Sign of the times!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays grants you front row seats to a unique downsizing, unfortunately a sign of the times. No worries, in this case it’s not all bad, no jobs are being shipped overseas or anything. We are going to do a little restructuring in the corporation of the mind; massive layoffs are occurring, two entire divisions eradicated effective immediately, negative thoughts and bad habits, the bottom-line will certainly be boosted. It has come to senior management's attention that negative thoughts and bad habits have been responsible for the subpar corporate performance over the past two quarters. However, the problems have also spread into other departments, the main culprits are being rounded up and handed pink slips as we speak. The first victim is the VP of Sales, Mr. Greed who has just been found responsible for seriously over-billing some of the corporation’s best clients. How’s that for gratitude! Shame because Mr. Greed wasn’t always like that, after all, he began his career as Joe the intern, unfortunately, sometimes climbing up that corporate ladder by any means necessary can bring out the worst in folks.

Unpredictably, in a new turn of events, this shake-up has also reached the very top of the corporation, brain trust as it were. Apparently Mrs. Inspiration, former Managing Director, previously forced out by the board of directors has now being reinstated. She has promptly called for the majority shareholders and stakeholders to remove the acting Managing Director, Mr. Blind and the entire board for lack of vision, purpose and core values. Her allegations appear right on the money too, no pun intended. Employee morale and production have been on a downward spiral over the fiscal year. Mr. Heart, Mrs. Health, and Mr. Courage, major shareholders are willing to back Mrs. Inspiration all the way. Knowing the board like we do, they are not going down without a fight, this could get ugly. Right on cue, a team of ambulance chasers or sorry, we mean lawyers have just rushed over to the main conference room in the Medulla Oblongata, wow, the speed they smell an opportunity is out of this world. Mr. Fear and Mrs. Panic are frantic with the recent proceedings, here comes Mr. Composure to the rescue, breathe deeply he says, all will be fine, these mental workouts always have a happy ending.

Mrs. Imagination wakes up and wonders what all the commotion is all about, she doesn’t keep regular working hours if you know what we mean. Ms. gossip, Ms. rumors and Mr. watercooler fill her in on all the details. They can talk for hours that lot! How they keep their jobs is beyond us. What do you know, a compromise has been hammered out already. That seems really quick especially when lawyers are on the clock. As you may have guessed, the details of the settlement work out great for the board. They each get golden parachutes worth millions of dollars with a vacation in the Bahamas thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, to pay for this very expensive package, regular employees have to miss out on their Christmas bonuses, even worse they have to work night and day through the holidays. However, the employees don’t seem to mind, relieved they still have a job. The news is not all good though, a couple of descent employees are let go without any severance packages, Mr. Ignorant and Ms. Naïve, how sad! HR and legal found a loophole. In this world, if you are not street wise, you get taken. Mr. motivation is nowhere to be found to give his input, some rumors suggest he may have been replaced by the Artificial Intelligence team, that ought to be interesting. Thanks for joining us on this corporate escapade, but it’s time to get back to some work. Adieu!

Personification of hope!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Today's universal mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays brings hope alive, and we surely need it right about now. Nobody alive today personifies hope better than our honorable commander in chief, Barrack Obama. As the nation threatens to derail into chaos at the highest levels in addition to the forgotten masses amidst our inherited societal hierarchy, no better time opportunes itself for reflection than this very moment. Before we uproar about where we are. Let's firstly pause and reflect on how far we've come as a collective in this most daring of nations. The United States of America has proven itself to be the world leader across numerous categories for a sustained period. With those high expectations, come extremely tough challenges to overcome. Nation-building and re-building in any era is challenging, especially a world accelerating at light speed. So let's all praise the fact that we are in a position to witness change in real-time. 200 years ago, a black man in the White House would have been considered blasphemous, 100 years ago, treasonable, 50 years ago, impossible. But look where we are today. Ok, so he hasn't won the title for best president of all-time. Just to be even considered for that opportunity is itself the miracle. Let's all trust that we are indeed an open-minded nation!!

Unfortunately, hope alone is not a strategy. Behind that hope must come plenty of hard work and sacrifice. However, the nation has a track record from rebounding from its challenges. You would never know it watching our politicians in action. You would think all these so-called liberty threatening challenges could wipe us from the planet. Let's pause and reflect. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be hopeful that whatever challenges confront us, we can eventually overcome them. We don't need to be so spoiled or arrogant as to presume that we can solve all our problems in one giant step. Barack Obama didn't just ascend to the presidency immediately, it took hundreds of years and sacrifice, proven evidence of blood, sweat and tears. The problems that confront us today requires that we take a collective, teamwork approach. No group, party or team always gets what they want. Some will win, others lose, however, let's make sure that everybody gets their fair chance to be in the game. Equality of opportunity = hope. Granting more freedom and equality of opportunity to other groups doesn't limit another group's chances. On the contrary, collective evolution and collaboration has been proven the most effective means of transforming way of life.

Things are far from ideal for many folks in this great land. On the bright side, we possess more knowledge, tools, and technologies to problem-solve and conquer our challenges. We can all agree that history shows evidence of the usual suspects to progress in society. It always comes from the same place. That place of fear. The fear of the unknown. The fear of outsiders. The fear of change to one's way of life. At every turn in evolution of society, fear is not what moves the needle. Courage to progress in the face of fear is what moves mankind. Courage to understand abundance of opportunity breeds a positive spirit. Courage to hope for a better world today and tomorrow. Let's rejoice that having President Barack Obama in office is a sign of progress. At times, it may seem there are those hell bent on turning back time. However, the track record of history usually belongs to those who continue to hope and dream in the face of adversity. Let's find some inspiration in the hope that President Obama has manufactured by his sheer presence alone. We know some folks in the GOP think he's just an empty suit or an empty chair, whichever comes first. However, where ever the president walks, you can best believe that hope walks by his side, sometimes seemingly all he's got. Hope is a powerful indicator of what's possible in this great proven nation of progress. Appreciate how far we've come, that we may summon up the abundant spirit to push ourselves even further and farther, upwards and onwards.

What has been the significance of a black man in the White House?

A. A riot in the GOP ranks every day.
B. An unclaimed Romney tax-deductible
C. Ask Bill Clinton.
D. See Question C. and pray for the Mrs.
E. Lost revenues on this platform


Monday, December 8, 2014

Today’s universal mental workout for sporty Mondays encourages you to shoot for goal in your life's soccer game. Make up your mind to score your own goals in life, don't expect others to do it for you. Trust us, life is always better when you do your own scoring. Soccer is considered a simple game, all you really need is a ball to play. In some of the poorest places in the world where they can’t afford a real ball, they find a way to make do with a can or some other object. That’s what life is all about, improvisation. Don’t worry about what you don’t have, work with what you do have. Don’t let lack of anything stop you from doing what you want to do, find a way to do it and have fun along the way. Your soccer game of life is meant to be a simple one, don’t overcomplicate it. Find your passion in life in the shape of a ball and enjoy yourself kicking it about. Find a good team and pass the ball around to your friends. If you make a mistake, no worries your teammates can bail you out, always make sure you have someone watching your back. Your soccer game of life is better when you go on the attack and learn to control the ball yourself. Playing defense chasing the ball around is not as much fun, but you must have the grit and determination to do it. If you make a bad play, dig in and go win the ball back, don’t stand around pouting.

The fundamental thing is to focus on your craft on playing your soccer game of life. It’s true that scoring goals may not come as easy as it does in other sports overall, but enjoy the beauty and grace as you pass the ball to your teammates. The harder something is to accomplish, the greater the reward and total team satisfaction when you do score that goal. When you do score a goal, feed off the enthusiasm to score another one straightaway. Don’t rest on your laurels and admire your goal like a piece of art, ride the momentum and grab the goals in bunches while you have the hot foot. When you get in the zone, set up your teammates to score their goals too, that feeling can be even better. Pace yourself, you need stamina to last in your soccer game of life. Remember it’s a game of two halves, if things aren’t going according to plan, adjust at the half and try a new game plan. Do something different, don’t always wait to be in a perfect position to shoot for goal, sometimes try a long range shot, you never know it may go in. Add some flair and pizazz to your soccer game of life, try moves other people don’t even dream of doing. Use your imagination, you have the entire field to work with, don’t worry if it will work or not, try it and keep trying it till it works.

If you have been doing your utmost best, but the goals simply haven’t come your way, don’t lose hope. If goals were easy everybody would be scoring all the time. Scoring goals is reserved for those who persevere and apply themselves to their craft fully. The hard work you do every day will pay off at some point in the future in your soccer game of life. It’s just life, sometimes not all rewards come instantly, keep the heart and passion in your game, the results will surely come sooner or later. Always play within the rules of the game, be a gracious sportsman and shake the hands of your opponents win or lose. A loss is as short-lived as you allow it, remember form is temporary, class is permanent.

Deep relaxation!!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays invites you to take a load off. Simply breathe in deeply and relax! As fast as the world is moving, if you don't take it easy to catch yourself and relax, you may be working up a frantic pace in the wrong direction of your goals and dreams. Regardless of your chosen profession, to maintain intensity and accuracy in executing your life's goals, time off to recharge is equally as important. Relaxation and reflection are instrumental to center yourself. After all, what’s the point of running around all week like a headless chicken trying to complete this and that, if you don’t take time to evaluate the actual results of your actions. It’s via reflection that will yield ideas how to do more with less time. You should consciously ponder the events of the week in a relaxed manner. Reflection allows you to increase your focus, also improving your memory. Time off for relaxation and reflection brings much needed balance to your world. Just because the rest of the world is always in a hurry to get some place, it doesn’t mean you should follow along with them. Stress is something you can control, that’s right, it’s within your power, what good is life if it lacks in quality.

You probably weren’t taught the importance of relaxation in school, in fact they might have told you it was laziness, well it probably is if that’s all you do for a career, but it’s crucial to problem-solving. Releasing pressure on your body allows it to perform at its optimum level. It’s the reason why athletes need to focus on relaxing before engaging in the heat of battle. Force yourself to take a time out from the fast pace of life on a regular basis, at least once a week, take a prolonged bath or shower. Snap up coupons for a spa treatment, you can find them everywhere. Spend half the time just relaxing with no thoughts going through your mind at all, breathing deeply, and then the other half, reflect on how to improve challenges in your life. There’s a reason why many people come up with great ideas in the shower or bath, the water has a soothing, therapeutic effect, the warm atmosphere loosens up muscles and stimulates brain cells. Studies with control groups have also confirmed relaxation improved problem solving skills.

Even the sun takes a complete break, you should too. It goes without question that you should be sleeping well at night. During your relaxation, don’t allow any negative forces to invade your time and space. Stress wastes energy and steals your power. You should free yourself, completely detach from anything that will unsettle you. You need time to yourself, your spirit craves it. Calm your inner body, revitalize and re-energize, your output is only as good as the quality within. Relaxation leads to greater creativity, it opens your mind to more possibilities. You are more likely to create opportunities that you don’t usually come across during the intensity of your regular working day. Gain confidence that you actually control the outcome of your life. Relax, what are you killing yourself for, where are you rushing to? You always say you will relax later when you have enough money, but later never comes. Relax now, get more oxygen to your brain, trust me, it comes in handy. Life moves at a fast speed, slow it down and get time on your side.

Like for like!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Today's universal mental workout for Awareness Thursdays gears up for mid-term election madness, much ado over nothing. Sheer madness on the airwaves because it's politics. Madness on our part if we expect one party to do any better than the other. When both parties are completely uninspiring at the top, then we generally get the malaise we have today. When Democrats avoid the president like he's got Ebola, then you know something ain't quite right with the US of A. However, through challenging times come opportunities to rebound. After all, the country has a long track record of rebounding from adversity. You would never know it just by listening to mainstream news. The sad state of affairs is that neither Govt or big business is ready to face the harsh realities of life in the digital age. New governmental institutions need to be implemented, educational frameworks need to be updated to keep up with a world moving at light speed. College students are graduating with mountains of debt but still lack adequate skills in critical reasoning and constructive writing. Those lucky enough to find work may still cope with the resourceful needs of the modern day workplace. Text book education has been replaced by learn-on-the fly and keep learning. Yesterday's knowledge becomes history alarmingly quickly indeed. For decades both private and public universities have taken advantage of our youth. Universities became a breeding ground to double-charge foreign students and squeeze every ounce of profit out of the ambitious student. Going to college became more of a status symbol than actually what type of actionable learning took place. A country of the future needs a realistic plan of action today. Awareness of the hows and whys is a great start.

As for politics. There's one group of people always guaranteed to receive their full wage packets even when they under-perform, you guessed right, politicians. These supposedly public servants working on behalf of the people are now so accustomed to the gridlock and chaos that it’s second nature to them. Politicians put on a spectacle in plain view cutting down programs and benefits that can assist those in need while they pay themselves increases. The republicans have stonewalled this president ever since he got into office. However, the president is not without his share of blame, he still seems intent on just ensuring the public is on his side rather than trying to inspire congress into action. The president needs to assert himself and show some real fire in the belly, the situation is getting far too ridiculous. We all know change takes time, but the clock has been ticking for quite a while. We are really a nation moving from one crisis drama right to the next one without focusing on the big picture. Meaningful and sustainable growth amidst all this uncertainty for the largest and most influential economy in the world is going to be tough to come by. This political stalemate affects consumer and investor confidence. The gains of Wall St and the top corporations hasn't trickled down to the consumers and small business ecosystem. American small business is struggling. An already over-anxious business community is going to be leery about any expansion or hiring. Deep cuts in the federal government puts more people out of work driving down consumer purchasing power. All metrics signify that the economy is at a real crossroads, another recession could well be on the cards. It’s high time we started paying politicians based on performance like their private sector counterparts including sports and entertainment figures – that could derive enough savings to eliminate the deficit.

Cafe Medulla!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today’s universal mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays takes you behind-the-scenes to an all-exclusive date, one that some might say has been going on since the beginning of time, that of none other than Mr. Left Logic and Ms. Right Imagination. Yes, this should be a wonderful experience, on paper these two seem a wonderful match made in heaven, or at least on the Christian dating sites anyway. Mr. Left is looking handsome in his nicely pressed suit, you know how he is, everything by the book, right on time as always. No surprise Mr. Left has planned every part of the date right down to the minute details, just can’t help himself, it’s the way he’s made. A good thing we have Ms. Right to bring some imagination or it would be a long night indeed, like watching paint dry or perhaps an average day on a planet called Earth.

Here comes Ms. Right, she looks a picture of attraction in her long evening gown, understated, but elegant, clearly trying to leave a little to the imagination. Oh oh, Mr. Left is looking at his watch already, he’s ready to get this show on the road. Limo service is provided courtesy of the Cerebellum, it has an impeccable sense of direction. We arrive at Café Medulla Obligata, Mr. Left checks the reservation, through to form he is ensuring everything is in perfect order; he loves everything to run like clockwork. Mr. Left picks an uninspired seat in the middle of the room as he considers this very practical. Ms. Right insists on a more romantic corner booth with candle light, now we’re talking. Mr. Left doesn’t take any chances, he simply orders his usual, the red meat. He’s a stickler for routine this bloke, stuck in his way of doing things you may say, perhaps even a republican in a former life. Ms. Right goes for the daring special of the day, the salmon, apparently it’s great for the little neglected organ in the body, the part that’s supposed to do the thinking.

After dinner Mr. Left insists on dropping Ms. Right back home, he says his daddy taught him perfect manners. Ms. Right counters by saying that daddies can only teach what they know, she would rather walk in the nice open air. However, Mr. Left wants to play it safe, he’s worried about the negative thoughts lurking in the shadows and nightmare freaks that come out in the dark. No worries, Ms. Right has enough courage for both of them. As Mr. Left rambles on about knowing this and that fact, detail after detail, Ms. Right is hit by a sudden splash of inspiration to go dancing and she tells Mr. Left to put on his dancing shoes, he replies that they are at home thinking about his special loafers. She tells him it’s just a figure of speech, Mr. Left has a habit of taking everything literally. They head over to the Dream lounge, Ms. Right’s hoping to loosen him up a little with a couple of drinks. After a while Lefty is finally starting to have a great time, he even learns a few new dance moves on the spot, funny how a little experience provides confidence. True to form, Lefty pulls out his calendar ready to schedule the next date, strike while the iron is hot he says. They make a dream couple these two, this date night appears headed for a happy ending, well as happy as it gets in the mind. It certainly shows that when you have a little logic going in the right direction, imagination can take you anywhere, until next time.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today’s universal mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays salutes a legendary figure, somebody that can teach us all something about playing with the hand the universe deals you, the incredible Stevie Wonder. Stevie may not have seen the beauty of the universe with his own eyes, but you can be certain his power of imagination has taken him to miraculous places others could never dream of. Some people throw a fit when they lose power for a minute, imagine being born blind in such a visual world, yet triumph to reach the very top of your profession. Indeed, Stevie Wonder may be the ultimate musician, the perfect marriage of melody and lyrics whose sounds have been sampled across multiple genres far and wide. Stevie is living proof that when you throw convention out of the window, the possibilities are endless like the universe. Stevie Wonder is an indisputable genius of music. He may not have received the universal gift of sight through an accident of a premature birth, but he was certainly bestowed with the gift of music. Steve’s unique heightened sense and awareness of sound enables him to create incredible music never witnessed before. Furthermore his curiosity to create and experiment pushing the boundaries of sound make him a true grand master on the level of the Mozarts and Beethovens of the world. As remarkable is how Stevie carries the torch for positive spirit in the world, so many people become affected by negativity finding all sorts of excuses not to fulfill their potential. Stevie may not be able to see, but we all should follow the lead of Earth's shining star.

The genius of Stevie Wonder was his unique versatility, he displayed the Da Vinci insatiable appetite for growth and range. Stevie never wanted to restrict himself to one type of sound or style. He brought to the table an exceptional eclectic brew of soul, funk, rock and roll, pop, jazz, RnB, reggae and African elements. Stevie transcended beyond just a sum of the parts, he blended it all into his own personal form of expression. After all isn’t that what music should be about, bringing individual expression not just copy, clone and sample. Stevie Wonder is a virtual one-man band that produced incredible sounds that pierces the heart and soul, he revolutionized the world of RnB in the coming-of-age decade of the 70s. From his numerous albums over the years, Innervisons and Songs in key of life stand out as unparalleled works of art. These albums literally flow like an artist painting on canvass. These are albums you can play from beginning to end every day for the rest of your life and still engage a different sensation every time. Stevie took conceptualism in music and turned it into his own language, he truly is a master of song writing, lyrics, production and heavenly arrangement. Stevie took complexity and eccentricity of composition and produced sounds that stretched the ears of human capabilities. His energetic creativity has inspired many an artist to push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of. Stevie commands respect everywhere he goes, he evokes remarkable feelings from even celebrities, an absolute delight to witness. Of course, Stevie has won every award under the sun, he has achieved more than thirty top 10 hits and racked up an incredible twenty-two Grammy Awards, the most by any solo artist. Stevie has even won an Academy award for best song, but he will forever be remembered for courage in music and will always have a huge mansion in all our hearts.

Checkered flag!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Today’s universal mental workout for sporty Mondays inspires you to head for the checkered flag of all your dreams and goals in your racetrack of life. There’s no rush though, you have all the time in the world. Your racetrack of life extends as far as you are willing to go. To ensure a smooth ride in your racetrack of life, make sure you choose the best terrain that fits your personality, skills and talent. Life is so much sweeter when you follow your desired path. Go at your own pace in your racetrack of life, just because everybody else is always in a rush speeding past you doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Go at the speed that you are comfortable with. Sometimes show urgency when the situation calls for it, other times have patience. The most important thing is to always make progress in the right direction. Know the finish line for each of your life’s goals and even better, find out how to best get there.

The racetrack of life offers different lanes to help you stay on course. You will need stamina and determination to make it all the way to the finish line of your dreams. No matter how big your life’s goals are, as long as you stay on track, there’s always hope. Know when to make an aggressive pass and take risk, as they say nothing ventured nothing gained. Risk excites the blood. It makes you come alive, enjoy the thrill of the ride of life. If you crash into a corner, no worries, get back behind the wheel and try again. Adjust on-the-fly and learn from the experience. It makes no sense to scream and panic when things don’t work out. Learning to focus your energy in the right place is far more beneficial. In the face of uncertainty, give yourself the best chance, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Staying calm and in control allows for better judgment and decision-making.

Remember in your race track of life, it’s not where or how you start, it’s how you finish. Don’t dwell too much on what you don't have in your own particular circumstances in life, there’s always somebody who has it worse and would gladly change places with you. Concentrate on matters within the dashboard of your control. Put in the required efforts, apply yourself and commit to the tasks at hand. Develop good habits, do even the smallest and simplest of tasks well, the work ethic will transfer to even bigger things. Life requires consistency of certain mechanics and fundamentals. Triumph comes to those who stay the course, steady as she goes! In life’s uncertain curves, navigate slowly and wisely, on the open straights, put the pedal to the metal and drive with confidence. If you ever overdo it, don’t spin your wheels, pull in for a pit stop to recharge your batteries and re-energize yourself, everybody suffers wear and tear on life’s journey. Keep going till you zoom past the checkered flag.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Today’s universal mental workout for reflection Fridays spotlights an essential element of sustainable success, clarity. It’s hard to get to where you are going if you are not clear of how to get there. You may not need to know exactly how to reach a desired goal, you may have to experiment a little, but you certainly need to be in the ball park or else you are leaving too much up to chance. The aim is to achieve enhanced clarity as you go along on your journey. You need to have the destination in mind, then offer up alternate possibilities to get there through your own initiative and ambition. You need to communicate a clear signal to your mind of what success entails. How will you know when you get there? How will you measure whether you are on the right track? How will reaching your destination affect your life? You need to communicate clearly to your mind that success in your endeavor is the ultimate destination, that you will not stop until you achieve it. The louder the signal is received in your mind, the stronger the action taken. If you stay comfortable with your present situation, your mind will also be fine with it.

To help you achieve increased clarity, plan out your long-term goals, things you wish to achieve 3 to 5 years from now. Visualize what you want your life to be like then, how will it feel to be you then. It’s very important to ensure this is what you desire for yourself, not what others want for you. You want to tap into your power source within, the natural energy and passion that will propel you towards doing what you must day in day out. This is your long-term vision for yourself that should energize, motivate and inspire you for the duration. Furthermore, during your planning, create your short-term goals ranging from daily, quarterly and yearly action steps. These short-term goals should of course get you closer to accomplishing your long-term goals. The key is increased clarity as you progress on your journey. Some things will work out well, others may fail, you must determine how to measure your progress along the way. You will find tools that can help you which you may not have known existed during your planning stages, always be ready to adapt and improvise. Increased clarity comes from knowing the most important items you need to execute to achieve each particular goal.

Gain clarity in what you do, how you do it and honest assessments of your actions. You must actively program your subconscious to work around the clock seeking ways to assist you. Activate your mind’s Reticular Activating System(RAS), it exists to take instructions from your conscious mind and pass them unto the subconscious. Provide clear instructions of what you desire your mind to focus on. You must have total self-belief that you have the power to create the life you desire for yourself. You must commit fully to mastering your own destiny, you are not going to simply wish for the next overnight magic solution. Of course, you will never have all the right answers, but keep asking the right questions that set you on the right path, you will have to experiment and test to figure out how to best get to your destination. As long as your mind is working with you, you have a higher likelihood of success. Learn to eliminate the interference of negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Be aware of the energy of those around you, you would be wise to hang more with problem solvers and solution seekers than victims and negative naysayers. Gain clarity through experience of your endeavors, always be objective while pursuing your objective.

The success of failure!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today's universal mental workout for awareness Thursdays delves into a fundamental topic that most aspiring individuals are very familiar with, failure. Before you succeed in life's many ventures, you usually have to experience a healthy dose of failure. Nothing to be alarmed at, many species that experienced glorious life in our universe also failed to continue existence. Some may argue humans may well be headed for a similar fate, but not to worry God is on our side, at least that's what the majority claim, but we digress. The motivational drive to achieve all your goals in life plays an essential role. Are you truly motivated to live a passionate life? Are you driven towards fulfillment? Have you made the decision to make your own dreams come true or do you want to continue to make others’ dreams come true. The decisions you make will shape your destiny.

Self-help and personal improvement sources for many years have presented the foundations to success principles. However it takes emotions and energy to propel one to take ultimate action. Once action is taken, it must be sustained all the way till accomplishment. Of those who do decide to take action, a large majority will give up or run out of steam after a few bumps along the way. It can be attributed to lack of planning or preparedness that results in budget issues. When financial pressure mounts, usually becomes a recipe for poor decision-making. So in an unpredictable universe, one needs to plan for both success and failure.

One must simply do their homework and consider all the highly successful and knowledgeable people of the world, how many hit a homerun to their goals right off-the-bat. You will find that you are dealing with a very minute number. Even the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have had stumbles along their way to success. Nobody is immune. No amount of planning and research can shield you from the powers of the unpredictable universe. One would be wise to mentally prepare for both success and failure. Preparing for obstacles or setbacks along the way is not negative thinking, just accepting that as a human being in an unpredictable universe, you may possess infinite potential, but predicting the future absolutely is not one of them. Preparing for success is the easy part, you should know exactly how you feel when you get a taste of it. You will feel refreshed and energized, ready to experience some more. The next question is how will you react when you encounter failure. Will you be like the majority and lose energy and enthusiasm? Will you cry out to the heavens and declare that it wasn’t meant to be? Will you make of list of excuses why you can’t go on, some may seem very convincing too. Or will you do what true champions do and pick yourself up from the canvass and prepare for the next round.

Achieving your goals requires consistency and application. You may get lucky and score a knock-out in the early rounds, anything is always possible in our amazing universe. However, success is more likely to come after an accumulation of punches. You’ve heard of championship boxing matches won in the late rounds. You must prepare to win some and lose some. Above all, every time you get knocked down, pick yourself back up, it’s the beauty of being a human being, you can give yourself as many chances as possible. Failure is only the end point if you allow it. Kano, the father of Judo says ‘If you fall seven times, get up eight.’

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