Blind date!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays takes us behind-the-scenes at an exclusive blind date that even the hottest tabloids don’t have access, not William and Kate, no nudity here, we are covering the date between Mr. Left Logic and Ms. Right Imagination. Yes, this should be a wonderful night to remember, on paper these two seem a wonderful match made in heaven, or at least on the Christian dating sites anyway. Mr. Left is looking handsome in his nicely pressed suit, you know how he is, everything by the book, right on time as always. No surprise Mr. Left has planned every part of the date right down to the minute details, just can’t help himself, it’s the way he’s made. A good thing we have Ms. Right to bring some imagination or it would be a long night indeed, like watching paint dry or perhaps an average day on a planet called Earth.

Here comes Ms. Right, she looks a picture of attraction in her long evening gown, understated, but elegant, clearly trying to leave a little to the imagination. Oh oh, Mr. Left is looking at his watch already, he’s ready to get this show on the road. Limo service is provided courtesy of the Cerebellum, it has an impeccable sense of direction. We arrive at café Medulla Obligata, Mr. Left checks the reservation, through to form he is ensuring everything is in perfect order; he loves everything to run like clockwork. Mr. Left picks an uninspired seat in the middle of the room as he considers this very practical. Ms. Right insists on a more romantic corner booth with candle light, now we’re talking. Mr. Left doesn’t take any chances, he simply orders his usual, the red meat. He’s a stickler for routine this bloke, stuck in his way of doing things you may say, perhaps even a republican in a former life. Ms. Right goes for the daring special of the day, the salmon, apparently it’s great for the little neglected organ in the body, the part that’s supposed to do the thinking.

After dinner Mr. Left insists on dropping Ms. Right back home, he says his daddy taught him perfect manners. Ms. Right counters by saying that daddies can only teach what they know, she would rather walk in the nice open air. However, Mr. Left wants to play it safe, he’s worried about the negative thoughts lurking in the shadows and nightmare freaks that come out in the dark. No worries, Ms. Right has enough courage for both of them. As Mr. Left rambles on about knowing this and that fact, detail after detail, Ms. Right is hit by a sudden splash of inspiration to go dancing and she tells Mr. Left to put on his dancing shoes, he replies that they are at home thinking about his special loafers. She tells him it’s just a figure of speech, Mr. Left has a habit of taking everything literally. They head over to the Dream lounge, Ms. Right’s hoping to loosen him up a little with a couple of drinks. After a while Lefty is finally starting to have a great time, he even learns a few new dance moves on the spot, funny how a little experience provides confidence. True to form, Lefty pulls out his calendar ready to schedule the next date, strike while the iron is hot he says. They make a dream couple these two, this blind date appears headed for a happy ending, well as happy as it gets in the mind. It certainly shows that when you have a little logic going in the right direction, imagination can take you anywhere, until next time.

Formula for genius!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays enshrines the greatest genius of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein. A man who rose up from humble beginnings to change the world, another case of it’s not where you start or how much you have, but how you finish. It was unclear from Einstein’s childhood that the young man would indeed seek to conquer the universe, in fact he had early trouble with the schooling system. The young Einstein appeared to put all his concentration into study of physics and math neglecting the other subjects which affected his overall academic performance. In fact he had a love-hate relationship with the formality of the educational system. While at Zurich Polytechnic in Switzerland, Einstein seldom attended lectures, he chose instead to conduct his own experiments and kept himself up-to-date with the latest advances in Physics. He adopted the same Leonardo da Vinci teach-yourself methods through experience of experimentation, trial and error. Having grown up during the turn of the century political climate, Einstein began to question all-authority in general. He believed that state authorities sought to deceive the youth through lies and forced indoctrination. Einstein also concluded the stories in the bible were highly unlikely, and presented just another tool for control of the masses. Einstein didn’t believe in the personal God of the bible, but saw the universe and God as identical entities, part of the Cosmos. Einstein was also a strong supporter of the notion of freethinking for everybody, but was well aware of the human propensity for violence and evil having experienced two world wars.

It’s remarkable that Einstein was unable to find a teaching post upon the completion of his diploma, it truly begs the question what is really going on within the circles of academia. Their loss was society’s gain, from his fall-back position as a patent assistant, he changed the way we see the world. At the onset of his scientific work, Einstein realized the inefficiencies of Newtonian mechanics. Therefore his special theory of relativity was derived from an attempt to reconcile the laws of mechanics with the laws of the electromagnetic field. Einstein solved classical problems of statistical mechanics and problems in which they were merged with quantum theory along. Along with his theory on light, Einstein provided new knowledge in physics and technology that have been the foundation for tremendous industrial and technical development of the century. Of course, Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity and his formula for the equivalence of mass and energy, E=mc² changed forever our views on time and space, light and gravity, matter and energy. Einstein’s formula for success was "If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X+Y+Z. X is work, Y is play and Z is keep your mouth shut.” Z is something politicians should take under advisement.

The story of Einstein resonates with everyone, follow your passion to change the world. Einstein was mis-diagnosed in school due to his speech impediment, he was somewhat of a late starter, it wasn’t really till he began to express himself through music did he unleash his genius to the world. Einstein challenged the conventional theories of the day choosing to learn for himself, he also concluded that there were many more math and scientific formulas that were wrong, but in today’s world we remain in the dark because money determines most things. The story of Einstein is that anybody can change the world regardless of where they start if they can apply themselves, it doesn't hurt if you are a genius too.

Life's boat!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for sporty Mondays paddles into your rowing sport of life. The streams of life can take you as far you desire to go as long as you get in the best vessel that suits your talents. Finding the right boat that will carry you on the vast oceans of life is half the battle, but once you find it, everything becomes much clearer. It’s not about the size of your boat or how flashy it is and so on, more about seaworthiness when the storms of life come crashing through. If you are pursuing any dreams worthwhile, then it’s not a case of if the storms will come, but when. Whoever said your rowing sport of life would be all open sailing? On the contrary, you may face the harsh weather of life and the rough ocean on the way to accomplishing your dreams, not to mention the circling sharks, however stay calm in the eye of the storm. Losing your cool only impairs your judgment when you need your wits the most. Stay in the moment and exercise patience, life’s harsh weather may rock your boat, however don’t panic. Take deep breaths, weather the storm, it brings thrill to your blood, absorb the pressure and stay committed.

Don’t be afraid to row your life’s boat in the vast open waters. It may get lonely sometimes, but stick with it, most people find it easier to stay in the shallow and emptier waters. Life’s deep treasures are found in unchartered waters by those daring enough to take action. Achieving success in your life requires paddling in the right direction, you must be willing to put in the strokes. Ensure the oars of your life’s vessel are the correct fit, technique of your skills are essential. Find the motion that sets your life’s boat downstream by following your passion. Don’t follow others who choose to row upstream against their natural flow. Learn for yourself through experience, you will soon recognize the right waves to catch. Steer in the direction that will take you to the shores of abundance that your dreams are made of. By following your passion, you will get stronger as you go along while others get discouraged and tired, eventually giving up. Be excited and enthusiastic about rowing your life’s boat, if you are not, it’s harder to influence others and convince them to jump in the boat with you. Be very careful who you allow into your life’s boat, stay away from those that seek to sabotage or poke holes in the vessel. You will get further in life if you are surrounded by supportive and encouraging crew members.

Maintain your life’s boat in good physical shape. Don’t be all paddle and no play. You have to spend time in recovery mode too. Rest and relaxation are essential to your quality of life. Try not to overburden yourself with too much cargo. There’s no need to carry the weight of the world, you will often find more meaning and value in the lighter load of simplicity. Stay loose and try new things, sail off to far away lands, meet new people who are different from you. Extend beyond the familiar waters, learning about other cultures can only broaden your horizons. While you are at it, have a little fun, paddle backwards, look silly, who cares, it’s your life. Whoever said there’s only one way to do something! You can keep your feet firmly planted on deck, but still let your mind go. Let your imagination sail loose to the life of your dreams, you only get one journey so make the most of it. If you ever get sea sick, take notice, that’s your body communicating to you, change direction, find fresh air in new scenery. Your life’s journey is supposed to be enjoyable, don’t allow the pirate ships of despair and stress to capsize you. Whenever you get lost in the ocean, use your life raft, there’s always people who can help you if you ask.

Curious George!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays examines one of the staples to progress in advancement of mankind, curiosity. Some may say curiosity killed the cat, the same folks that want you to believe things without experimentation or investigation for yourself. It’s probably better if curiosity leads to your demise than blind ignorance, always better to ask questions than follow along blindly. If our stone age ancestors weren’t curious of exploring outside their familiar territory, where would we be? If Christopher Columbus wasn’t curious about the world beyond his shores, where would we be? If Leonardo Da Vinci and the other Renaissance masters weren’t curious about the world about them, where would we be? The answer is back in the Middle ages, perhaps society would never have progressed enough to enable the foundation necessary for the likes of Newton and later, Einstein. Each one of these individuals asked questions and were curious enough to go looking for the answers. Do you ask questions and simply move on to the next task on your to-do list? Perhaps if you get the answer, great, if not, no skin off your back. Your questions about life and what you want out of it are as important as anybody else's. Be curious enough to get excited about answering questions life throws at you. If you are not noticing enough questions to ask, then something is certainly missing, open your eyes.

You may never find all the answers you are looking for, few do. Even when you succeed in finding answers, someone else may come along with a better one, that's the beauty of our infinite universe. Just enjoy the journey to find your own answers. The essential ingredient for curiosity is an open mind. For some reason as we progress through the ranks of schooling, our mind begins to close up step-by-step as we figure out what group of people we like to hang with, passions and career etc. Once we get immersed in our designated social groups, we tend to view life from a fixed and narrow perspective. We forget the lessons of our childhood, how curiosity for the world surrounding us led to our greatest personal development. Our eyes used to get bigger at the prospect of trying out new things. We had more patience for learning more tasks, it was easier to stick and persist till completion. Somehow everybody begins to gradually lose that excitement for a learning curve of adventure. Curiosity becomes replaced by familiarity and routine. Authority figures encourage us to just do things like others have always done, slowly but surely, all the individual curiosity we had dissipates. Before you know it, time passes and you end up unfulfilled in life wondering what happened.

It’s never too late to be curious about your life and the universe around you. Curiosity is establishing more connections with multiple parts of your brain. Curiosity will stimulate more neurons into action. Before you know it you will remember past events and things that can spark new ideas. Curiosity awakens the senses, your perception will improve as you connect the dots. Engage your own curiosity about where you are in your life at the moment and what it will take to get to where you desire. Play the curiosity game! Imagine what your life would have been like if you lived in the Bronze Age or perhaps the Middle Ages. What if you lived during the golden age of the Sahara or the jungles of South America centuries ago? Are you curious why the world is the way it is? Why we worship the celebrities of today? Why we always have conflict and wars? Why so many people on Earth go without basic necessities? Why the average attention span is so short? Why reality-tv is so addictive? Why different parts of the media interpret the same story opposing ways? Why only a handful of media organizations control news across the globe? Why the paparazzi is hounding yet another member of the royal family? Why society doesn’t learn from mistakes? Why we let bankers and politicians get us into a mess and expect things to change the next time around? Why some corporations want to literally own you? Why people will do anything for fame and fortune? Use curiosity to understand the big picture and build self-awareness in an infinite universe. Engage a curious, active mind to follow your own path in life, ask the questions that will open up a new world of possibilities. Don’t let life just happen to you, be curious enough to happen to it.

Ready for battle!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Awareness Thursdays signs you up for battle. A call to arms to join one of the longest battles since the dawn of civilization, the battle against inaction within. There may be plenty of battles to fight out there in the world, but the greatest ones are also in your mind. Inertia, apathy, inactivity, it’s all the same. The concept of having goals and dreams about the life you desire, then doing nothing, accepting things as they are. That paralysis and fear or feelings of overwhelm is caused by your brain’s Amygdala. Its function is to manage emotional connections and responses between several regions of the brain. If the Amygdala perceives any danger red flags of fear or uncertainty, it can quickly trigger an emotional shutdown. It immediately mounts its defenses. The Amygdala wants to protect you from harm, disappointment or failure, it’s just doing a part of its job. The key is to consciously notice the events unfolding in real time. You may want to grab a piece of paper and write down the thoughts and feelings as they pour out. You may get negative self-talk like you are not good enough or smart enough to achieve your goals. You may think what is so special about you, that you don’t necessarily possess any more talents and gifts than the next person. The Amygdala has organized its defense mechanism by activating overwhelming negative impulses and feelings, now it’s up to you to launch your offensive.

As you consciously recognize what’s occurring and begin writing your feelings, you have already started your response counter-strike. As you write down all the negative thoughts, immediately express any rebuttals that pop into mind. Consider all your past accomplishments, all the times teachers told you that you couldn’t do this or that. Recall times in the past when you were afraid to try something new, but did it anyway, connect with those feelings. Process those moments of past accomplishments to provide assurance and confidence. You should recognize that fear has been a part of your life since the very beginning, it's just a natural part of existence. You are certainly not alone in the universe, others have experienced the exact same feelings. Even your great heroes like Christopher Columbus, JFK, MLK or Amelia Earhart all had their fears. However they didn’t let fear hold them back; they fought back. They waged their war within to triumph on the outside. They didn’t stay on the sidelines where it’s nice and comfortable; they rolled up their sleeves and got ready for battle. If they can do it, you can too. They were human beings just like you. As you grow in confidence, you want to fight the battle where you have a competitive advantage, a place where you have the best opportunity for victory, your passion.

To reverse the force of the negative feelings and impulses of the Amygdala, you need to fire up your blood. Consciously focus your mind on your passion. What are the things that you are good at? What do you enjoy doing the most? What brings your blood to life? Get up and move around. Change scenery, go to a place that always boosts your spirits. Talk to someone that always encourages you. Read something motivational or inspirational and of course do your mental workout. Watch some comedy and just laugh out loud. Create positive energy from within. Activities that bring exhilaration combat the negative impulses. The Amygdala must now process these new events, it stimulates a higher progression of mental processes. It now transmits these new feelings of excitement to the frontal lobes responsible for planning, motivation and action, especially engaging the prefrontal cortex to determine strategy. Immediately plan out action steps you can take within your control. Try performing the second item on the agenda first so you can have momentum after you begin knowing that you already accomplished the next step. Strategic planning stimulates the right positive feelings that will elevate your mood and give you confidence to take action. You don’t have to be plagued by fear. You have the power to fight back. Remember every negative feeling can be met with a positive force. Don’t let fear win, it’s easy to fight back when you know how. As a motivational coach, there’s no more rewarding feeling than seeing the transformation taking place when people overcome fear to venture down the path they were born for. You can experience the same transformation, fight back against fear and inaction to live your best life.

Reunion bash!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays invites you to the bash of the decade, the high school reunion party inside your mind at the prestigious Club Medulla, newly renovated. Who could ask for a more positive atmosphere! Oh come on, don’t be a party pooper, put on your dancing shoes, this is one shindig you can’t afford to miss. It’s going to be a great night, all your old friends are going to be in attendance. You remember your childhood friends, Mr. Goals, Mrs. Dreams and Dr. Aspirations just to name a few. It may have been a real long time since you saw them, but no worries, they haven’t forgotten you, in fact everyone can’t wait to see you again. Word on the street is that Mr. Goals has been keeping fit ready to fulfill your every need. Mrs. Dreams is still looking as dashing as ever wishing for you to keep her busy. Dr. Aspirations has picked up yet another PHD, hopefully he’ll get around to doing some real hard work with all that knowledge, a good thing Mrs. Determination is heading over his way for a good talking to. But of course nothing happens till the Homecoming Queen shows up, yes you guessed it, none other than Mrs. Action. If she doesn’t show up, nothing happens.

The party is starting to liven up, we already have some cliques developing, Mr. Tardy and Mrs. Lazy are reminiscing about all those hours in detention. Here comes Mr. Cool smoking a cigarette as always trying to impress the ladies, but that doesn’t seem to work these days, they seem much more fascinated by Mr. Motivation. Remember how he was voted – most likely to succeed, and why not, nothing ever gets in his path to success. Mrs. Patience is conversing deeply with Mr. Instant Gratification, he’s starting to see the big picture, most things worthwhile in life don’t happen overnight. Mr. Ego just showed up accompanied by a beautiful blonde, apparently he’s not planning on staying long, she may charge by the hour. In the corner, we have Mrs. Insecure trying to hide, but here comes Mr. Confidence forcing her to dance, he never takes no for an answer. They make a great couple, those two! Mr. Immature is running around playing pranks on everyone, he misses the good ole days, remember the one he did in science class. I can’t believe my eyes, the jocks seem lonely, the Geeks have all the girls around them, apparently one of them discovered something called Facebook. Wow things have really changed! To take it away for the last dance is Mr. Ambition and Mrs. Imagination, whenever they tango, anything is always possible.

Air Jordan!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays celebrates the most extraordinary talent to ever lace up a basketball shoe, but it seems his shoes gained life all on their own too. We are of course speaking about none other than his Airness, Michael Jordan, who could probably still score a few points today at the highest level. Jordan revolutionized the game, sure there were other greats ahead of his time, but the new era brought a new type of player, a new type of winner. Jordan was a true legend that had the tenacity to overcome early career setback to prevail in the end, many times over. One could debate all day about who is the greatest ever, but no mortals can ever truly judge such things or compare fairly across different eras and rule changes and so on, but If he wasn’t the absolute best, he’s thereabouts, no disrespect to the likes of Chamberlain, Russell, Bird, Magic and Abdul-Jabbar. Jordan was truly an inspirational figure that transcended the laws of gravity as we knew it.

It’s unimaginable that two teams passed on Jordan, but to be fair the first pick of the 84 draft was Olajuwon who went on to be one of the greatest centers of all time. The script couldn’t have been better written for the city of Chicago because Michael Jordan elevated the Bulls to a different stratosphere. Jordan made an immediate impact in the league scoring 63 points against the mighty Boston Celtics, then considered one of the best teams of all time. Although he was a scoring machine all by his lonesome, he was by no means a selfish player, he dished up plenty of assists throughout his career. Perhaps his greatest contribution was his ability to inspire his teammates to unbelievable heights. Jordan led by example from the front and challenged his teammates to deliver the very best inside of them. There’s no doubt the impact Jordan had on his teammates, it’s amazing what self-belief and inspiration can do to lift a team to achieve the incredible.

We could go on all day about all the individual scoring awards, NBA titles, MVPs, defensive player of the year, All star awards etc, but it was the spirit and courage in which he played with that is most important. As many times as he hit the game winning shots, he missed his fair share. To succeed, one must be willing to fail. To achieve the level of success he enjoyed, he had to overcome his share of adversity. Jordan experienced several winters of disappointment before he finally triumphed in the early 90s. Once he finally made it to the top, he figured out a way to stay on top. Making it to the top is only the first battle for a superstar athlete, next comes the desire and hunger to keep your position with everyone else gunning for your spot and saving their very best game for you. Jordan always maintained his work ethic and commitment to practice hard because he knew to perform under the lights, you have to pay your dues off the court with sweat and perseverance. To top it off, for a fella once considered the most recognizable athlete of his generation, he’s an all around nice and humble guy. In our modern day society, money can't buy true class and Jordan was certainly that. Just like his airness reach high for the stars and soar high to the land of your dreams. Go ahead and take your shots in life, you never know where it may take you.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for sporty Mondays encourages you to score a knockout over whatever obstacles stand in your way to living life to your fullest potential. There are many negative forces out there that wage war against you. Forces that try and prevent you from reaching your dreams. No worries, you belong to the most advanced species known to mankind, you can triumph over anything that gets in your boxing ring of life. If you want something badly enough, be willing to fight for it. Let no human being or any challenges stand in your way. Show some heart, draw on the immense power of the organ that gets your blood pumping. Living life to its fullest potential is truly not for the faint of heart or mind. Life is harsh in many instances, only the strong survive. The essence of nature is what starts soft must harden. You started life with soft baby skin, it naturally hardened over time no matter what your plastic surgeon did. Your skin hardens to adjust to Earth’s conditions. Be ready to put your body on the line in your boxing ring of life, prove you can give as good as you get. Life sure will give you some, it will throw some heavy punches your way, you have to take it on the chin and be prepared to respond. When you step into the ring, preparation is the key, make sure you don’t freeze up when the spotlight shines on you. What separates the champions from the contenders is that the champions get stronger as the pressure piles on. The champions get wiser and better as the rounds wear on.

Prove yourself worthy in the boxing ring of life. When you have courage of conviction in your endeavor, let no challenge that steps into your ring dominate you. Don’t take a backward step, face the challenge head on. Fight the negative forces of fear, procrastination and doubt. You are already in the ring of life, might as well give it all you have. What do you have to lose. You never know what you are truly capable of until you have to move heaven and Earth to achieve something. If you want something badly enough, find a way to achieve it. Don’t make excuses why you can’t do something. The time wasted on excuses could be better spent on planning. If the obstacles that confront you appear too large in stature, use the ingenuity of the human mind to change strategy and overcome. Make full use of your pre-frontal cortex for strategic thinking. That alone has been fundamental to the survival of species since beginning of time. Your mind when you truly believe has the best track record of all, it’s undefeated. Protect yourself at all times, keep your guard up. Find opportunities where you can attack and launch an offensive with everything you have. Execute to the best of your ability and anticipate any outcome. In your boxing ring of life, plan to throw combinations, sometimes sustained step by step effort is more effective than swinging for the fences.

Make sure you pace yourself in your boxing ring of life. Rejuvenate and recuperate between rounds. If you are working hard enough, it takes a toll on your body, take in your fluids to keep hydrated, the mind needs water for peak performance. If you ever get knocked down, realize you are human in an unpredictable universe, pick yourself back up. The mark of a true champion is how you handle adversity. Don’t expect your entourage to be there when you need them most, just like the crowd they are usually just there in the good times. If somebody hits below the belt and the ref misses it, just keep going, don't dwell on it, sometimes luck is against you. Work harder and smarter to get Lady Luck on your side. Build resolve as you progress through the rounds. Take lessons from every experience and keep rolling with the punches. Keep going all the way till you score a knockout. We would like to send our very best wishes to all those that have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice to preserve freedom.

Daily dose!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays reminds you to take your daily dose: multivitamins, not those you find over the counter – but the ones you possess inside you. Take some of your life’s multivitamins to cure peripheral ailments like a bad attitude, others can unearth what’s buried deep inside you, your guts and internal drive. Regardless of what challenges you face in life, wear it with a smile and positive attitude. A bad attitude and negative energy steals your power, consider it a triumph in any setback to maintain your positive spirit. Take a courage pill to bring your guts back to life. Remember when you were young and you fell off your bike, you had the courage to get back on. As an adult, it’s no different, when you fall down in the pursuit of your dreams, simply get back up and keep biking forward. Don’t give up as soon as you fail! Why would you want to give up? You are not Superman, even he had failures! You happen to live in an unpredictable universe where anything goes. Sometimes horrible ideas work out, other times, great ideas fail. As the saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Take your daily dose of courage pills to keep pursuing your dreams despite any challenges.

Equally important is taking your life multivitamins for curiosity and variety of experience. Your life’s journey is not meant to be a perfectly straight line. It’s absolutely fine to experiment with alternate routes and strategies. Human evolution is always striving to find new ways of doing things. In order to succeed and bring something new into this infinite universe, you must be curious enough to test out new paths and ideas. Be sure to take your curiosity minerals daily. Every day you wake up alive brings new possibilities to thrive in your infinite universe. Be curious to stretch your mind down various paths, who knows what opportunities you can create. Human beings are natural creators, we are seminal beings by universal birthright, despite how the square stiffs program us to conform. Take some value-added variety supplements of hanging out with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Exposure to different ways of living makes you more worldly and well-rounded. Expand the connections in your mind by absorbing different influences, visit different venues from your usual routine, do different things from time to time. If you always eat meat every single day, experiment with one veggie week. It surely won’t kill you, who knows, you may discover different reactions in your body taking place. Life is for experience!

You also need your essential ingredients of inspiration and motivation to triumph over your life’s exploits. Most of all, remember to digest your fun vitamins. Ensure you get your daily dosage of fun. Don’t leave home without it! Regardless of what people may tell you, life should be fun. That’s what stimulation is all about in an infinite universe. Your mind works wonders when it's having fun! Of course, you have to pay your bills too, so figure out how to formulate your own ingredients to make a living around your passion. You can do it, others have done it, and are currently doing it. Look deep inside you to unlock those essential nutrients for inspiration and motivation. You live in an amazing and infinite universe at a time period of relative peace compared to the Dark Ages. Be happy every single day you get the opportunity to experience life. There’s always something to be inspired and motivated to do. As far as we know, there’s only this one life to live, don’t waste it away. Build and sustain energy from tapping into your inspirational and motivational sources. The journey to accomplish your goals and dreams requires plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Always remember to take your daily dose and become the manufacturer and distributor of your life’s multivitamins to sustain effective performance everyday.

Play away game!!!

Thursday, April, 23, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Political Thursdays gears up for political presidential battle season. Firstly, we encourage you to venture outside your usual home crowd and sympathize with the other party for at least a day. Play an away game for a change! Grow new connections, get new perspective, take in new angles on a variety of areas especially the most contentious and wedge issues. Put your strong beliefs to the test, it can’t hurt to completely explore the other side, it’s only for a day. If you are independent, choose one side for a change, you are actually going to make a decision. The least it will do is to make you grow. Life is for growth through experimentation. Life is for range of thought. Life is for compromise. It takes courage to be open. Most times Mrs. Courage intervenes in these matters, it’s usually a great thing. It’s practical exercise to completely take the other side’s viewpoint and work through the thinking process behind it. It takes tremendous mental fortitude to do this and it will take even more character to take something away from it. Don’t worry, you always reserve the right to go back to your old viewpoints, that’s the beauty of having a modern day brain, you can choose to stretch it out and exercise it often, growing it or just do nothing, let it stay the same, shrinking it.

Winning home games certainly seems easier for most sports participants, however it’s winning on the road that can make the difference in championship seasons. It’s about focus, self-belief and standing firm in the face of adversity. You have the ability to transfer any negative vibes directed towards you into positive energy to build your resolve. Winning on the road separates the boys from the men, girls from the women, the pretenders from the contenders, it’s all about maintaining that cool, calm and collective mind to overcome pressure. Inside your mind, on your long drive over to play your away match, seek to build bridges and construct more alternate freeway ramps to facilitate the gaps between opposing viewpoints. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make them permanent, we only secured temporary state funding for this bridge to nowhere.

Add some more traffic lanes while you are at it, sometimes be prepared to let the other side have right of way. When you do arrive at your away match venue, don’t let the crowd boos get you down and discourage you. Seek to understand they are just cheering for their home team and they don’t necessarily hate you. Sit down and have a drink with them after the game, they are passionately human just like you, they have strong emotions just like you, they want to win just like you. You are just people who take different routes to hopefully arrive at the same ballpark. You may actually get to like certain scenic landmarks on your route, don’t be scared to thoroughly scout them out. Sometimes it’s simply mis-information that spreads the divide. Go ahead, be daring! You would be surprised how a cool, calm and collective mind will inspire to breathe in new ideas. Use the power of your emotions to build bridges and not roadblocks. After all, anybody can just put up a roadblock, it takes character and ingenuity to build lasting bridges to somewhere.

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