The buck stops with youThe buck stops with you

Monday, March 25, 2013

Life is a series of ups and downs where sometimes circumstances dictate how things turn out. However, take pride of ownership that you are the captain of your ship. It’s recommended to surround yourself with a loving family, friends and colleagues, however there are times when you have to brave it alone. Self-reliance puts the burden squarely on your shoulders. People may come to let you down, sometimes it could be very good reasons beyond their control, one can never really always know. On the other hand, accept the gauntlet to be the master of your own destiny. Dictate life on the terms you wish to live it. Live life, don’t let it live you or get to you. You are a human being equipped with the best tools known to mankind. There are times to simply roll up the sleeves and get the job done yourself. You will find that there’s no more satisfying feeling rivaled of course when you give to others too.

If people let you down in a competitive and infinite universe from time to time, should you really be surprised?