Monday, May 21 2012

Today’s mental workout for sporty Mondays encourages you to shoot for the bull's eye in your darts game of life. The world is one giant dart board that rewards you for throwing darts at your targets. Determine your largest and most meaningful goals and mark that as the bull’s eye, surrounded by your other aspirations, then plot your strategy to accomplish them. You have the entire dart board of life to aim for. There’s plenty of ways to achieve all your objectives when you develop a feasible plan of action. Take a deep breath and set your balance. You are going to focus on throwing one dart at a time, Concentrate on the spot you are aiming for, block out the rest of your life’s board. A laser-focused mind aiming for one specific purpose at a time is a powerful beam of thought energy. Instead of wondering from one thing to another, zeroing in on your target allows for greater precision and accuracy.

Start off aiming for easier targets to build your confidence. Gain more clarity on your objectives as you go along. Clarity grows in a quiet and undisturbed mind away from distractions, don’t get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. The clearer your goals, the easier the path to accomplish it becomes. The idea is to catch your natural flow, get in the zone where your body operates at peak performance. Open your eyes to the potential of what you can achieve in the universe, so many are just shooting their darts in the dark hoping for the best. Hope is not enough of a strategy, consistent execution is critical for lasting success. Follow through is essential, you must program your mind to finish what you start. Remember the highest score on your dart’s board game of life is not necessarily the bull's eye, you can triple your score by directing your energy on what you do with passion and enthusiasm, there lies the infinite payoff.

The higher your aspirations, the higher the risks. You must be willing to miss your targets to triumph in the end. When you do fail to hit your target, re-group and try again, don’t allow doubt to set in. Unfortunately in our life's game of darts, we tend to concentrate on negativity, potential problems in the future, too many things at one time, and on pursuing fleeting pleasures instead of longer lasting satisfactions. Stay in the here and now, shoot for the top, if you miss, you will still land somewhere beneficial. Success in your dart’s game of life involves hitting the big as well as little targets, sometimes it’s those small things that end up most meaningful. There’s a very thin line between success and failure, it’s much more narrow than most people realize. Get into your rhythm, by consistently going after your main goals on the board of life, you will score the points you need to a happy and rewarding life. Shoot for the bull's eye of your life’s goals, luck rewards he or she that throws the darts. As always, make it a laser-focused mental workout.