House cleaning!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays inspires you to finally kick out that deadbeat tenant that’s been holding you back all this time, Mr. Negative that’s taken up residence in your mind. It’s bad enough he stays rent free in your mind’s master bedroom, but he has the audacity to invite all his negative siblings to occupy every room in your mind mansion. Well, playtime is over, it’s time to evict Mr. Negative and Mrs. Fear and send them on their way. They are not even legally married, to think they’ve been shacking up in your mind all this time. Don’t even argue with them, just tell em to grab their stuff and get out today. Make sure the deep house cleaners spray your mind and remove any scent of negative thoughts left behind and ensure all the negative furniture and decorations are completely out. You are going to make a fresh start by inviting Mrs. Inspiration to come stay a while. Out with the old, in with the new! Don’t pressure Mrs. Inspiration to sign any type of long term lease though, in fact don’t pressure her at all. Don’t worry, she’ll definitely give you your money’s worth. Inspirational currency will take you as far as you want to go, it’s certainly not a wall street bait and switch financial package that nobody knows what it’s worth. Inspiration is worth its weight in gold for real.

Give Mrs. Inspiration total freedom and let her feel right at home, then watch her work her magic and see what doors she can open for you. She’s probably going to want to remodel a little bit, you know open up the kitchen area so she can have more room to cook up some fantastic ideas for you. Also she may want to add some nice glass doors and perfect see through windows to open up that view to your soul and let a fresh positive breeze in. Mrs. Inspiration operates best under a calm and positive environment. Let her take complete care of your mind house, she’ll breathe new life into those beautiful flowers that withered under the old tenants, you remember those dream flowers you used to have when you were younger. In those days of youthful exuberance when you dared to dream and try anything before Mr. Negative and Mrs. Fear came along. She may want to hook up a new satellite service to beam in all the positive channels that you like to watch, you know the ones that show your passion and all your favorite activities that help you relax and enjoy life. No more living in constant fear mode and too scared to take action on pursuing your life goals.

You will feel so much more energy and totally rejuvenated, Mrs. Inspiration doesn’t weigh you down with negative garbage, in fact she doesn’t even generate any trash she’s that good. You will feel strength and youthful enthusiasm that you haven’t felt in a long time. The inspirational whirlwind of positive energy will have you super motivated and driven to pursue your dreams and all your goals. Evicting fear from your mind now frees you up to take the necessary action to get you where you really want to be.

Simply the best!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for superhero Tuesdays celebrates one of the most original and prolific movie makers of all time, the great Woody Allen. Yes, we know Woody is not everyone’s cup of tea nor will he ever win family man of the year either, however his cinematic genius can’t be denied. So much so, his art started to imitate his life or was it the other way around. Nice job Woody, way to thank Mia Farrow, your best partner off- the-screen and on-the-screen, no disrespect to Diane Keaton. Remember Woody the respectable manner human beings treat each other is the only thing that separates us from animals, no disrespect to animals. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny he has one of the best funny bones of all time reminiscent of a Groucho Marx. Woody Allen started writing jokes as a teenager still in school and actually out-earned both his parents, talk about a depression. By his early twenties, Woody was already writing for one of Television’s biggest comedy stars, Sid Caesar, until he worked up the nerve to do his own jokes. Apparently he took the stand-up comedy scene by storm and innovated it with his own groundbreaking routines.

Who’s to say dreams don’t come true. You only have to look at the skinny, shy kid raised in Brooklyn who grew up to be a leading man in Hollywood. I bet when he told his friends that in school, they laughed at him. But Woody knew if you can make people laugh in this world, anything is possible. From his early unique comedies of Take the Money and Run, Sleeper, Love and Death, Bananas and of course the ‘everything about sex’ movie, you get an introduction to his comedic genius that has you laughing from beginning to end. Woody Allen made it sexy and fashionable to laugh at one’s frailties and inadequacies. Woody Allen took the unique trifecta of Writer, Director and Actor to a whole new level. His peerless talent was such that the Hollywood powers gave him free reign like nobody else. Leading Actors and actresses would take salary cuts just to work with him. Woody graduated to more serious movies like Interiors, Manhattan, Stardust Memories and Annie Hall which won several Oscar awards. But Woody never really cared much for awards, he was always on the outside looking in on Hollywood. He refused to sell out and just make movies for the sake of blockbuster numbers. Woody Allen has a cult-like following in Europe partly attributed to the Federico Fellini and Ingmar Bergman influences in some of his movies. Woody clearly sought to communicate an existential message to his audience form a non-elitist point of view.

We also must applaud Woody for his notable consistency over the years. He’s managed to release one movie a year for the past 45 years and that takes serious commitment. He shows no signs of slowing down even in his golden years either, his latest movies still attract plenty of A-list attention. Perhaps he didn’t get the memo about 65 being the retirement age. Once again Woody is a testimony to love what you do and the rest will take care of itself, it also helps if you happen to be good at what you love of course. With movies like Match Point, Manhattan Murder Mystery and Crimes and Misdemeanors, Woody explores the dark side of passion and love hitting on a real gut level. He has the incredible power of engaging story-telling and allowing the viewer to connect the dots at the climatic ending. It takes exceptional talent to combine comedy with tragedy at a level the Greek masters would be proud of. We could go on and on about Woody’s movies; we haven’t even mentioned the likes of Hannah and Her Sisters, Radio Days and Mighty Aphrodite, the list could almost be endless with his contribution to cinema. Considering Woody’s genius to brighten up all our lives with his comedy as well as philosophy, we’ll pretend he’s a catholic priest and forgive and forget his past indiscretions wishing him continued success.

Forward progress!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for sporty Mondays checks in on those goals you set at the beginning of the new year, remember those New Year’s Resolutions. Has it been so long you need to send a telegram to retrieve them, perhaps even a search party, hope not, you should have been working diligently towards your goals. The beginning of the second quarter is an ideal time to monitor progress. It’s time to ask the tough questions as we of course like to do on this forum, are you in fact making forward progress towards accomplishing your goals. Introspection is essential, you must be able to criticize yourself, it’s just part of your eternal journey to self-improvement. It’s your personal journey, your very own self-crusade. Your parents or the govt can’t figure it out for you, this you must do for yourself. So how about those goals, did you write them down and communicate the force behind them. You know, write down those stirring emotions that would propel you into action even on a down day.

Pull out those resolutions wherever they are, whether written down somewhere or buried deep in your mind. Re-evaluate them, figure out which ones are the most meaningful and measure your progress objectively. How do you measure effective action towards your goals? What are the results? I’ll go first, besides organizational team and corporate goals, I made several personal goals in order of importance. I am making effective forward progress in about 80% of them, so there’s still room for improvement. However if you look deeper, I was able to discover new opportunities and add to some specific goals. So it becomes more than simply achieving your goals, but where are they specifically leading you. Are you engaging your passion and curiosity to open up even more doors of opportunities to enrich your life? Some goals can give birth to other goals that you never even knew existed. It all starts with getting stimulated and motivated to take action. If you are behind on your goals or never even got started, no worries, spring is a perfect time for new beginnings. Breathe new life into your goals.

Why not set new goals today. You could even kick off your new year’s resolutions right now, the universe doesn’t care it’s not a new year, it hasn’t kept time for billions of years, only humans do that. If you have goals that you took absolutely no action towards, ask the tough questions why. Are you passionate and energetic about achieving it? If not, what can you do to change things up. Are you just going to stay idle and give it another go next year? How can you connect it with your passion to motivate you to take action? Find the smallest possible step and just take action. You use exactly the same brain for accomplishing the small goals in life just as the large-vision complex ones. Put yourself in good position to attain success in your life. Evaluate your track record of goal achievement your entire life, what can you change, where can you improve. Introspection and self-discovery in your goal-setting goes a long way, be thoughtful, substantive and insightful.

Taking action towards your goals is a process. Like a snowball rolling downhill, you will pick up momentum by staying consistent. Once you start, you will learn and get better as you go along. Climb up that ladder of your goals rung by rung, coming down on the other side becomes easier after valuable experience. It’s about reaching that consistency level that brings smooth sailing. Consistency requires a strong backbone. Highly successful people are often consistent. The world is full of one hit wonders who show early promise, however prove your intention till completion. The journey to achieve your goals represents progression, not necessarily perfection. Simply get in the habit of taking steps to finish that which you begin. Get your goals in motion, put energy, passion and enthusiasm behind them to ignite those brain connections that will keep a constant flow of oxygenated blood to sustain you.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays suggests you reboot your system with some downtime. In an increasingly demanding world of deadlines, pressures -internal/external, and endless obligations, learn to make some time for you. You need to power down your circuits once in a while, it will make you even more effective and productive in your life and career. Don’t forget life requires a healthy balance of work, play and rest. All the energy from your computers, cell phones, IPads and so on automatically drain your body's power. You need to recharge your batteries and restore your own bodily balance. Remember non-stop work doesn’t mean you are actually more productive, it just means you are working non-stop. Downtime for inner peace and a balanced equilibrium is important for us all, not just the monks. If anything we need it more, all they do is chant all day. Just kidding, we know monks do a whole lot more than that. Anyway the point is that most of their work is centered around a positive environment and kindred spirits. The rest of us on the other hand go to war every day against the formidable forces of stress and modern day living.

So power down all the technological advancements of the day and get in touch with the ancestral spirits of your forefathers. Find your balance in simplicity. Communicate to your body by listening to it and focusing your undivided attention. Giving yourself time to reflect and meditate will calm your emotions. If you are always doing something around the clock, then this is one time doing absolutely nothing is a great thing for you. Pretend you are a member of congress and do nothing at all. Even if you feel you always get a good night sleep, this exercise will still be beneficial. It’s wonderful to learn to be totally aware of your thoughts and listen to your conscious self, unless you are completely out of your mind in which case we suggest a visit to your local sanitarium. Make sure you are in positive environment where nothing, but positive thoughts can invade your mind.

Adding some downtime to your weekly routine will make you less irritable and more patient increasing your quality of life. The ability to slow down time and enjoy the moment, taking in deep breaths will reinvigorate your spirits. Towards the end of your downtime, for a few minutes, switch to some imagination and take yourself on a mental voyage. Take your mind on a vacation that costs you absolutely nothing, no worrying about plane delays or lost luggage or bad hotel rooms. Take your mind on an imagination vacation to where you desire to go on your next trip. Feel what you will be doing, let your senses experience it like you were there already. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth from this mind vacation. When you finish, proceed cautiously and re-enter the earth’s atmosphere like an astronaut coming back from space.

Universal Awakening!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Awareness Thursdays awakens your eyes to the infinite wonders of our universe. Magnetic force of universal power lies in knowledge and experience. As a human being, you are the true master of your own destiny. You have the strength to create the life you desire. The concept of self-realization has been around for ages, but why is it so few tap into the ultimate power of self-awareness. Doesn’t every human being deserve the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in this lifetime? Do we as human beings even realize an inkling of the tremendous potential that lies within us? Self-realization opens your eyes to your place in the world. You are entitled to a happy life. You should be free to pursue a passionate life of your own making. Others are doing it, so why not you? Some may dismiss the theory, but you don’t need to pay attention to them, seek to discover life on your own terms. No human being knows the absolute truths about our amazing universe more than the next person regardless of how many PHDs they may possess. You are entitled to a unique, creative and original life, nobody is created exactly like you anywhere in the world, so accordingly your life experience ought to be different. Life is meant to be stimulating and amazing! Awaken your eyes and engage all your senses to experience life the way the universe intended, through your own purpose.

Never underestimate the power of feelings and emotions to drive you as far as you want to go. The real currency of the universe is passion, will power, substance and enthusiasm amongst others. The universe cares nothing about the prevailing currency of the day, be it land, gold or paper money - that just boosts the ego. Heaven awaits when you strike the chord of your life's substance buried deep inside you- the holy grail of your existence. It's hard to unearth without hard work and application. Hard work and sacrifice has spearheaded mankind. That’s why history teaches us about selfless sacrifice of many scientists and inventors who made incredible breakthroughs via mental fortitude and an indomitable will to keep pushing beyond the finish line. They usually weren’t doing it for financial reasons, but for the good of mankind. Make full use of the blueprint they have left us. Encouraging yourself to push beyond your max, beyond limits you even thought you were capable of is truly a life changing experience. Find power you never even knew you possessed. Embark on a Columbus journey of self-discovery to live life on terms you dictate. Discover the infinite power of the human body by taking action. Build up courage in addition to mental fortitude with an undeniable will to succeed. It becomes a self-realization of the power of the human spirit. Don’t just become a follower living with rules dictated by others. Seek your own answers in this amazing universe with infinite potential. You owe yourself the gift of trying to live an inspired life based on your passion according to terms you dictate.

Life's golden ticket!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays urges you to grab the wheels to the bus journey of life and punch your own golden ticket to success. Take control of that bus driven by a variety of people all throughout your life, you know, your parents, teachers, counselors, professors, friends and so on. They all mean well, but your life’s bus is supposed to be driven by you. There’s a reason why you may have been driving round in circles never really making any progress in your life, your bus driver may have been blind. No need to panic, just grab the wheels yourself, be brave, you surely can’t drive worse than others. You paid your eternal bus ticket through the triumph of your birth. You are like nobody else on this planet, you don’t need to be a passenger following along the same bus routes as everybody else, so get up from the comfortable back seat and grab the wheels yourself. Isn’t the view much better from the front? How can you not see where you are going with that big ole window right in front of you? Just changing positions works wonders. A more strategic vantage point translates into better perspective on which direction you want your life to head in.

Your eternal bus ticket of life has earned you a right to go anywhere you desire to go. It’s completely up to you how far you wish to go in your life. Drive your bus where you want to go. Your bus of life is worth as much as you desire it to be worth. If you want it to accept small change of dimes and quarters, then that’s exactly what it can give you. If you want to dream big and think big, it can reward you with the infinite dollars that your dreams are made of, you know those Benjamin Franklins! Life has a way of giving you exactly what you ask for. Life will pay whatever price you ask it! Beware of the neighborhoods you drive your bus and be careful of those you pick up. Some are masters of hitching a ride without paying. Sometimes give a free ride to people, it gives you more heart to help others, but do it with your eyes open. Develop clarity in the destination you wish to drive your bus, a focused mind will still lead you to your target, even through Los Angeles traffic.

As people enter your bus of life, make sure they respect the rules of your bus, but give them some freedom to voice their opinions. Be flexible and open to suggestions from your passengers, ask them for feedback on how you are driving. Absorb new viewpoints and evaluate them on merit. Whenever you stop for a break at the bus depot, exchange some ideas with other bus drivers, discover other new exciting routes in town. Be bold and daring to drive your bus down routes less travelled. Don’t forget that you are new to driving your bus, you may drive down blind alleys or dead end streets, no worries, maintain your composure and find your way back on track. Enjoy the experience, you derive more meaning if you overcome obstacles in your journey. If you want an easy bus ride through life, be a politician or a member of the Royal family, driving your life bus is not for the faint-hearted, have courage and the rewards will be significant and endless. Once in a while don’t forget to throw a party on your bus, there’s always a reason to have some fun in life. Make sure you never drink and drive though!

Groucho and the gang!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for superheroes Tuesdays praises the funniest and most talented family that ever lived, no not the Wayans, but the Marx brothers. If they had had a sister, there’s no doubt she would have been quite a talent too. Whatever their parents fed them, it worked. The Marx brothers revolutionized comedy, people probably forgot they were living through a depression and world wars. Some of the Marx brothers comedy has never been duplicated since simply because it can’t. Their genius is unrivalled in cinema and their inspirational influence stretches across the globe. Marx brothers' comedy is clean and easy to understand for all ages, the combination of physical and intellectual wit stretched the mindset of the time. They were so inventive that neither stage directors nor movie directors could effectively direct them. How can you direct such phenomenal talent, one just has to set the stage then get out of the way reminiscent of God and the universe.

Some might needlessly debate who is the best comedy group of all time, Marx brothers or Monty Python? Admittedly the Marx brothers didn’t write their own scripts like the Monty Python crew, however they put new meaning in the term ad-lib. They took their scripts and elevated the dialogue to a whole new level. In fact their scripts would leave space for impromptu ad-lib at a very precise moment and of course, they would never disappoint. You would have to watch complete scenes three or four times just to catch all the punch-lines, such is the rate of their comedic genius. Marx brothers deserve to headline any modern age comedic hall of fame. There’s a great reason why comedians are in high demand in most open societies, shame we can’t do much about the closed ones, but the gift of laughter is something that should be mandated as a law, while we are it, useless laws should be thrown out.

It’s remarkable the extent of natural talent pouring through the veins of one family. The Marx brothers weren’t just comedic actors, they were gifted musically too. They were universal artists encouraged by their mother from an early age to express themselves unto the canvass of the world. Groucho was a talented singer and guitarist. Harpo was a musical genius able to play about six different instruments including his own namesake. Chico was an amazing pianist who showcased his talent in several productions. The Marx brothers story is a wonderful example of music giving birth to comedy at the highest level. Music needs incredible timing and coordination. Comedic timing and delivery requires the same level of expertise. The list of Groucho’s best scenes could go on for days, his famous walk, moustache, funny names and facial expressions are characters within themselves. It was Harpo himself who recognized his unique pantomime ability could be far more influential and entertaining than a regular act. Of course we all marvel at Chico’s over-the-top Italian accent and his funny puns.

Great timeless comedy is art and science too. It conveys a language of its own with intuitive nuances communicating directly with funny bones. The Marx brothers brought tremendous energy to the stage and the film like no other especially in such tough times as the Great Depression and world wars. It’s equally funny to notice how even their supporting cast had to sometimes fight to hold back the laughter. We sure could use some Marx humor today as we battle the forces of worldwide economic stagnation and nuclear proliferation. No disrespect to contemporary artists, but there are more funny jokes, expressions, puns, slapstick, farce, gags both auditory, visual and verbal in the first few minutes of a Marx brothers performance than in most modern day comedies. It was the great Federico Fellini who alluded that comedic masters ought to be heavenly saints in their own right. Laughter is about freedom. Life should be freedom, at least that concept holds true for a few. Marx brothers had the greatest freedom in life, they could freely laugh at themselves and the world around them. The gift of laughter is your universal birth right and totally within your control, so go ahead and Google your favorite Marx brothers skit and boost your spirits for the day. In these days of conflicts worldwide and planes going missing or crashing, we all could use some escape with comedy.

What would Groucho make of today's comedy?

A. You woke me up for this!
B. Straight garbage!
C. What happened to Chappelle's show?
D. Who killed comedy?
E. Can the internet bring me back to life?


Monday, March 23, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Sporty Mondays catapults you downhill in your ski mountain of life. Attacking your ski slope of life is not for the faint-hearted, the rewarding adrenalin-rush is unbelievable. However, it requires adequate preparation. You need to be in peak condition, skiing is going to introduce you to muscles you never knew existed. It will test your core, what are you made of within. Can you withstand the challenge of the mountain or are you going to back home crying to mommy. You will need endurance and strength of will to challenge the mountain of life. Injuries and accidents occur due to lack of preparation, don’t let that be you. Overconfidence may affect your judgment. Pay your dues to the mountain and start out on life’s bunny slopes. Take beginner lessons if you wish, but what better training than real-time trial and error.

The mountain of life throws harsh weather your way. Ensure you have the right equipment and clothing. Your life’s ski slope is going to do its best to discourage you. It may knock you flat on your behind again and again. You may develop fear and anxiety and start to feel powerless, however understand these feelings are temporary. You must gain the mental fortitude to pick yourself up time and time again. Falling and having to pick oneself up develops character and courage. You must earn your right of passage through the mountain with your determination, you don’t get the royal pass here. Progress is measured by advancing forward even after the mountain hits you with all she has.

You will need to learn quickly and adapt to the conditions. Obstacles in the form of tough ice patches may pop up abruptly, maintain your balance, control your body movement. Watch out for those trees of course, they tend to win the battle every time. Conditions on the mountain can change at a moment’s notice, stay flexible and observant, develop your instincts. Fresh and soft powder can suddenly turn icy and slick. Control your speed as you navigate down the mountain, easy does it. Even as rude and disrespectful people whiz past you and cut you off, keep your concentration and don’t let it affect you, it’s just part of life.

You can challenge your life’s ski mountain infinitely. You will grow in confidence and become less insecure as you gain experience. You will develop the ability to glide down the mountain faster and faster. Keep pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, take a few risks by advancing to the harder black slopes. It’s not enough to just learn how to coast along like so many people do. Dare to be different and push yourself to the limit. Remember to have some fun, mix in a few jumps. It doesn’t matter if you fall flat on your face, rate yourself for style like Olympic judges. The deeper the snow trap you fall into, the higher your opportunity to dig yourself out.

Acquiring momentum on your ski mountain of life can take you wherever you desire to go. Enjoy the moment, feel the power inside of you. Feel the exhilaration that fuels your passion to live life on your terms. Consider where you are now and how far you have indeed come. Laugh at the days when you were scared. Be proud of yourself, you took action. You ventured to make your own tracks on the slope, you didn’t just follow the safe path of others. You didn’t let fear hold you back from realizing your full potential. Isn’t it amazing what one can do when they overcome fear. Live this life daring, you can play it safe in the next life. The smooth downhill path to success begins by winning the battle of fear inside your mind.

Renewable energy source!!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Today's universal mental workout for reflection Fridays taps into the renewable energy inside of you. No government funding is needed for this most pure of energy sources, you have the power to create it yourself. Your potential to achieve all you desire out of life depends on the energy you generate within. As long as you have the energy, you can stick with tasks until completion. Ever noticed people with non-stop energy and commitment to complete things, they remind you of the Energizer bunny; they just keep going and going. They may even seem super human, their motor runs non-stop pushing them harder and longer than average people. In fact the self-perpetuating human body can be considered as a type of battery composed of three essential components, structure, liquid and electrical charge. Structure comprises of the cells, organs, bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves etc. Liquid pertains to the intra and inter-cellular liquids that play critical roles in generating electrical energy. Electrical charge activates the body and its structures, commonly known as the life-force or spirit.

Just as a car battery provides life to a vehicle, a weakened battery causes the car to malfunction. However when charged, energy can flow freely allowing the car to operate effectively. The same effect needs to take place in the human body, energy needs to flow freely. Pathways need to be cleared so energy impulses can flow unrestricted. Both the human body and a car need a continuous supply of fuels (petrol or food) and the supply of oxygen for combustion. In the vehicle, the starter motor turns over the engine before the oxygen using fuels can take over, just like the anaerobic energy processes in the body. Both processes also require the stored energy to be replaced (car battery and in the body ATP). Both the car and human body convert chemical energy (in the petrol and food) to kinetic energy (movement) and heat. Eating the right food supplies your body with optimal energy to renew itself. Your body has a huge workload with regulating your temperature, controlling your heartbeat and breathing and the digestive process, provide it ample energy to work around the clock.

Human beings are blessed with infinite power to generate energy, we create other life forms yet so many don’t understand the important role of energy in their bodies. People struggle to make their natural energy work in their favor to create the life they most desire. The entire concept of existence depends on energy, without it you couldn’t even get out of bed to start your day. Most people ask too little of themselves considering the potential of energy stored in the human body. Imagine all those that have passed on without turning their energy into what they most wished in life. Pouring your natural energy and enthusiasm in work you love will open up more opportunities than you could ever imagine. Your body’s natural energy will steer you clear of those over-the-counter energy boosters which cause fluctuations and can even deplete your nutrients. Building your natural energy allows you to stay refreshed all day long, you gain stamina and endurance to follow your heart’s passion. The human body is an incredible machine, tap into the infinite power source inside you and let your energy flow freely, gain the strength to create the life you deserve. There are no limits to what you can achieve when you devote the energy inside of you.

Passion Dollars!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Awareness Thursdays encourages you turn your passions into valuable high-life-earning currency. What really matters in life is the valuable currency of reaping the infinite benefits of a passionate, energetic life centered around your natural gifts and talents. To learn how to maximize the true currency that really matters in life, especially as you age, hopefully thru challenging yourself, rising to the occasion and growing wings along the way. You know wings so you can soar high to the heavens, not live life grounded by rules of others-mortal or otherwise. The world is accelerating so fast that some people will still rather bury their heads in the sands than recognize that a new world with new rules, needs new actions. The new cloud world has arrived. Business valuations now have new metrics. The federal reserve and central banks worldwide are making it up as they go along. One thing is for sure, if we are waiting for governments to find solutions to our problems, then we may as well believe in miracles. The best stimulus plan is to tap into the infinite currency inside human beings, certainly the best value for money anywhere. Passion to solve our political problems is clearly missing from those in power. This is a new age, no more waiting for the establishment. Hence, why named as such! There are now numerous platforms available to monetize your passion - absolutely no excuses anymore.

It’s up to each individual to determine their universal currency. Many say money won’t buy you happiness, there’s probably some truth and significance in the statement. However in a material world, you are definitely going to require some currency to partake in it. You are going to need some legal tender or paper as made like to say, however even more valuable is the universal currency, passion. When you truly have passion for what you do, it’s an infinite supply of universal wealth, that you can never put a price on, there’s no bank in the world that can hold that much value, not even the Swiss ones. Life is meant to be for passion. However of course paying bills and just trying to survive in a sometimes cold and harsh world takes its toll. That’s why you must engage in the good fight. The fight to live a life of passion that you deserve. The universal right granted to you to live life on terms you dictate. A passionate life opens up doors that you could never dream possible. Passion gives you boundless energy to live a fulfilling life, allowing you more quality time to spend with friends and family. Once you discover your true passion in life, it then becomes a matter of monetizing it to steer you down the path that your dreams are made of.

Consider how you can use your natural abilities to fuel your passion as you visualize your goals. Write down all the things you have true passion and innate skill for. You know, activities you can do and it just seems that time flies by. Activities that give you momentum no matter how low in spirits you are. Have you found that thing that you think you were born to do?! Something people observe that you are a natural at. If nothing jumps out clearly at you, go back to your early years and think back about what activities you used to instantly gravitate towards. Next step is to spend some time brainstorming. Find possible routes to increase your passion currency. Remember the universe cares nothing about material things or the prevailing currency of the day, be it land, gold or paper money only about your desire and will to succeed. So seek to find how you can gain natural momentum to turn your passion to carry you closer towards your goals. Brainstorm for any possible connections and let your mind lead the way. If you are passionate enough about what you desire to do, doors will open, if not, your passion must surely break down any barriers in your way. Believe in yourself and believe in your passion. Make an investment of passion into your life today, the return will be infinite.

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