Change your reservation!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout encourages you to change your reservation from the package deal that everybody else has been enticed into. You are like nobody else on this universe so why should you care about the economy class bargain that the powers-that-be are forcing down your throat. Instead of being a passenger in your plane journey of life, grab a hold of your life plane’s joystick. There’s a reason it’s called a joystick, it’s fun when you are in total control. Take control of your life’s plane and steer it in the direction where you want to go, not where others have pre-determined for you. Isn’t it time you started earning those travel miles going places you wish to go. No more worrying about delays, you control when your private plane lifts off. No more hassle of losing your luggage, you control exactly what you choose to bring with you. No more annoying lines of being searched and harassed, you get red carpet treatment right up the runway. You don’t need to try and fit in the same exact seat as everybody else, you need way more elbow room and much more space to relax and unwind. Your life plane is supposed to be comfortable not crammed in like sardines. Speaking of meals you deserve real food, not that stuffed crap and peanuts. Notice how all the airlines seem to serve practically the same food, talk about follow the leader. You don’t need to drink that half-empty cocktail glass either, you deserve the choice to drink a full glass of whatever your heart desires.

Change your reservation to fly your own private jet in your plane journey of life. You are like nobody else on this universe, so fly your own plane like nobody else, go where you desire to go. Gain your freedom to really roam the friendly skies. Learn to fly your plane how you want to fly it, learn a few tricks while you are it, you know, do some loops and circles, Tom Cruise could do it, you can too. No worries, you have the best auto pilot money can buy, your mind. Enjoy the freedom and space of your private jet, no more fasten the seatbelts sign, walk around as you wish, do a dance down the aisle if you wish. Fly where you want to go, fly through all the time zones of the world. For now time is not money, you truly have all the time in the world to get to where you want to go. The best part is no government in the world can hassle you. Never let them get a hold of your flight plan, if you must, fly under the radar. Don’t be ruled by fear, the heavenly skies represent freedom. No worries about stormy weather, you have clear blue skies ahead to the destination of your dreams. Enjoy the all you can eat buffet menu and cocktails, treat yourself like a member of congress for a change. Needless to say never let congress get a hold of your life plane, they have no idea where they are going and will probably run out of gas arguing over which way is up. Fly high in spirit, the view from the top is always better. Fly with the birds, but make sure it’s not those thanksgiving ones, it could make for a short trip. Enjoy the thanksgiving holiday with your family!

In search of wisdom!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for superheroes Tuesdays acknowledges a man who pioneered the key to the universe as connecting the brain to the heart. It makes perfect sense to us- both organs happen to be linked to the greatest leaps of mankind, but that may just be coincidence. The great Aristotle was a man of remarkable intuition and perception that kings trusted to educate their own children, that says a lot, we all know how smart those royals can be. Aristotle despite being a significant contributor to western philosophy plays another vital role in world history. He understood the dynamics of the world and tried to leave important text to each group of people, the elite and the working people. Aristotle wrote the esoteric text for the educated classes and also the exoteric text for a wider audience, for the working people. Unlike Plato, he didn’t wish to just ignore the class injustice that dominated society at the time and of course still does more than 2300 years later. Aristotle just wanted to even the playing fields of life by sending a message to the common man about the rules of the game.

As it happened, the exoteric text intended for the working people disappeared off the face of the planet. So why is it that the text meant for the common man vanishes yet the other text for the elite remains, there’s no guarantee of course that the common man would have read it anyway, they would have to stumble upon it by sheer accident, we all know it wouldn’t be part of any school curriculum of course. It would have still required interpretation such as some things today like buying a house, all the 100 pages of legal mumbo jumbo that might as well be quantum physics to the average individual or ever try and buy some shares of stock, the same thing applies. Things can be written in plain language for anybody to understand and that’s exactly what Aristotle was seeking. So who or what could have possibly being behind such valuable text from the most prominent philosopher of his time disappearing. What motives would they have to deny something presumably helpful to humanity. We may never get to the bottom of the conspiracy 2300 years later, but we can certainly question who it benefits, the usual suspects of the powers-that-be in every generation.

Why was Aristotle so perceptive about the role of the heart in conjunction with the brain? Could society have been much the same 2300 years ago as it is now? Are we simply different characters playing the same roles going round and round around the sun? Aristotle was also a strong proponent for the scientific method, the importance of intellectual curiosity through experimentation, research and application of scientific thinking across political science, mathematics, arts makes up heavenly bodies, the stars and the planets. Aristotle challenged the and the natural sciences. Despite having limited technological tools at his disposal, his powers of observation about the cosmos and the laws of the universe were innovative for his period. It was such provocative thinking that inspired the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and the rest of the Renaissance masters. Aristotle also proposed Aether to be the fifth element, the divine substance that challenged the status quo of conventional thinking of his time and also had the courage to stand up to the greatest warrior in the world ever, his former pupil, Alexander the Great when he proclaimed himself deity. Courage and curiosity to learn more about the world around you goes a long way, as does making a genuine effort to inspire the entire society.

Aristotle stated that it was the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Little did he know that..

A. Republicans would come into existence.
B. Democrats could make education about education even more complicated.
C. Thinking for oneself doesn't appear a priority for many humans.
D. The mere thought of holding multiple thoughts gives politicians everywhere heartache.
E. People would be tweeting this 2300 years later.

Wheel of fortune!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Motivation Mondays encourages you to spin the wheel of your life’s fortune. To spell out the phrase of success for your life’s endeavors, patience and step-by-step plan rank high on the list. Before you can triumph in your life's game, you must be brave enough to spin the wheel, the good spin of course, not the kind when you spin your wheels and don’t get anywhere. Complete your life’s phrase by spinning the wheel and taking things step-by-step, letter-by-letter as they come. You will have to do more than chase life’s consonants which can be found everywhere by everyone, you will have to search deeper to spell out the treasure of life’s vowels by focusing on your passion. Pursuing your passion will unlock the right letters and combination to that winning phrase that brings life’s true meaning. Your passion can lead you to spell out countless opportunities you never even contemplated. In the beginning, you may flounder around a little as you seek the right letters that suit you, however, if you stay focused, more clarity will come as the letters of life begin to reveal themselves and make more sense.

Fortune favors the brave, remember, the original meaning of fortune in Latin is luck. Luck favors those willing to spin the wheel. Get luck on your side through hard work, sacrifice and determination. Even more fortune favors those willing to go beyond the letters they are familiar with. If you push beyond your comfort zone to explore letters of other languages and cultures, you can open up a new world of possibilities. There’s so much to learn and understand beyond standard letters you were brought up with. Those standard letters can represent different values and symbols in other cultures that will make you more universally well-rounded. You can open up infinite letters of success in your world as long as you believe in yourself. Find the right letters that fit your personality and natural flair, spell out a unique version for yourself. To solve your life’s puzzle, it’s going to take plenty of trial and error. Don’t worry, it happens to everybody, never pay attention if others laugh at you when you misspell in the form of mistakes. Those without courage to spin the wheel of their life’s fortune are always quick to point out faults. The world belongs to those brave enough to get in the game and spin life's wheel.

In spinning your life’s wheel, sometimes you end up on top, other times on the bottom. It just comes with the territory, you have to take the good with the bad. It’s all part of the mysterious universe, you never know exactly how you’ll end up. Embrace the challenge, remember that more good things await you than bad things. You always have the ability to turn negative situations into positive, that’s the supreme power inside of you. Maintain your resolve at all times. Pick up your intensity and effort after a bad spin even if it lands you in bankruptcy. All throughout history, some of the greatest achievers have come back stronger and better from bankruptcy, with high reward comes high risk. The best thing you can do is polish your powers of anticipation to take calculated risk. Learn to recognize trends, read between the lines of letters. You will instinctively get better as you go along. Always prepare for the worst case scenario, it’s not negative thinking, but rather conditioning your mind for an unpredictable universe. What your mind has already envisioned will lessen any impact of serious failures should they occur. As you spin through the rounds of your life’s fortune, you will gain momentum when you approach the final jackpot of the closing stages. Keep going till you spell out the words of passion that bring poetry to your heart. Use your imagination to construct different words and phrases that others haven’t thought of, whatever happens, have fun and enjoy the experience. Go ahead and step up to spin your life's wheel of fortune!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays encourages you to create from within. In a world of increasing deadlines, mounting stress and pressures to meet every obligation under the sun, we forget the obligation we owe ourselves. To create the fulfilling life we desire that not only makes us happy, but also those around us, family, friends, associates and any others. You have the power to create the life you desire as long as you believe and commit. If you observe the state of the world now, you will see one of the biggest challenges is the younger generation are saddled with debt after college unable to find sustainable careers. For years our educational system has focused on turning out clones and drones for soul-sucking careers, instead of encouraging young people to follow their passion from within. Money is not guaranteed to lead you to a fulfilling life, however, following the passion of your heart gets you there. Passion also enables you to create. The whole concept of life is creation. Strive to be original and say goodbye to your comfort zone, start creating the life you desire. Is your life created by you or by others?

What truly lies within you? Are you expressing your art to the universe? How can you paint your own masterpiece? As you begin to contemplate your New Year’s resolutions and goals for the coming year, use your imagination to bring your own art to the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a computer specialist, carpenter or nurse. Everybody has the power to create art from within. If you incorporate some art into your goal-setting, it may increase your chances for success. You empower and stimulate your imagination, you bring some originality and creativity. It’s not just artists, musicians or writers who have the power to create art. Everybody has the power to create their own art in their special way. The world would be a much brighter place if everybody contributed a little of their own art. There are truly no rules in this universe. Sure, many rules are made, usually by blind men, only to be changed by later generations. Rules usually state mandatory ways to do things, however, it’s much better to be guided by principles allowing for creativity in a flexible framework.

Become the visionary leader in your area of expertise by bringing your unique art. As you plan your goals for the coming year, spark your creative juices and construct a poem from the heart to express what accomplishing the goals will mean to you. Remember, it’s likely to be a journey of ups and downs to achieve your goals, save your poems for when you need a boost to remind yourself why it’s important. Inspiration and motivation come and go, use the poems as triggers to enhance your written goals. Release your emotional energy to create and feel your power. Creative writing leads to creative thinking, you will constructively learn to solve your life's problems better too. After writing poems, expand to articles and essays on topics you are passionate about. Next, you can tackle short stories, then perhaps a book or autobiography. Why not write a screenplay about your life. You may think why you, that you are not Hollywood trained! Have you seen some of the pictures being made? This world certainly needs new inspiration from everyday folks. Find your inspiration to do something your way. Think big, dream big and act big! Use your imagination to ask much more of yourself, do more than you think you are capable of! If you study and interpret history, you will find many instances where outsiders with no prior knowledge or expertise revolutionized industries. In fact, it’s your ability to think differently outside of the regular constraints that makes a profound difference. Your unique experience is more valuable than Gold when you inject it into new areas. Explore your creative goals in conjunction with your standard ones, find the art inside your heart and unearth it to the world, let persistence and perseverance do the rest. Your life is either creating your own art or observing that of others.

Political road game!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Awareness Thursdays encourages you to think like the other political party for a day, especially now as we get into high political season. Why not get away from your usual home crowd and play a road game. In an age where politics has just become far too nasty and divisive, let's not forget the life's team sport we all play. Sympathize with the other party for a day, hopefully that won’t run your heart rate up too much. Play an away game for the heck of it. Become aware of the other party's viewpoints. Understand where they are coming from. Is it possible that you could be wrong in an infinite universe traveling at light speed? Could the other side have some valid reasons that you may have overlooked? Construct new mind connections. Gain new perspective, take in new angles on a variety of areas especially the most contentious and wedge issues. Put your strong beliefs to the test, it can’t hurt to completely explore the other side, it’s only for a day. If you are independent, choose one side for a change, you are actually going to make a decision. The least it will do is to make you grow. Life is for growth through experimentation. Life is for range of thought. Life is for compromise. It takes courage to be open. Most times Mrs. Courage intervenes in these matters, it’s usually a great thing. It’s practical exercise to completely take the other side’s viewpoint and work through the thinking process behind it. It takes tremendous mental fortitude to do this and it will take even more character to take something away from it. Don’t worry, you always reserve the right to go back to your old viewpoints, that’s the beauty of having a modern day brain, you can choose to stretch it out and exercise it often, growing it or just do nothing, let it stay the same, shrinking it.

Winning home games certainly seems easier for most sports participants, however it’s winning on the road that makes the difference in championship seasons. Become a road warrior! Dare to stray from your comfortable positions. Focus on the big picture of expanding personal horizons, not just to win the argument. Stand firm in the face of adversity as you stretch yourself. You have the ability to transfer any negative vibes directed towards you into positive energy to build your resolve. Winning on the road separates the boys from the men, girls from the women, the pretenders from the contenders, it’s all about maintaining that cool, calm and collective mind to overcome pressure. Inside your mind, on your long drive over to play your away match, seek to build bridges and construct more alternate freeway ramps to facilitate the gaps between opposing viewpoints. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make them permanent, we only secured temporary state funding for this bridge to nowhere. Add some more traffic lanes while you are at it, sometimes be prepared to let the other side have right of way. When you do arrive at your away match venue, don’t let the crowd boos get you down and discourage you. Seek to understand they are just cheering for their home team and they don’t necessarily hate you. Sit down and have a drink with them after the game, they are passionately human just like you, they have strong emotions just like you, they want to win just like you. You are just people who take different routes to hopefully arrive at the same ballpark. You may actually get to like certain scenic landmarks on your route, don’t be scared to thoroughly scout them out. Sometimes it’s simply mis-information that spreads the divide. Go ahead, be daring! You would be surprised how a cool, calm and collective mind will inspire to breathe in new ideas. Use the power of your emotions to build bridges and not roadblocks. After all, anybody can just put up a roadblock, it takes character and ingenuity to build lasting bridges to somewhere.

Flight path!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Today's universal mental workout for imagination Wednesdays flies to a destination where few dare to go, the land of their dreams. The boarding pass for this flight requires vision, hard work and determination to soar at the desired altitude. To help us pilot this all-important flight plan, look no further than Mr. Lefty and Mrs. Righty brain. Their extensive resume only includes steering mankind out of the gloomy clouds of the Dark Ages. We surely need their services once again as old wars resurface on new horizons. Oh when will mankind ever learn? At the main controls is Lefty, after all, he's the one that loves to plan. Righty's imagination will determine how high they will soar. Given her propensity for infinite imagination, you best fasten your seat belts. In chasing your dreams, expect a bumpy flight after takeoff, traveling to new territory comes with unknown challenges. It won't be long till you soar over the turbulence and cruise at high altitude. The key is to hang tough through the stormy weather. Life's growth happens when you face your challenges head on and stay the course.

It's hard to get Lefty to ease up sometimes. When he's ultra-focused, has a tendency to be rather rigid and robotic. Thankfully, Lefty possesses enough universal depth and awareness to know when it's time to tap the Mrs. on the shoulder. No argument about equal pay over here. After Lefty has double checked flight coordinates align with the desired destination, it's time for Righty to take over. Friendly reminder from the cockpit - It's crucial to understand that no matter how far your destination is, make time to have fun along the way. Unfasten your seatbelts and have a little fun down the aisle. Get up, move around and even enjoy a little dance. Why not? It's always a party when Righty is in control. Dancing at high altitude is what life is meant to be about. Forget what your parents, teachers, pastors and mentors may tell you, first you must find the song inside of you. Find the rhythm that makes you soar in spirit and dance non-stop. Dance even in your sleep, you won't get a red eye. Let Lefty and Righty elevate your life's altitude with the right attitude, no pun intended. Never allow yourself to stay grounded, Lefty and Righty can propel you to the clouds as far as you are willing to go. The possibilities are endless!

Soul music!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Superheroes Tuesday awakens the music of your soul. There’s one woman in our nation’s history who needs no microphone when she sings. When she does sing, she commands attention, even the sun and the stars take notice, such is the power of her voice, no other than the Queen of soul herself, Aretha Franklin. It's astonishing to consider what more she might have accomplished if not for the personal challenges and battles she had to wage. Aretha is the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She has won 18 Grammy awards. She has 20 No.1 singles on the Billboard R&B Singles Chart and two No.1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Aretha has 14 platinum singles along with 10 no.1 R&B albums. She is the inspiration of supreme voices like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Plain and simple, listening to Aretha’s voice will unearth the most powerful feelings inside that you never knew even existed, she sings directly to your soul.

Aretha didn’t really need our Respect, we are but mere mortals to a truly immortal voice that could have launched a thousand heavenly ships. Nobody knows if there’s a heaven, but only one voice echoes over the intersection where celestial skies meet Earth. Aretha’s voice whether in recordings or live performances take you on a spiritual journey of her pain or joy as if you were right there experiencing every moment at her side. Aretha’s voice is a shining light in a sometimes dark universe. Aretha’s voice spells inspiration for anybody no matter what occupation or stage of life. Her voice can make George’s guitar gently weep, it can bring words alive on a page, it can bring moments of peace to a troubled soul. Her fourteen year old gospel voice really changed the fate of music forever. Aretha’s passion and intensity in her voice had incredible range, it translated into jazz, blues and rock as well. Aretha can truly sing in any genre without losing her renowned style.

Unfortunately, her first recording contract with Columbia tells all you’ll ever need to know about the trouble in the music business. The powers-that-be at the label should have had the common sense to simply get out of the way of such an incredible voice. With her remarkable gospel training and extraordinary talent, she should have been the one calling all the shots. Did Mozart need a coach, such was the genius of Aretha’s voice. Columbia tried to make her into something she was not. There is nobody else in this planet like Aretha, she should have been allowed to express her unique talent. Nothing compares to the power, range, quality and soul of Aretha’s voice. Nobody can interpret a song like she can, her unique tone and amazing vocals is the stuff that dreams are made of. She deservedly reigns supreme as the Queen of soul and will likely remain the greatest for many generations to come.

Life's fairway!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout welcomes you to life's gorgeous greens. Life is very much like a round of golf, if you can afford to make it unto the course that is. Sometimes you may hit a perfect swing right on target towards the flag, other times, you might just catch a bad break for whatever reason and end up in the sand trap. Don’t you just love the world of metaphor, some may even say life is metaphor, but I digress. Just as in life, you may do everything perfectly, hit a perfect swing yet get a bad break, such is golf. Even the great Tiger knows a thing or two about bad breaks, that’s how quickly your game of life can turn on its head. You may hit a flawless round and be today’s hero, yet tomorrow things may go horribly wrong and you become the villain. As soon as you tee off, the die is cast, you can’t cry over spilled milk, you will have to wait to see where the ball lands and plan your next move. Life takes patience, focus and execution. Evaluate all your available options and choose the right club for the occasion, sometimes be very aggressive in going after what you want, sometimes proceed with caution and finesse. Get yourself a good caddy you can trust.

Make sure your birdies in life outweigh your bogies, survey the course first, know where the pitfalls or bunkers may be. Just make progress towards the hole, sometimes you may have to hit the ball a lot harder than you anticipated, take notes for next time. Signs always repeat, you will get other opportunities, maintain good course management, make notes of important factors. Feel which way the wind is blowing as you consider strategies in life, know where and what angle you wish to take. Go ahead and give it your best shot. Try and play stress free rounds, try not to allow your emotions to swing to extremes, maintain your composure. A calm mind in a positive atmosphere performs better and yields more solutions.

Take your time shooting all 18 holes, if you make the fairway, be happy and full of confidence. If you end up in the rough, grab the best club and proceed cautiously. Don’t dig yourself into a bigger trap than you have already. Perhaps be aggressive if a great opportunity presents itself. Get in your tiger zone, if u feel down right now in life, just focus on getting to even par, get to comfort zone and let your emotions settle. When you do make poor decisions, realize unfortunately that you are human and not perfect despite what your mother told you, reassess and move on quickly. Avoid dwelling on mistakes keeping them in your short term memory, instead, store it in your long term memory and learn from the experience. One bad break here and there does not define your life. As long as you keep swinging, you give yourself every opportunity to succeed. Whether you end up on the fairway or in the rough, maintain a positive attitude and outlook always!!

Sales 101!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays spends a little time in my world – the sales world. Life is a sell. You are either selling your unique universal gift to the world or you are buying what others have sold you on. People may try and sell you on various things sold to them by others, or perhaps, try to sell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. Instead of walking around being sold everything from dusk till dawn, why don’t you try some selling of your own? However, before you proceed to sell others on the creative vision of your life’s goals, you must sell yourself first on the importance of your dreams. If you are not convinced yourself that you can achieve whatever your heart desires, then your mind won’t follow through with the necessary behavior that yields results. If you don’t imprint your ability to achieve your goals on your mind, it won’t perform at peak or sustain energy for the duration. Without sustaining and managing your energy, you don’t tend to accomplish your wildest dreams in our universe. Energy is everything - you can create and harness it for life's success.

You may be personally uncomfortable with the whole idea of selling. No worries, it's understandable and very common in society. But if you really open your eyes and reach full awareness, you will realize so much of life has to do with what you are sold actively or passively. Your parents sell you on what they think is best for your life, which friends are recommended and what activities you should partake in etc. The educational system sells you on finding a career and working 9 to 5 till you reach your pension. Wall Street sells you that they are there to look out for your best interests and help you secure a comfortable retirement. However, their definition of comfortable may differ substantially from yours and actual reality after their fees and shenanigans clean you out. Banks sell you on how much they care about you and are so proud for you to become a home owner, you just have to make mortgage payments 3 times excess what the home is worth over 30 years. Religion sells you on the good book amongst other things with absolutely no proof of anything at all. Of course, the government sells you that they actually know what they are doing and what’s best for society, but we know that’s baloney, most have no idea how the universe works.

You are sold that happiness comes from money, possessions, and celebrity, we all know that’s malarkey. Over the years, it’s become hard to keep up with all the train wreck-celebs and seemingly uber rich folks with spiraling out-of control negative lives of addiction, delusion and utter chaos. Everywhere you look, there are gurus selling you that they have the answer – the one answer in an infinite universe. Sell yourself on something, it will probably be far better and more effective than most of the crap being sold to you. Sell yourself on reaching happiness and fulfillment in this lifetime. Sell yourself on continuous self-development in an evolving universe. Sell yourself on your universal gift of existence in an infinite universe. You are already in heaven, sell yourself on that! You weren’t put in this world to bow down to other humans or worship Gods. As a human being, you had a one in 300 million chance of being born, sell yourself that you already won the lottery of life. Look around you at the amazing beauty and diversity of the universe, observe the journey of evolution of millions of species on Earth. Observe the contributions of courageous and passionately driven individuals from ordinary folks to genius scientists and artists. As a human being, you have grown to be master of your universe, sell yourself on the power within to master your destiny.

The real universal currency!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Awareness Thursdays reminds you about the currency that really matters. As grumblings of a stock market downturn(correction as experts like to say) persist, let’s all remember the currency that really matters-getting the most enjoyment out of life- the actual passion to live it on one's terms. America has serious structural unemployment issues, technology has replaced jobs that will never come back with more industries to be disrupted. The increasing skill gaps issues, an educational system falling behind other countries, serious trade challenges, and of course, immigration. We are indeed navigating the waters of a rapidly changing world. Now we are looking to the Donald or Bern to save us. The former values empty buildings and lots higher than any human beings. Well, you can't blame him, have you talked to any strangers lately?? It's a new world and we are just dreamers if we expect politicians or those seeking office to perform miracles. Perhaps the Donald or Bern may have a better magic wand than the Messiah in the White House now, it appears his might have been made in China. Nevertheless, the federal reserve and central banks worldwide are making things up as they go along. It's a new era of self-reliance. The best stimulus plan is to tap into the infinite currency inside human beings, certainly the best value for money anywhere. Passion to solve your own problems. Humans were solving their own problems long before they gave themselves the title of politician. It shouldn't have to take a presidential run to inspire the people. Open your eyes folks, at least understand when you have been bought and sold!!

It’s up to each individual to determine their universal currency. Many say money won’t buy you happiness, there’s probably some truth and significance in the statement. However in a material world, you are definitely going to require some currency to partake in it. You are going to need some legal tender or paper as made like to say, however even more valuable is the universal currency, passion. When you truly have passion for what you do, it’s an infinite supply of universal wealth, that you can never put a price on, there’s no bank in the world that can hold that much value, not even the Swiss ones. Life is meant to be for passion. However of course paying bills and just trying to survive in a sometimes cold and harsh world takes its toll. That’s why you must engage in the good fight. The fight to live a life of passion that you deserve. The universal right granted to you to live life on terms you dictate. A passionate life opens up doors that you could never dream possible. Passion gives you boundless energy to live a fulfilling life, allowing you more quality time to spend with friends and family. Once you discover your true passion in life, it then becomes a matter of monetizing it to steer you down the path that your dreams are made of.

Consider how you can use your natural abilities to fuel your passion as you visualize your goals. Write down all the things you have true passion and innate skill for. You know, activities you can do and it just seems that time flies by. Activities that give you momentum no matter how low in spirits you are. Have you found that thing that you think you were born to do?! Something people observe that you are a natural at. If nothing jumps out clearly at you, go back to your early years and think back about what activities you used to instantly gravitate towards. Next step is to spend some time brainstorming. Find possible routes to increase your passion currency. Remember the universe cares nothing about material things or the prevailing currency of the day, be it land, gold or paper money only about your desire and will to succeed. So seek to find how you can gain natural momentum to turn your passion to carry you closer towards your goals. Brainstorm for any possible connections and let your mind lead the way. If you are passionate enough about what you desire to do, doors will open, if not, your passion must surely break down any barriers in your way. Believe in yourself and believe in your passion. Make an investment of passion into your life today, the return will be infinite.

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