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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today’s mental workout for political Thursdays will continue from where we left off last year, in the eternal circus of GOP politics or shall we say politics in general, if the ball was in the Dems court, they wouldn’t fare any better. Now the good ole boys are doing the unthinkable, in their desire to gain the highest office in the land, some candidates are attacking the very institution of capitalism itself. If Ron Paul would do it, not so surprising, but the likes of Gingrich, Perry and Huntsman attacking Romney for his venture capitalism roots, that has really set the cat amongst the pigeons in the GOP. Are we going through an economic and political rebirth of fairness in the system or is it just desperation politics, I suspect the latter. Anytime you have a fella like Gingrich calling himself a stalwart of the middle class says it all, you only have to look at his track record since he left office. You can tell a great deal about people when you witness their actions when under pressure, perhaps that’s when their true character and makeup shines through.

Will these attacks slow down the Romney machine with Brady bunch family in tow, perhaps slightly, apparently they are going to dig up everyone Romney’s Bain capital has ever downsized. Could take a while, but it’s all probably a little too late. It’s ironic the money in question is what will ultimately win the day for Romney in our modern day political system where money does most of the talking. You got to admire Romney’s sense of humor though, he said he was worried about losing his entry level job after completing his joint Harvard MBA and JD. That's his way of relating to the common man and woman, of course we have to clarify that his definition of entry level differs from most people, maybe 100K base salary without chauffeur services. Come on Romney, be proud of your family success, your dad was a presidential candidate for Pete’s sake, he made it possible for you to have an easier life, that’s perfectly fine, just be authentic. It is surprising that Romney doesn’t have better answers to questions considering how long he’s been running, he gets that nervous, puzzling look in his eyes.

Should it be shocking to anyone out there that a venture capitalist would act like a venture capitalist. Are you astounded when sharks eat little fish. Capital is the aim of the game, the people’s job security and pension plans are secondary if it’s even on the agenda. Why is it Romney refuses to publicize his tax return, could it be he’s not paying much taxes, all legal of course, we would n’t be a great society without ‘legal’ tax loops. All this just has to wake up the people to fend for themselves. Self-reliance and personal independence is the way forward for the next decade and beyond. In the past politicians could get away with anything as long as the established media supported them, but now with the widespread availability of news and information on the internet, more transparency will come into play. No matter who finally wins office, whether the speech maker, Obama or the money shaker Romney, people have to search deep within themselves and look at past history and ask the tough questions, will things really change if we keep believing in politicians or should we believe in ourselves and human ingenuity. As always, I hope you enjoyed your political mental workout.