The Odd Couple!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for imagination Wednesdays invites you inside the lovely abode of a very odd couple, Lefty and Righty Brain. These two have been roommates since beginning of time, even though it’s a hard concept for many to imagine. On the surface, it appears that these two have very little in common, however, they often find ways to make things work. Lefty is extremely tidy. He is a stickler for routine and loves to always have everything in order, often posting rules on top of the refrigerator. Righty on the other hand can be a little scatterbrained, no pun intended. She often misplaces her keys or loses the remote, and is often late with her share of the rent. Just by peeking into her room, you can tell she’s a very colorful character with inspiring pictures and imaginative décor all over. In contrast, Lefty’s room is rather bland, full of calendars and schedules, doesn’t like to miss a thing this fella. Quite odd in that he also hangs posters of Limbaugh and Hannity.

The kitchen also serves as another point of contention. When cooking, Lefty follows the exact recipe directions down to every drop. Furthermore, he insists on eating same types of food over and over again. However, Righty loves to explore with various recipes, she often mixes in things that don’t usually go together, often coming up with brand new mouth-watering tastes. Righty is also quite the socialiate, she loves to entertain, the likes of Paris Hilton and the Kardashians have also attended some of her parties. One time gatecrasher Anthony Wiener showed up only to be turned away, so he sent some dirty texts instead. Lefty entertains himself by usually watching Jeopardy or playing solitaire and Sudoku. He’s no match for Righty though when it comes to poker, she reads him like a book every time. They also both understand the importance of physical exercise, when swimming, Lefty sticks to doing laps back and forth, Righty just loves to splash around in the water. Whatever works!

Tempers have been known to boil over, once the mind police even came over after a huge disturbance. These things happen when emotions are heavily invested on both sides. For the most part, they get along fairly well – mutual respect on both sides. Righty is amazed by Lefty’s focused direction and persistent stamina to finish whatever he starts. Lefty is envious of Righty’s free spirit and her carefree attitude to life in general. She even offered a cup of tea to some intruders – the local negative forces in the neighborhood. Righty knows no boundaries, she’s willing to see the opportunity in any challenge. Her motto is 'dream your own luck.' For lefty, research and planning trump all. Righty works best at night with the sparkling moonlight, while Lefty makes hard work out of the daytime Sun. One thing is for sure, they know how to use universal energy better than any government or corporation. Hats off to this lovely odd couple, the curious dreamer and logical doer elevate our universe to a higher level.

Man of peace!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays applauds the peaceful practices of one of the greatest people the world has ever known, Mahatma Gandhi. The timing couldn't have been better since we are clearly at time where gun violence has exploded beyond any realm of human comprehension - let's work to give peace a chance. History will have us believe that great men make wars, however even greater men make peace. In the peace business, they came no bigger than Gandhi. In the mental workout world, the pen will always be mightier than the sword. Mahatma Gandhi spearheaded India’s Independence movement in the 1930s and 40s by speaking softly without carrying much of a big stick. First Gandhi began protesting the national salt tax, later he politely asked the British to leave his nation and was imprisoned for his troubles. Gandhi practiced non-violence and truth in all situations and advocated others to do the same, but we all know that truth and politics don’t mix well. The British authorities even went as far as to imprison other members of the Indian congress, tens of thousands who spoke out on behalf of freedom. Gandhi was a very modest person who lived in a self-sufficient residential community, this meant he couldn’t be bought or influenced by wealth. He openly campaigned against the industrialization programs which could be grounds for exploitation of his people, Gandhi preferred to educate his people for their own independence and not as pawns of unfettered capitalism.

Gandhi set an example to others by seeking to simplify the entire concept of existence, he was a dedicated vegetarian often fasting for self-purification, he saw the villages as the core of the true India and promoted self-sufficiency. We are all aware of the volatility of the region with the tensions between India and Pakistan, however Gandhi was equally popular among both Muslims and Hindus. He was a true visionary leader, he was able to convince the some extreme factions of Muslims to go along with peaceful demonstration. Gandhi stayed committed to peace even when Indians chose to retaliate after a massacre in which hundreds of peaceful civilians were killed by British troops in Punjab, he criticized both the actions of the British and the retaliatory violence of the Indians. Compare that with the eye for an eye attitude that many have today. Mahatma Gandhi proved that one individual has the power to take on an entire empire, using both ethics and intelligence as their weapons of choice. He was known as much for his wit and supreme intelligence as for his piety. Gandhi inspired Dr. Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement in America, Tibet’s Dalai Lama has also emulated his methods. Gandhi sacrificed his life to free his nation and began a worldwide movement to bring freedom to the oppressed everywhere, he’s eternally known as a symbol of non-violence. In a harsh planet, it's easy to pull the trigger to get your point across, however it takes wisdom to make peace.

Life's Performance Sport!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Sporty Mondays evaluates your life’s performance sport. Yes, indeed, life is a performance sport! Everybody plays their part whether they fully realize it or not. Just to make it unto this Earthly stage required a remarkable performance. You had to beat incredible odds, about 300 million competitors were vying for the same chance to experience this heavenly existence. All your dreams can truly come true provided that you are ready to perform. In order to perform to the best of your abilities, you have to accurately assess your own personal talents and skills. A little confidence in yourself and your abilities goes a long way. However, it’s advised that you are under no illusions about your own particular talents, gifts and skills, unless you are a politician where that’s surely a given.

In order to excel in your life’s chosen performance arena, firstly, ensure your chosen arena is born out of your own passions and interests. Life is far too valuable not to perform in your chosen life sport, it’s you who has to perform, not your parents, priests, coaches or teachers. Any number of people can advise you on your life’s performance sport. But ask the question, are they practicing what they preach? Are they themselves performing their life’s sport to full potential? Happy and genuine life performers at the highest level are more likely to encourage you to follow your own interests and passions. Those who perform at the highest level understand the universal stage is large enough for everyone to shine. Ignore armchair quarterbacks who criticize or discourage you while in your life’s performance arena. You only have yourself to blame should you allow naysayers to determine your destiny.

Before any performance coach can elevate your life’s performance to unleash the incredible power within, you should fuel your own self-belief and motivation. Hard work is a key that puts you in position to unlock the door of success. To play hard, you must prepare hard! Playing your life’s performance sport at the highest level means rolling your sleeves up and total application of will. Mind, body and spirit follows suit after you devote energy and build up momentum. When you sacrifice on the front end, the reward is infinite on the backend. Even when the road gets tough, perform your best at every stage. Obstacles and challenges are no excuses not to perform. Let others complain about this and that holding them back, you know better, you are an immaculate specimen born to perform on this heavenly arena.

Stay in the positive!!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Today's universal mental workout for reflection Fridays encourages you to stay in the positive regardless of what challenges you face. It's a shame that some people choose to maintain a negative disposition about their lives. Unfortunately negative thinking generally yields negative results. Consider whatever lofty goals you may have in life, you are likely not going to get there if you think negatively. Sure, you may not get there by being positive alone, but you stand a far higher chance with a positive outlook on life. If you always think positive no matter what happens, you will give yourself the best chance. The positive mind provides more solutions. It will not cost you a dime to have a positive disposition. However staying negative can cost you everything.

Consider the Ray Charles example, he was losing his eye sight, but maintained the courage to produce some positive out of the situation. It must have taken unmistakable resolve to persist and bring incredible music into this world. There are numerous cases all over the world about those who grew tremendous strength out of adversity. You will find that the power of positive energy within you has incredible possibilities. It takes courage to remain positive. It means you are searching for solutions, you are not just going to take the all too easy negative brick road. The example of Stevie Wonder born blind, but his remaining senses allowed him to bring sweet music to the universe. What about Stephen Hawking's vast contribution to the Universe despite his severe neurone disease and confinement to a wheelchair? If Jesus came back today, would he try to heal Steven, of what I would imagine, perhaps it should be the other way around. There's no script to the universe, only human perceptions. One can achieve everything they desire with a positive spirit.

You only have to look around the world around you. Successful people usually arrived at their destination because they remained positive that they could achieve their goals regardless of the challenges. If they were negative oriented, they would have been more prone to make excuses when obstacles presented themselves. It makes total sense that an open and positive mindset will foster better rewards on your highway of life. Positive energy refreshes the body, it serves as high octane gas to fuel your long and sometimes challenging journey. On the contrary, negative energy saps your energy and steals all your strength. Furthermore, it cripples you from taking action. Staying negative is not going to provide you any answers during any setback, so you might as well be positive.

So whenever you encounter any obstacles on the highway of life, understand that others have also had similar circumstances. However, they remained positive and searched for solutions. The positive mind will be your best bet to reach your goals. So the next time the usual office crowd is negative or complaining about this or that, be the one that stands out and looks for solutions. A strong positive minded individual can bring up the energy of those around them. They have the power within them to transfer negative energy into positive. They must simply suggest any ideas to move forward and keep the car in Drive and not stuck on negative neutral.

Political illusion!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for political Thursdays will consider two things that seemingly on the surface don’t appear to go together, otherwise it probably wouldn’t be an illusion. Everyone loves magic of course. You may be thinking what’s magic got to do with politics. Oh you really have to ask! Don’t we send our politicians off to Washington in the hopes that they happen to carry a magic wand in their excess baggage that they just arrive in Congress, wave their wand and all our problems disappear overnight. If only it was that easy, believe you me, if that was possible I would love to patent those magic wands. Unfortunately what members of congress need are universal mental workouts to stretch their elastic minds and closed hearts. That’s what a mind is for, great minds actually know it’s actually a good thing to change their minds once in a while.

Now let’s consider magic. Magic is vital in the sense that even though we all buy our tickets or watch a friend do some magic tricks, we know beforehand we are going to be tricked or fooled, yet we still fall for it. Even though you know it’s coming you still fall for it as long as they are great magicians anyway. Magic is the world of illusion, some might say even life itself is just a magical illusion. So what is it that just fascinates people about magic, what is the hook, is it the entertainment value, perhaps the escape from reality. Whatever it is, it sure stimulates the brain intensely.

Let’s consider for a second that magicians have locked themselves inside coffins, used underwater tanks and of course the ever popular saw a woman in half. In essence magicians put on their shows knowing they know they are going to fool us anyway. What do they know that we don’t know, what power intuitive minds do they possess that allow them to deceive us. What strength of cognitive illusionary power can they amass? How do they fool our mind on a very deep level? Could it be they already anticipate how we are likely to see the world? Well you tell me!! Now consider what politicians know about what the masses want to hear. How do they know what we want to hear, how do they always promise and tell us what they are going to deliver. How do we keep on falling for it. Why do we also expect politicians to be magicians??? The politics of illusion definitely drives home. In life most things worthwhile do no occur overnight, it is a process, this generation must come together as a community first. In order for the nation to fully recover, people must support local business and community leaders first and foremost, one community at a time, no more quick fixes, no more waving the magic wand. Power comes from the people to do their part in whatever capacity available and not wait for the magicians in Washington. People have much more power than they realize. Can anybody possibly think that Trump should lead our highest office? Has Hillary shown evidence that she will be a clear alternative from the status quo? Do any GOP candidates really care about opening up equal opportunities outside of the political and financial elite? Can Bernie deliver on his promises? Or have we been down this road many times before, pure illusion??

Political Survivor Island!!!

Wednesday July 29, 2015

Today's universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays welcomes a new sitcom to the airwaves, please put your heads together and give it up for Political Survivor Island starring the usual presidential suspects, Queen Clinton, Bush the Younger, son of the Older Bush, Brother to the other(whose name shall remain unmentioned), but anyway, you get the drift. Special guest stars include the Donald, but I anticipate before this show is over, he will have the starring role, complete with the 136 candidates running for the GOP, apologies if I missed Grandpa Dave who wanted to run, but the Koch brothers refused to sponsor his campaign, declaring throwing money at him would be last backing Romney all over again, so no dice, we all know how that investment turned out, probably a loss somewhere on the column of the Cayman Islands account, but we digress. Back to the main event, the 135 GOP candidates are ganging up on the Donald, claiming he's sucking up all the oxygen, which he emphatically denied, claiming he preferred carbon dioxide, because they don't get captured.

The scene is set for survivor island otherwise known as planet Earth, Ok so it's a pretty big Island that broke into many pieces, something the intellectuals named Pangaea. Bidding to storm the White House castle on survivor island are the afore-mentioned candidates. In case you forgotten, Clinton, Bush etc, no this not a rerun of the 90s show that was cancelled due to poor ratings. But, here we are again, Queen Clinton has decided her best strategy to cross the moat into White House castle on survivor island will be by whitewater raft. Bush the Younger, son of the Older Bush, brother to the other(whose name shall remain unmentioned) has decided to hitch a ride using the handcrafted boat Columba. Some even say that the fella is building a key bridge to crucial constituents, but the Donald says "not so fast, let's build walls, not bridges." Donald also nicely offers to build the gigantic border wall with his crew - cost of only 10 billion dollars to the tax payer. On that note, the entire country rallied to give the Donald that job instead of the White House castle. But too late Donald already sold the White House castle to the Chinese whom he swore he despised, however, his reply was it's the art of the deal -and confirmed his most prize possession after all was Made in China, who Ivana, no his hair piece? On a final note, it seems the choice for White House castle on survivor island is none other than the people's choice Bernie Sanders unfortunately, the folks don't decide elections. Breaking news, Bernie chooses Rick Perry as his running mate, apparently the latter forgot what party he belonged to. Don't laugh, easy mistake for a politician. Ok, US elections cancelled for the first time in history as Trump fires everybody including himself for a change. Good night and good luck!#governyourself

The praise of folly!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Superheroes Tuesdays resurrects a highly influential yet largely under-celebrated figure from the renaissance. When you mention the Renaissance, the names of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello and Machiavelli come to mind. However, the few initiated understand the crucial seminal catalyst behind the scenes, the man known as Desiderius Erasmus. Dubbed as the ‘Prince of the Humanists,’ he wrote in pure Latin style. As a classical scholar, he was hailed as the crowning glory of the Christian humanists. Using humanist techniques for working on texts, he prepared important new Latin and Greek editions of the New Testament. These raised questions that would be influential in the Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation. He was responsible for writing the most significant book of the period, aside from the Bible of course. His was called The Praise of Folly – the same can be said of that other great entertaining fiction.

Erasmus was one of the greatest minds of all-time, as we alluded to earlier, his translation of ancient works into Greek and Latin was instrumental and historically-defining. Like yours truly, he used satire to get his point across, except he did it much better, it still went way over many people’s heads though. However, that’s often the case regardless of time period! His satirical works called for Catholic reform, he tried to stamp out deception and corruption in Church doctrine. Good luck indeed with that, one would have more success bashing their head against a brick wall. In those days, corruption occurred right in plain view for all to witness, not just in the shadows behind the Vatican like today. Nevertheless, Erasmus used his contemporary celebrity status to make a difference using wit and satire without getting his head chopped off, which really takes some doing. Quite the prolific writer, he sought a well-rounded education from all angles and viewpoints across various countries. In modern day France, a university initiative is even named after his humanist exploits, but few would understand the real underpinnings of his perceptive message. Suffice to say, he would have been a big supporter of the mental workout –church edition.

The praise of folly begins with a satirical learned high-praise oratory after the manner of the Greek satirist Lucian, whose work Erasmus had recently translated into Latin, a piece of virtuoso foolery; it then takes a darker tone in a series of orations, as Folly praises self-deception and madness and moves to a satirical examination of pious but superstitious abuses of Catholic doctrine and corrupt practices in parts of the Roman Catholic Church, to which Erasmus was ever faithful, and the folly of pedants. Erasmus went on a trip to Rome, but returned hugely disappointed. He had turned down offers of advancement in the curia, and Folly increasingly takes on Erasmus' own chastising voice. The essay ends with a straightforward statement of Christian ideals. Even as a man of the cloth, Erasmus was obsessive about continuously learning beyond the traditional norm by furthering his education from different primary sources, he would undoubtedly be an endangered species in today’s church. He clearly understood the ability of the clergy to abuse power and distort a religious message. In praise of folly is a must read if you wish to comprehend the development of the state of the church today. Erasmus also wrote numerous essays under pseudonyms for obvious reasons, he enjoyed keeping his head attached to his shoulders, must have learned the lesson from Cicero.

Will the Church forever be the praise of folly?

A. No, God has a master plan for everything, he just misplaced it!
B. Blame the mental workout for all that’s wrong in the world.
C. A blind Church is better than no Church at all.
D. Of course not, my local preacher is a lovely man.
E. I repeat, my local preacher is a very lovely man.

Life's mountain!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for sporty Mondays encourages you to climb the mountain of your life’s desires. However, before you scale the mountains of all your dreams and goals, you best prepare by climbing that huge mountain inside of you. Align your heart and mind, the source of your infinite powers. Many battles are won long before a shot is fired, life’s mountain climbing is no different. It takes more than showing up with the right gear, life’s mountain climbing is an extreme sport. Strength, endurance and sacrifice are keys to overcoming the challenge. Make no mistake about it, accomplishments worth any value push you beyond your comfort zone. If you find yourself out of depth, life’s harsh weather elements can freeze your goals. Inexperience, poor planning and lack of mental fortitude leave you grounded at the foothills of life’s mountain. Thoroughly research your endeavors before you begin, that injects confidence for the climb ahead. Instead of looking at your challenge as one enormous mountain, break down your climb in manageable stages.

Navigating through life’s mountain requires making sound decisions under pressure. It’s easy to make routine decisions in the comfort of your daily schedule, quite another thing in the heat of unpredictable battle. The mountains of life’s dreams don’t just lay out the red carpet or part seas, you prove your worthiness through hard work and application. Take things step-by-step, gain a solid foothold before attempting to scale the steep, jagged surfaces. Sometimes, you may take the wrong path and have to retrace your steps. It’s all part of the process, even though you planned effectively, the unpredictable universe has its own agenda. Overcoming life’s mountain is intended for the best of the best. Those willing to keep going amidst setbacks. Those willing to redouble their efforts after failure. Those willing to push through against all odds. Few things are more exhilarating than blazing your own trail. Let’s face it, you can only go as far as those whose trail you wish to follow. Strive to elevate to impossible heights, never allow others to limit your capabilities, yourself included.

Climb over the hump where things become easier. The stage you are closer to the top than the bottom. Take a little peek at how high you’ve come. Consider what you’ve accomplished with the little experience that you had at the beginning. Reflect on how much more you know now after acquiring experience along the way. Even though the challenge takes its toll, the air becomes thinner, engage the magnetic force of heart and mind to center your power. Finish what you started, otherwise you may be forever haunted should you opt to quit. Embrace the change of perspective as you climb life’s mountain. Your personal views mature after experiencing the climb of all the grandmasters before you. Remember, you never have to climb alone, you go farther being part of an inspirational team. The view from life’s mountaintop is worth every ounce of sweat. Nothing trumps the feeling of looking back at the challenges you had to overcome on your journey. Savor your conquest, cherish the moment, then find other mountains to climb, our universe is infinite.

Paint a picture!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for practical Fridays encourages you to take a stroll down memory lane, back to the old art class in your formative years while in elementary school. Life was elementary back then, everything seemed simple and straightforward. You probably loved to draw and paint and experiment with all types of shapes and colors. Your curiosity to draw, paint and mess about with mixing different colors stimulated your brain into hyper drive. You grew brain connections at a rapid rate since you were given freedom of expression in addition to having fun at the same time. Those factors combined made for a very happy brain indeed.

Even if you weren’t a Picasso back then, it really didn’t matter. It’s more the process you were going through. You were engaging your imagination and activating your right brain into action. Because you were young, you had that fearless streak inside you to just let yourself go. Art compared to the other subjects back then put you in complete control. Painting or drawing, just like music has its own underlying rhythm, the movement of the brush strokes, the way the colors flow. You are birthing something into the world, like bringing one of Michelangelo’s figures to life. Ok, you may not be Michelangelo, oh how do you know, maybe an artist does reside in you somewhere.

Painting and drawing of course improves that all important hand-eye coordination, regardless how bad your pictures used to turn out. The process focuses on allowing the young artist in you to gain physical awareness and experience of depth through training that takes place engaging the senses, particularly kinesthetic. You may not have known it back then, but artwork was showing your personality, flair and character. Your interpretation of the world through your eyes. You express yourself through art, it’s not like you are compelled to follow an exact formula like Math or the strict guidelines of grammar. You drew, stumbled, picked yourself up and just kept going, improving day by day. Art is wonderful since it requires observation. We sure could always use some more observation of the world around us. Do you recall if you painted with realism like Da Vinci or with the idealism of Michelangelo.

Your drawings may have been all over the map, perhaps showing no rhyme or reason, kind of like existence sometimes. No worries, you would be in good company, even some work from great painters made no sense, yet people bought them for huge sums. In this world anything is possible! One person’s wonderful piece of art is another’s disaster. Artists are self-taught and when inspired can open up doorways to challenge conventional perceptions. Consider how art has evolved through the development of different surfaces, materials and of course techniques via the various movements like impressionism and modernism.

You should have always felt refreshed and rejuvenated after your hour art class. The mind works effectively in pictures. You have the ability to picture things and concepts in your mind even if you can’t quite describe them in words, as long as you are engaging the full capability of your imagination. Experiment with your mind and determine how your own visual thinking process works via sensory experience, mood, habits etc.

Turn back that clock and transport yourself back to elementary art class, try drawing or painting something for a few minutes. If you haven’t experimented with drawing for a long time like most people who have chosen to specialize in other disciplines, it could be a very enlightening and engaging experience for you. It will awaken those long forgotten neurons and create new connections to help you solve problems in other areas in your life. Exercise your mind, stretch it, get that youthful exuberance and excitement for curiosity going again. Take a break from adulthood for a few minutes, it's not going anywhere. Life is for fun in childhood and adulthood. You should add this mental workout to a monthly routine to unleash your creativity juices, practice drawing things from pure recollection to spark even more brain cells.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for awareness Thursdays is a throwback to the good ole days. Not Confederate flags days, (good Lord No!), not the ground-breaking Stone Age days either, but the progressive Middle Ages. Some may call it the Dark Ages, however, they had plenty of excuses to remain in the dark, unaware of the infinite power of the universe. We ourselves live in days of ignorant political gridlock and leaderless economic stagnation worldwide. What’s our excuse? It’s time to turn back the clock and remind primarily the politicians, preachers, bankers, lawyers, and academics, about what human beings can achieve when restrictive rules and limiting beliefs are tossed aside. The human being possesses infinite power! Who better to remind us what humans are capable of on this infinite planet than the masters of the Renaissance. As the world transitions into a new social and mobile internet era, where new skills and new thinking are a must, let’s remember that the world has been here before. Let’s remind the world about the Renaissance and the indomitable spirit of the human being. Very apropos since we are launching our own mini-renaissance on this platform, you may have heard about our crowdfunding venture where we awaken the immortals to lead us through Today's Dark Ages. Even though dead for centuries, the immortals offer more value exponentially than anything we could ever hope for out of Capitol hill.

After the Black Death decimated half of the European population in the Middle Ages, it’s no surprise people scratched their heads wondering what else could happen next. For some their God had let them down as Christians and pagans alike succumbed to the devastating plague. It may have been even worse if not for the resilience of a very courageous monk who risked catching the disease himself, but held on to find a cure against all odds. Those gloomy days were enough to inspire the Northern Humanists to look to antiquity for answers about the world they lived in. They sought to return to the Greek and Roman ideals of universal education across multiple disciplines as opposed to the narrow minded Christian controlled dogma of their times. Some sources suggest that the Renaissance thinkers were never anti-church and were doing it for their love of God, but these one-eyed folks don’t have the level of universal depth and perception required to read between the lines. Since the Church and monarchy possessed the power of rule and patronage, the Renaissance masters were forced to communicate through secret code.

Humanists like Desiderius Erasmus paved the way for the protestant reformation seeking to return to the Greek texts of the New Testament. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Masaccio strove to portray realism in their depiction of the human form. Machiavelli brought realism to politics as he was determined to describe the politics of the day as it truly was. The Renaissance movement was a rebirth - a revival to awaken people to the potential of the human being. The extraordinary achievements during the period clearly depicted what human beings are capable of once they believe in themselves. The Renaissance masters achieved greatness in their era inspired by the Roman and Greek accomplishments of antiquity.

The two greatest masters of the period revived the work of Archimedes to elevate their universe to an even higher level. Both Michelangelo and Leonardo left controversial signs and code in their body of work. The former left a sign depicting God as the brain on the Sistine Chapel and the latter left behind the mystery of the Da Vinci code that has captivated the imagination. Was the life of Jesus really as portrayed in the bible or are there plenty of questions that need to be answered? Renaissance thinkers sought to challenge the status quo, they began a revolution against aristocratic and theological thinking that restricted the freedom of individuals. The humanism of the Renaissance in addition to the resurrection of the arts would significantly elevate our universe, opening the doors to unprecedented discovery that turned the corner for western civilization. Let's go back in time to discover what's possible with the human spirit, that we may draw wisdom for collective evolution for all.

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