Boarding pass!!!Boarding pass!!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Today's universal mental workout for imagination Wednesdays flies to a destination where few dare to go, the land of their dreams. The boarding pass for this flight requires vision, hard work and determination to soar at the desired altitude. To help us pilot this all-important flight plan, look no further than Mr. Lefty and Mrs. Righty brain. Their extensive resume only includes steering mankind out of the gloomy clouds of the Dark Ages. We surely need their services once again as old wars resurface on new horizons. Oh when will mankind ever learn? At the main controls is Lefty, after all, he's the one that loves to plan. Righty's imagination will determine how high they will soar. Given her propensity for infinite imagination, you best fasten your seat belts. In chasing your dreams, expect a bumpy flight after takeoff, traveling to new territory comes with unknown challenges. It won't be long till you soar over the turbulence and cruise at high altitude. The key is to hang tough through the stormy weather. Life's growth happens when you face your challenges head on and stay the course.

It's hard to get Lefty to ease up sometimes. When he's ultra-focused, has a tendency to be rather rigid and robotic. Thankfully, Lefty possesses enough universal depth and awareness to know when it's time to tap the Mrs. on the shoulder. No argument about equal pay over here. After Lefty has double checked flight coordinates align with the desired destination, it's time for Righty to take over. Friendly reminder from the cockpit - It's crucial to understand that no matter how far your destination is, make time to have fun along the way. Unfasten your seatbelts and have a little fun down the aisle. Get up, move around and even enjoy a little dance. Why not? It's always a party when Righty is in control. Dancing at high altitude is what life is meant to be about. Forget what your parents, teachers, pastors and mentors may tell you, first you must find the song inside of you. Find the rhythm that makes you soar in spirit and dance non-stop. Dance even in your sleep, you won't get a red eye. Let Lefty and Righty elevate your life's altitude with the right attitude, no pun intended. Never allow yourself to stay grounded, Lefty and Righty can propel you to the clouds as far as you are willing to go. The possibilities are endless!