Windows update!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays encourages you to download the latest window's upgrade to your mind’s operating system. Staying up-to-date on the latest information is critical in life, imagine all those poor souls centuries ago who thought the world was still flat. It wasn’t their fault, they did their best with the information available at the time. Opportunities pass you by if you don’t keep up with the pace. Your mind’s operating system is only as good as the software you provide it. If you would like to keep the software on your system up-to-date, you may find it difficult and time-consuming if you have too many programs installed. Keep it simple for your mind’s operating system, scan at regular intervals to remove any negative bugs of self-doubt and fear. It’s natural for you to be comfortable with your outdated thinking software, however now is the time to embrace the 21st century mindset. You have the power within to create the life you desire once you download the latest software.

Beware of whether your software updates are coming from trusted sources. Unfortunately we live in a dangerous world where malicious programs lurk in the shadows waiting to catch you unawares and defenseless. These decoy programs in the form of Trojan horses act like they are your friends, but are really not. They seem and look like the real deal, but are very good imitations. Use the natural firewall of your mind’s operating system to build a defense mechanism. Be sure you download the latest security patches, there are also dangerous spyware programs that try and steer you the wrong way with annoying pop-us and fake error messages that slow down your mind’s operating system. Don’t pay any attention to any programs that steal your life’s passion, they’ll have you spinning your wheels and going around in circles. Guard your mind’s operating system with the utmost care, any programs that prevent you from quality thinking for yourself is dangerous. Do not leave yourself vulnerable.

Operating with the latest software will have your mind running at peak performance. Gain full control of your mind's destiny, you know best what works for you. There’s nothing like easy-to-use directions, follow your heart in life, the rest will play itself out. Don’t operate under a limited number of programs, gain access to a wide variety, strive to be well-rounded. The world moves fast, stay up-to-date with the newest and most relevant information, download the latest data in regular intervals. Double-check and cross-reference the data to check for accuracy. There’s a lot of people spreading mis-information in the world, don’t fall victim. Make sure your downloads are compatible with your passions and interests, your mind operating system is more efficient and productive when you get engaged and love what you do. Your mind’s applications run much smoother when you have confidence and self-belief. Perform the necessary maintenance required with frequent check-ups to ensure you are as effective as possible. Avoid dwelling on the past, live in the moment with an eye for the future, concentrate your energy on the present, challenge your mind to stay informed with new activities.

Made in Hollywood!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for superhero Tuesdays follows up Oscar weekend with our little tribute to some Hollywood made-men. Nowadays, it does seem that people are more interested in simply watching others act about "how to live" than actually taking action themselves. However, we don't hate the game over here. On the contrary, we applaud those that are able to do it on a higher level than even the best of their peers. In keeping with the age old nostalgic tradition of modern day Hollywood remakes of old classics, we salute these shining stars of yesteryear that could still outshine the best of today's superstars -the two greatest of all-time, none other than Marlon Brando and Humphrey Bogart. Undoubtedly, these two would top most best ever lists and why not, they both had distinct qualities that set them apart in a crowded field. The 20th century brought the world of acting to people’s living rooms, even though the best scripts are arguably found in real life, however we can’t help but appreciate the entertainment value actors and actresses bring to our sometimes mundane world. Indeed where would we be in this world without ability to dream about life through the eyes of the movie stars. For 2500 years theatre was reserved for the aristocratic classes, thanks to the cinema we all can join in the fun. Brando and Bogart are interesting characters indeed, both legendary figures on the stage, but didn’t want the superstar baggage that came with fame. The paradox of life, people want to be movie stars, movie stars want to have quiet, normal lives.

Marlon Brando took the acting world by storm. His animal instincts to bring life to a character were better than a blood hound. He introduced ‘method acting’ to the masses. His performances in ‘Streetcar’ and ‘on the waterfront’ are some of the most powerful ever on camera. Brando had a sixth sense, he had the uncanny ability to internalize the conflict of the role and bring psychological depth to the character. At the end of the day, the actor must sell to the public, his role must be believable. Brando’s charisma is captivating, he was considered the most influential among his peers. Unlike many movie stars, he didn’t seek public attention and hence drew widespread criticism from the media. His range of roles is unparalleled in cinematic history from Julius Caesar, Guys and Dolls to the 'Last Tango', Brando innovated acting and deserves his place among the best ever.

Humphrey Bogart, the man who gave up Ingrid Bergman in the most famous movie line of all. Bogart personifies urban, you get the sense that Bogart could play your life story better than you can. An actor’s actor, he was without doubt the best of his generation. Bogart could push buttons of emotions you never knew you had. Who can forget the versatility and depth of the role of Fred C. Dobbs in The Treasure of Sierra Madre! Bogart is of course known for his tough guy, cynical roles of the reluctant hero, however the stage was his first love, he already had put in accomplished performances in New York. At first not many were sold on him as a Hollywood leading man, but he sure proved them wrong. It’s hard to imagine the likes of Maltese Falcon, High Sierra, The Big Sleep, Key Largo and African Queen with any other actors. These roles just work with Bogart, he brought substance and that all-important quintessential element that no acting coach in the world can teach. You either have it or you don’t and Bogart had plenty of it. Bogart did it his way and for that he’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

What would Brando and Bogart make of today's Hollywood?

A. No comment.
B. No publishable comment.
C. Today's Hollywood is as dead as them.
D. For this garbage you pay quadruple the prices.
E. We can still out-shine them dead for years.

Snakes and Ladders!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Motivation Mondays rolls the dice on the snakes and ladders of your life’s game. First and foremost, navigating through your life’s board game of ups and downs requires you to be willing to roll the dice. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” as the saying goes. You only get this one life, and you never know when your number is going to be called, so may as well take action and get in the game. Life’s snakes and ladders is always a win-win, even when you take a risk and lose, you still triumph through the experience by learning from it. Of course, if you win, you’ll be elated and invite confidence into your life, all things then become possible. Those who never chase their dreams are more likely to encounter the snakes that will spiral them downhill away from the life they desire. If you don’t enjoy what you do, you are less likely to find that ladder that will carry you uphill to the happiness you deserve.

Refusing to play in your game of life means not to live. You can’t let the snakes of life prevent you from the excitement and adrenalin rush of universal adventure. Roll the dice, you can never lose. Nobody can ever accuse you of being a loser if you get bitten by the snakes, at least you took action. If you choose to live hiding under a rock, never taking any risk, that’s another matter. What’s the worst that could happen if you do get bitten? You simply dust yourself off and try again, thanks to the miracles of modern living, snake bites are no longer terminal. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, you will never get there without taking some calculated risks. You can’t find the ladder to the land your dreams are made of without taking action. Experiencing the thrills of highs and lows is what life is all about, when you get that flatline, it’s surely all over then.

In the end, the quality of your life’s board game is not determined by how many snakes or ladders you encounter, but whether you kept rolling the dice. Did you keep moving forward even when all hope seemed lost? Of course, if you choose to master your own destiny and roll your own dice in life, all hope is never lost. Even if a huge snake carries you all the way back to square one, you still remain in the game. Don’t be discouraged, never despair. A big fall works wonders by humbling you. The next time you climb the ladder, the feeling of exhilaration will be much sweeter. When you follow your life’s passion, you will open up more ladders of success. Doing what you enjoy most also gets luck on your side, you may find one ladder leads straight to another. When you get in the zone, you can scale the infinite heights possible. Watch out for snaky friends, they try to grab at your heels and keep you at their level. The beauty of life in our universe is there’s just a tiny square between success and failure, prosperity could always be around the corner. Climb to the very top of your life’s ladder, the view is much better from above. Life’s snake and ladders is not for the faint-hearted, summon up the courage to chase your dreams in the jungle called life.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Today's universal mental workout for reflection Fridays invites you to a taste of our world, the rugby universe where team means everything. Team transcends the ego, going beyond the me-me factor that most people on this planet struggle with. Team personifies something greater than yourself. To belong to a team of shared visions and goals for collective elevation. The world where TEAM stands for 'Together Everyone Achieves More.' The sport of life is better enjoyed as part of a team. In the New Year, whether you are embarking on a new business venture, trying to lose weight or beat an addiction, it’s very beneficial to seek the help of a partner or good teammate. As the Beatles said 'you can get by with a little help from your friends.' Building a strong support network can greatly increase your odds of success in any endeavor. Nobody needs to be an island, you may desire to pave your own path in life, that’s great, obviously that’s what we preach over here, however, you don’t need to build everything on your own. You certainly don’t need to walk the path alone either, bring others along with you. The path becomes much more enjoyable when you can share the experience with others. They help you with your path, you help them with theirs. Gaining valuable feedback from those you trust can open your mind to new opportunities. Team bonding raises spirits, enthusiasm becomes infectious, find passionate people who believe in your cause. Team up and bond together like colors to create new possibilities.

Building a strong, positive team around you and your goals creates remarkable synergy. Collaboration can give life to creative concepts, the sum becomes greater than the parts. Magic happens when people feed off each other, find the right partner or partners to bring out the very best in you. You can certainly accomplish much more than you ever thought possible. A teammate pushes you to give more than you ever knew you had inside you. Why do you think the Beatles ruled the world for so long, they found the winning combination; they loved working together and challenging each other to perform at the highest level, at least until Yoko showed up. Just kidding, we know Yoko didn’t break them up, there were a variety of reasons, however, the world should be happy they stayed together so long, after all, they were just some regular blokes from Liverpool. In building a team, it’s smart strategy to seek a partner to deliver the skills and talents you may not possess. Find complimentary partners to bring some balance to your world. Keep in mind to surround yourself with those that challenge you to think and act differently, don’t be ego inflated by yes men who rubber stamp all your ideas.

Seek partners that inspire you, there’s nothing like the power of being 'in the zone.' If you believe in your mission, you will take the correct action steps day in day out. After spending time with inspirational people, you feel energized and revitalized, maintaining that type of atmosphere not only makes things much smoother, but also more productive. Inspirational teammates can help you achieve the impossible. There are always going to be challenges on the road to success, find the right people that can help you shoulder the burden. Surrounding yourself with the right team allows you to take more risks, be confident that the team will always have your back should things not turn out as planned. The right teammates don’t point fingers when things go wrong, they understand it’s all part of the process on the journey to success. A healthy team environment fosters personal growth, everybody can learn and share ideas together. Camaraderie builds trust and brings satisfaction as you pull your resources to make things happen. Whether part of a family team, a friends team or an associates team, strive to contribute as much as you receive, if not more, because life's true pleasures multiply in the giving and sacrificing for one's teammates, win, lose or draw. Find the ideal partner for superb team interaction like the best team bond of mankind, oxygen and hydrogen. Partner up and bring your universe to life!! Wishing you all a happy and safe MLK day!!

Magnetic Heroes!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Today's universal mental workout to kick off Inspirational Thursdays begins with two of the absolute best leaders of any era. Inspirational leadership is something this planet needs urgently. It appears the great man in the White House didn't have a magic wand to fix every problem under the sun. In fact, some would even argue that he made things worse, others might say, under his stewardship, the economy has rebounded strongly. Undoubtedly, the economic data shows vast improvement in critical areas of unemployment and Wall Street performance of course, even though many Republicans will say the Messiah had nothing to do with anything. Sometimes you just can't win, impossible to please those that refuse to be budged in the face of real-time information. But in any case, it's fair to say that the top echelons of high society has recovered nicely from their huge paper losses of CDOs, CLOs and other deceptive, complicated, hard to trace rob-consumer-blind tactics. Consumers will also be glad to discover that guidelines put in place as protective safeguards after the 2008 have been rolled back to make room for future corporate profit and greed. Even more creative machinations to cheat the consumer in the name of more profit and greed will be born. Not only has the Middle class lost substantial ground, the world seems hell-bent on repeating the old mistakes of yesterday. Forget about learning about the mistakes that precipitated the fall of the Greek and Roman empires, we can't even hold our memories long enough to learning about the factors responsible for the global meltdown of 2008.

No matter which side you are on,(plenty to choose from), top down class status from Mega-Uber rich, enormously rich, just plain old rich, middle income, working poor, just plain ole poor - it's incumbent as a society to understand the influential, guiding factors that advance societies. Those influential, guiding metrics that have steered society out of the Dark ages usually begin with expansion of education and enterprise, in today's vernacular, new age education and entrepreneurship. Can anybody with a reasonable mind (by reasonable -our standards are fairly low, trust us) be against expanding education and equal opportunities for entrepreneurship, especially minority, disadvantaged areas? The answer to the seemingly rhetorical question is yes. Unfortunately, these 'yes men' who usually vote the party line of capital 'NO' to inevitable progress are firmly entrenched at the highest thrones of power in our nation. These non-abundant minded folks only want their team and children's children to enjoy top quality education and the best of best opportunities. Being poverty-minded, they are completely unaware to the infinite abundance of the universe, the deceptive zero-sum mindset that another group's gain is to the detriment of another. Thankfully, these two inspirational heroes thought differently. Even though one was more self-educated than the other, they both believed wholeheartedly in extending the opportunities for education, one to the working classes, the other to minorities. If you haven't guessed the two inspirational heroes are Benjamin Franklin and Martin Luther King. For today's mental exercise, we are going to channel the indomitable spirits of these inspirational champions, universal megastars, an example of the piano's black and white keys working together to create beautiful, harmonious, timeless music. It's simple, if you notice the world taking a wrong turn, becoming far too imbalanced, let's start with expanding opportunities for new age education and entrepreneurship, after all knowledge is infinitely ever-evolving, as is capacity to creatively and innovatively generate income.

Please join us as we pay tribute to these eternal shining stars. If our modern day leaders can only move the needle an iota of what these great men did, then we are certainly headed in the right direction. The abundant mind of Benny Franklin inspired him to spread education to the working classes, because he thought a little further ahead than his peers, a country with more educated citizens is likely to live more peacefully and harmoniously. That ought to make sense to the folks at the very top, but somehow Benny's message has been lost in translation. Some haven't even yielded to giving educators a more desirable and rewarding income since they are charged with the critical task of inspiring the next generation. How can educators inspire with the increasing demands of doing more with less resources!! If you've forgotten about the abundant mind of MLK, you can go watch Selma and learn about the struggle of an educated black man doing his part to spread equality and education for all. By watching the movie, you can simultaneously support an endangered species in Hollywood- the black female director. MLK had already gained his education and status in society, he didn't have to risk his life in the struggle for equality and awareness of the universal spirit in man. Well, if these two inspiring superheroes don't move you to soar upwards and onwards, then you best check your pulse. One man brought the gift of magnetism to electricity, the other supplied magnetic heart and spirit. Become inspired to live the best version of your most magnetic self on this planet!!

Retail store!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays couldn't be more appropriate. At a time when satirists appear to have a short life span in addition to regional wars, mass slaughter of human beings, and pending new age enslavement of working folks, perhaps we all need to just chill out and dance with the imagination of life in this universe. The entire concept of human life on this planet is imagination, please do your best to spread some to your peers, because we are starting to run out of words for the chaos spiraling to different levels.

We announce the grand opening of the Billenium, the imagination superstore located on the upper right side of your brain. For some of you who haven’t traveled to that part of town in a while, you may have to use Google maps, however proceed with caution, they may attempt to steal all your mind data and store it in a place nobody knows and invite all your friends. This year, the imagination superstore is definitely the place to be, there won’t be any picket lines at this grand opening, no minimum wage jobs or pressure on local businesses, none of that here, everybody wins at this store. The best part of all, it beats any Walmart or Target bargain price you can dream of, you can put those coupons away, you won’t be needing them, put away your wallet as well, the only thing you will need is everything you were born with, just your courage to dream and imagine.

If it’s been a while since you have seen your courage, that’s ok, it can happen to anyone. Just remember that you have it deep inside you somewhere. You recall, it helped you crawl, walk and ride a bike when you were younger. At the imagination superstore your store credit of courage is unlimited, just come right in and swipe your card. Don’t worry about waking up super early to wait in lines all morning long and making a mad dash for the doors like there’s no tomorrow, no need for any of that here, come in at your own pace and leisure. If you have a question or two to ask, the store personnel would be glad to accommodate you, there won’t be any bad customer service at your imagination superstore, they actually enjoy working there. The customer is really always right, not just something that sounds good on commercials. The imagination superstore exists to bring you happiness in life, you just have to believe in it and shop there.

The more complex imagination you have, the more lines of store credit you can open up, but proceed wisely, you don’t want to take on more than you can handle. You need courage to buy, but the sales tax is hard work, effort and perseverance to realize those goals. You know nothing is completely free nowadays, there’s always somebody ready to tax you. However, you can turn it into a friendly tax, if there’s any such thing, by following your heart and passion. Putting your heart and passion into it will drive you to success. That way you will be doing your part as an upstanding citizen of the universal community. It makes no sense to inherit all your universal power and not put it to the best use possible. Your imagination superstore is open 24-7 and the best part of it, you can run it on auto-pilot by engaging your sub-conscious. Walmart would eat their young to have that kind of labor commitment, you simply can’t beat it. Also the state-of-the-art surveillance system can detect any negative dream stealers, all you have to do is activate it. So there’s no excuses, use the imagination superstore to bring all your new year’s resolutions to fruition.

Unleash your inner hulk!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Today's universal mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays urges you to unleash the Incredible Hulk inside of you. There's no better time than the New Year to unearth the infinite power within. Set your mind to high-perform and achieve for 2015. You owe it to yourself to discover what you are capable of in this one life. It's surprising that nowadays people still remain skeptical about the power of the human spirit. Despite all the challenges facing the world in the new age, the human being has shown a long track record of overcoming all odds to thrive and keep the species enduring. Books like The Secret and The Power of Positive Thinking have done little to change people's minds about the infinite potential of human beings. Even when people witness incredible feats in live action, some continue to be overwhelmed at what human beings are capable of achieving even with seemingly limited resources or insurmountable odds. Michelangelo, Amelia Earhart and Graham Bell are examples of driven individuals with an indomitable spirit within who kept pushing towards their goals regardless of any obstacles. Some may feel that only those who are born special actually achieve greatness, but that is just not the case. Some highly successful people did not start out as masters of their craft immediately, but they dedicated themselves and put in tremendous hard work before they reaped the rewards. The great Michael Jordan practiced for endless hours before he unleashed the genius inside of him.

The sub conscious power of your mind can work at light speeds compared to your conscious mind. Learn to change the way you think and program your sub conscious power to make your dreams come true. You owe it to yourself to dedicate time and attention towards unleashing that power within you. New scientific discoveries every day shed more light into the power of the brain. Every individual has the power to improve their brain performance. You can also create the power to control your own energy field. The universe rewards those brave enough and willing to take action to master their own destiny.

In your case, no matter how negative a situation is, you have the power to turn it into a positive. Just consider if Graham Bell gave up on his second or third attempt, not too many people would have faulted him for giving up. However Bell possessed incredible mental strength and maintained the resilience to keep moving forward even after thirty failures. Einstein, the genius himself did not start out a genius, in fact he did poorly at school, it was only when he started playing the violin that he struck the chords to release the genius within him. What's it going to take to release the genius within you?

Your sub conscious power determines your life; if you grab a hold of the control panel, you can create the rewarding life you have always dreamed of. We all have the power of the incredible hulk within us, it can inspire us to true greatness. It makes sense to fully discover the amazing power within you. Take the time to discover where your true passions lie, then develop an action plan to bring it to fruition. Keep moving forward towards your goals no matter what obstacles you encounter. Challenges and failures should serve as simply learning experiences on your road to success. Change your life today by taking steps to unleash the incredible power within.

What steps can you take right now to unleash your inner hulk?

A. Head to the nearest liquor store.
B. Go see the PHD Therapist who learned from books.
C. Pop a magic pill
D. Watch Fox News
E. Pray to the almighty (not a bad idea, but have a back-up plan...just saying)

Goal mudder!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Today’s universal mental workout for Sporty Mondays wishes you a Happy New Year while issuing a challenge to get down in the mud and fight hard to achieve those 2015 goals. It's that time of the year where we dream of all the things we would love to accomplish. For most it will stay a dream, that's the easy part. To accomplish your goals, you must be willing to get dirty. You need to get down in the mud with wholehearted effort. To find the right action steps and then to sustain that action. First, evaluate last year's performance. Did you make measurable and quantifiable progress in achieving your goals. Pursuing your dreams in this new age requires the skills and resources to navigate through the obstacle course. It's very, very rare to expect a clear path to achieve your goals. Numerous obstacles usually pop up on your journey. Relish the challenge to tackle those obstacles. No one ever told you that life would be easy, if you seek success, nobody is simply going to hand it to you on a silver platter, that’s right, it’s probably not going to be some $79 overnight, magic solution. You have to earn success by overcoming the challenges on life’s obstacle course. Don’t expect somebody else to do the hard work for you, take it upon yourself to navigate through life's pitfalls and jump the hurdles. Experience is your greatest teacher, when you stumble, dust yourself up and try again. When you fail, it’s not time to curl up in the corner licking your wounds, that's the time to redouble your efforts. You earned the right to live life on terms you dictate through the glory of birth, now it’s time to fulfill your destiny. Life’s obstacles exist for you to hurdle, there’s no fun in life if you don’t overcome challenges. By challenging yourself continuously, you bring out the best in you. You only go around once, leave it all out there on life’s obstacle course, you can’t take anything with you when the time comes.

As you meander your way through the obstacle course of chasing your dreams and encounter a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, remember there’s no such thing, every problem has a solution, if not, other options surely exist. It’s just a case of stepping back and re-evaluating the challenge. Step outside the immediate scope and sphere of the problem. Direct your mind to look towards the future, force it to project an ideal mental picture of future events after the problem. Therefore you’ve conditioned your mind to look past the problems, instead of wasting time and energy obsessing over the obstacles. In other words, the mind now has permission to automatically envision beyond the problem, before long, possible solutions will arise. By shifting away from rehashing and dwelling on the problem, you awaken the positive vibes within, the mind starts to search for creative, constructive solutions. Stimulate your mind with what you enjoy most and be receptive to all new ideas and possibilities. No matter how seemingly insurmountable the obstacle is, there lies a solution. The deeper the hole, the higher the opportunity to climb out, it may require you add a new skill to your toolkit or perhaps consult a mentor or expert, there’s always a solution nonetheless. Try something even if you think it will never work, the wrong way can sometimes yield beneficial input from different angles.

As you take on the challenges of achieving your goals, it’s easy to forget you control the clock. Take your time, go through at your own pace. The entire year is at your disposal, no need to burn through all your passion fuel in January. Pace yourself, patience is critical to allow new strategies to formulate. You have much more time than you have been led to believe by media and the powers-that-be. It’s your life, not anybody else’s, take the time to do things on your own clock. You can’t control the rules others play by, but you can determine yours. If the pace gets too hectic, slow your roll, take time out to plan, make sure you are still headed in the direction that suits you. Don’t get lost in a maze of confusion, use the compass of your heart’s passion and intuition to guide you. Sometimes you presume the end stage is right around the corner, only to discover there’s yet another new, uphill climb, no worries, get back on your horse and keep riding forward. Be convinced that’s exactly where most people will give up. Unfortunately, overcoming challenges is not tailor-made for everybody, some just don’t possess the burning desire and persistence within. Accomplishing one's goals and life’s happiness comes at a price that only few seem willing to pay. Discover what price you must pay in terms of effort and sacrifice, gladly accept those terms and keep going till it’s paid in full. In life’s obstacle course, there’s no conclusive manual or map detailing the exact layout of the course, you just have to plan several guidelines as best you can and figure out the rest for yourself as you go along. Accept the challenge of striving for your goals for year 2015, you have the power inside to overcome all hurdles. Best of luck on the road ahead, please check out the 100 day challenge.

Here's your change!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays couldn't have come at a better time. As dark forces descend to turn back progress in the United States, let's all awaken to the lessons of history to fully comprehend the way forward towards the light of the universe. The way forward towards enlightenment. The way forward towards elevation. To grasp that universal quintessential element that paves away for progress for all. Collective elevation. To elevate, to progress, we must all be willing to become fully aware of human energies in the universe. Everybody ought to be open to change. If there is one thing you can learn about the universe, it loves to stay on the move. Everything you perceive in the physical universe is really energy in constant motion, all living organisms, including you as a human being. The being encourages you to ‘be.’ You are an original, there’s nobody exactly like you, the universe intended you to be an original, not a carbon copy. You are made of water and organic materials. Just like water changes form, billions of atoms in your body are currently in constant change. As you are reading this, billions of forces contest inside your body now, some pushing for change, others resisting it. For most people, change demands moving out of comfort zones. Fear of change is programmed into most minds stemming from the structures of societal upbringing. Your own thoughts sabotage you from progressing with seemingly logical explanations to remain as you are.

Clear evidence in broad daylight proves life is all about change, the dawn, sunset, seasons and nature. Observe the way societies have changed and progressed over thousands of years. Observe the way the Earth has changed from one huge land mass of Pangaea. Yes, observe the way that you have changed. Look back at your baby photo and your toddler days. Isn’t it remarkable how you went from a tiny baby to your full-grown self. Even more astounding is how you began from just a little seed. Furthermore, the origin of your very existence began from mere thoughts of your parents to partake in the universal dance to conceive. Now look at you now! Observe the way your entire body has changed and developed. Can you imagine life if human organisms only stayed in their baby forms, probably not very interesting! Everybody would need eternal babysitting, picture the world of congress! Let’s go even deeper! Has your mind developed keeping pace with your physical body? Have you consistently grown brand new brain connections? Have you stretched the arms and legs of your mind’s thoughts in different directions? Have you developed your mind's muscles to sustain deeper and more rigorous thought? Or have you been stuck with the same thinking pattern for years? How have your circle of friends changed over the years? How have your belief systems changed or evolved?

If the universe is in constant change, shouldn’t you? If planet Earth is in constant change, shouldn’t you? If your body parts are in constant change, shouldn’t your mind also follow suit? Could you imagine a world without change, where everything stayed the same? What if humans never changed, oh ok, you got us there, welcome to planet Earth! Even though billions of forces are in constant change, human minds tend to stay within the confines of their respective comfort zones whether rich, poor or middle. Change doesn’t necessarily entail a total transformation every single day - it simply means staying flexible. Change keeps you fluid like the water you are. Can you imagine a world where all the stubborn and resistant parties won out? What if Chris Columbus succumbed to the religious and political forces of resistance that wanted to keep the world flat? What if Mark Zuckerberg only followed the exact instructions his professors gave him? We would all probably have a lot more free time on our hands! Change automatically makes you smarter, you've thought differently! If you are resistant to change and learning new things – that puts you at a serious disadvantage in a rapidly transforming world. How have you kept it moving in the past decade of mind-boggling changes? How do you intend to keep up with exponential change of the coming decade? How do you intend to provide security for you and your family without relying on govt or wall st? How do you hope to compete in the digital age? We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays. Thank you from our deepest hearts to all our subscribers, clients, partners, affiliates, team members and all our home-grown support who spread the good word about us.

Same ole story!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Today's universal mental workout for Political Thursdays closes yet another chapter of another lacklustre year from our political representatives. Or should we say, representatives of banks, uber corporations and influential lobbyists. Yes, another round of applause for our nation's representatives. Our beacons of power. Those shining lights of inspiration. Examples of esteemed leadership for our youth. Either we've gone completely mad or joined the dark side, like George Lucas, oh no we mean Darth Vader. It appears that political shenanigans are at work again to roll back provisions for consumers by the power brokers that be. You know the same folks that sold you too big to fail. The same folks that cause these recessions and depressions with their narrow-minded focus on greed conserved at the hands of the few. The oligarchs are making a historical comeback, perhaps they never really went away, just changed forms and operate within the shadows of major corporations and minor subsidiaries.

President Obama has yet again failed to regain his mojo. His own party treated him like he had Ebola throughout the November elections. The entire administration is without confidence. This messiah’s ratings have been dropping faster than Bill Cosby's pants in the good ole days, and that’s fast. When they start mentioning you with the Nixons and George Ws, it’s time to run and hide. Or not. Perhaps time to come out of your shell sir and unleash the incredible hulk inside of you. Let the superhero Obama out! You have to be a superhero to get as far as you did sir, even more remarkable you didn't get there on a solid track record and accomplishments. You must be gifted! Just pretend it’s an election year- that usually brings out your best. The country stood up for you, the folks had your back, how about showing signs that you and your team are learning. That you and your team are growing legs. That you and your team are poised to rise to the occasion and inspire congress into meaningful action for serving the people. You know the folks that pay their actual paychecks not the backdoor bonus payments. Let them try putting the people first for a change, the minor stockholders they are.

We know it’s a tough job during challenging times, but we are human beings – infinite beings. Surely, we must aspire to higher standards as the world’s standard bearer. Just a little confidence that the captain of the ship at least knows which direction he's headed in would be nice. Hopefully that’s not asking an awful lot. However, in the face of adversity and calls of impending doom and gloom, the nation should manufacture some homegrown inspiration. Remember the challenges we've overcome in the past. Let’s come together and team up for a better future for the good of the nation. Progressing forward ought to be the only option on the table. Stubborn forces that continue to resist change and advancement will soon realize they need to wake up or risk being left behind. The world is changing every single day, speeding up by the universal millisecond. The globe is branching out to the cloud whether or not government can do it well or not. In a time of political uncertainty, there’s no better time to resort to personal development and individual enterprise. No longer are the mega corporations and good old boys dictating all the terms, the cloud offers opportunities for the little guys and gals willing to take risk. You may as well bet on yourself – the greater risk would be counting on Washington.

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