Change your reservation!!!Change your reservation!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today’s mental workout encourages you to change your reservation from the package deal that everybody else has been enticed into. You are like nobody else on this universe so why should you care about the economy class bargain that the powers-that-be are forcing down your throat. Instead of being a passenger in your plane journey of life, grab a hold of your life plane’s joystick. There’s a reason it’s called a joystick, it’s fun when you are in total control. Take control of your life’s plane and steer it in the direction where you want to go, not where others have pre-determined for you. Isn’t it time you started earning those travel miles going places you wish to go. No more worrying about delays, you control when your private plane lifts off. No more hassle of losing your luggage, you control exactly what you choose to bring with you. No more annoying lines of being searched and harassed, you get red carpet treatment right up the runway. You don’t need to try and fit in the same exact seat as everybody else, you need way more elbow room and much more space to relax and unwind. Your life plane is supposed to be comfortable not crammed in like sardines. Speaking of meals you deserve real food, not that stuffed crap and peanuts. Notice how all the airlines seem to serve practically the same food, talk about follow the leader. You don’t need to drink that half-empty cocktail glass either, you deserve the choice to drink a full glass of whatever your heart desires.

Change your reservation to fly your own private jet in your plane journey of life. You are like nobody else on this universe, so fly your own plane like nobody else, go where you desire to go. Gain your freedom to really roam the friendly skies. Learn to fly your plane how you want to fly it, learn a few tricks while you are it, you know, do some loops and circles, Tom Cruise could do it, you can too. No worries, you have the best auto pilot money can buy, your mind. Enjoy the freedom and space of your private jet, no more fasten the seatbelts sign, walk around as you wish, do a dance down the aisle if you wish. Fly where you want to go, fly through all the time zones of the world. For now time is not money, you truly have all the time in the world to get to where you want to go. The best part is no government in the world can hassle you. Never let them get a hold of your flight plan, if you must, fly under the radar. Don’t be ruled by fear, the heavenly skies represent freedom. No worries about stormy weather, you have clear blue skies ahead to the destination of your dreams. Enjoy the all you can eat buffet menu and cocktails, treat yourself like a member of congress for a change. Needless to say never let congress get a hold of your life plane, they have no idea where they are going and will probably run out of gas arguing over which way is up. Fly high in spirit, the view from the top is always better. Fly with the birds, but make sure it’s not those thanksgiving ones, it could make for a short trip. Enjoy your thanksgiving holiday with the family, make it a grateful mental workout.


If we can find a little humor

If we can find a little humor in a sometimes hectic world, it sure goes a long way. Thanks

I always look forward to

I always look forward to reading your posts every day. I admire your humor in this, I sent it to my friends who had to travel. Sure, it lightened their moods.