on the open straights, put the pedal to the metal and drive with confidence. If you ever overdo it, don’t spin your wheels, pull in for a pit stop to recharge your batteries and re-energize yourself, everybody suffers wear and tear on life’s journey. Keep going till you reach the finish line of your dreams.

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