Breathe away your stress.

Today's mental workout will emphasize relaxation, a wonderful way to wind down our very first mental workout week. It is important that the brain functions under the most optimum environment, that obviously means as stress free as possible. It is generally hard to get by these days in our fast paced world without some sort of duress as there's high demand to have everything done by yesterday.

Shifting Gears

Today's mental workout will focus on going from one gear to another on one's way at looking at a perspective as opposed to going randomly from thought to thought. At this point, your brain is already used to its' daily tease as you have broken some kind of routine and it's eager to build more connections and reconnect lost connections. The ability to shift from point to point or idea to idea is monitored by the Cingulate system. It's very important indeed that we learn to exercise our options in life.

Math your brain up to speed!!!

Today's mental workout will now turn to speed of the brain. We really take for granted, the incredible machinery we all possess. The fact that even in 2011 the brain is still faster than the computer says alot. So that remains at least one job that can't be outsourced. So imagine as you sit at your computer, that you still could have the capability to process information faster than it. That should brighten your day. The average human being has about 100 billion brain cells and can process up to 30 million billion calculations per second. That's pretty fast ha!!

Go back in time to move forward today!!!

Today's mental workout will focus on familiarity, similar but different to memory recall. Just the fact that you are open to trying out something new such as the "mental workout" means you have already paved the way to develop new connections in your brain. Also important is the ability to re-familiarize ourselves with past actions that stimulated our brains in our youth. For it's in our youth that the brain develops at such an accelerated pace. A toddler's brain develops at an amazing rate due to the intense stimulation of its new world, its repeated quest to crawl,walk and laugh.

The Mental Workout begins

The brain is a complex organ, but one must treat it like a muscle in the body that can be worked out daily. However you wouldn't just head to the gym and start lifting heavy weights straight away, one would gradually build enough strength to progress after time. The same case applies here, you want to warm up your brain and gradually grow in confidence as you begin to discover the huge potential possible.

The Mental Workout

Welcome to the Mental Workout!!!

It is rather surprising how although the brain is arguably the most important organ in the body, most may sympathize with the heart, but clearly some seem to live and get by ok without a heart but I digress, not more emphasis on mental health. However the heart is an organ that can be replaced like kidneys and colons. The brain however is irreplaceable, it is the control center that commands it all, automatically regulates the heartbeat, controls the central nervous systems that keeps us safe and so on.

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