Blood of the Tiger!Blood of the Tiger!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Today’s mental workout literally ends the week from where we started, from the phenom that changed the modern game of golf. Who’s the best ever, Nicklaus or Woods, can anyone ever really answer that question, let’s just say they were both bloody good as we say in the old country. Some accuse Tiger of having a big ego and a very selfish nature which is unfortunate whether fully true or not. But in this case we have to say actions speak louder than words, while he may not be up for Husband of the decade award, he must certainly be golfer of the decade. He found his thing in life, the thing that got his blood pumping, apparently it wasn’t the only thing, how he ever found the energy to play golf is beyond me, I digress. The key is he found his true passion in life. He discovered that which really stimulated him. It did help that he was really good at it. However, let’s not forget the intense pressure that was on him from a very early age. He got better the bigger the stage. He mastered the art of peak performance. He had incredible mental fortitude to deliver as promised. How many athletes can you think of were hyped up so much by the media gods yet failed to rise to the challenge. Tiger, on the other hand revolutionized the game.

Today’s mental workout encourages you to do what fuels your blood over the weekend. No matter how busy you are, take a few moments to do what really excites and stimulates you. Get rich oxygenated blood circulating throughout your whole body. Have you really discovered what inspires you in life. If not, it’s not too late. Find something you are passionate about and devote yourself to it. Many people are talented at something, but few truly apply and dedicate themselves to reach the zenith of their profession. Remember finding and doing what you love provides you the cup to drink from the fountain of youth. So go out and do it, why not be happier, healthier and youthful, beats going under the knife to fight nature. Find what wags your tail, get your blood pumping so hard, it stimulates the outer regions of your brain, places you never imagined existed. Increased blood flow equals higher brain functionality and we all certainly want that. Do whatever fuels your passion whenever you get a chance, do what fires up your heart to pump like crazy. Feel alive, be alive and live this life. Have a great weekend and as always, make it a great mental workout.