Monday, January 23, 2012

Today’s mental workout urges you to make your best moves in your chess game of life. The unpredictable universe can dish out its own surprise moves to catch you off guard, however you have an array of tools in your arsenal to hold your own. What will your life’s strategy be. Will you control your own destiny or be somebody else’s pawn. The universe grants you great powers through your innate skills and talent, however how will you choose to use that skill. What moves will you make. Will you be patient or impetuous. Will you value short-term gain over long-term sustained rewards. Will you sacrifice your personal values and those around you for the sake of victory at all costs. Do you consider all the options around you when you make decisions. Are you someone that likes to take input from all sides and all parties. Is it always your way or the highway. Why not contemplate decisions from other points of view. Could perhaps some others be in a better position than you are to make certain decisions in your life’s game of chess. Your chess game of life is about planning for the future, but learning to execute decisions in the now.

Is chess a reflection of life, while the king gets protected, the Queen is really the core of the power making all the moves, how many modern societies portray the man to be the symbol of power, but the woman represents true universal power. In our life game of chess, we have warrior bishops like back in the Holy Roman Empire days. Is life a battle on the outside and well as within, are you constantly waging war against the negative voices inside your mind. Do you feel like you are making the moves in your life or is somebody else doing it. Do you just rush into decisions acting impulsively or do you take the time to calculate the possible ramifications before proceeding. Of course too much analysis is not always the way to go, trust your gut, if you see an opportunity sometimes, you just have to act. Moderation is the most advisable course of action, not too shortsighted, but don’t over-think the situation.

While you are it at your chess game of life, do you ever wonder who made up these rules anyway. Are the rules in life made up by the wrong people, like congressional members. Are you playing your chess game of life in total control of your destiny on the offensive or are you just trying to survive and hold on. Is it better to grab the bull by the horns or just run around afraid to be captured. Your chess game of life is also a combination of science and art. The rules of the game dictate the scientific requirements and limitations, however the art is in the execution. Things that may have worked in the past may not work in the future, one alternate move could open up countless possibilities. Your chess game of life works best if you have an actual game plan. It’s amazing how you can stimulate your brain to open up numerous connections to stir you to your desired destination. Embrace the unpredictability of the universal unknown, grow through challenge, play with courage, fear prevents you from taking risks which is really what life should be about. Do you really want to wrap yourself in cotton wool, afraid to fail or get hurt. Come on, don’t live like that. Learn the basics to your chess game of life, think before you act. Evaluate the possibilities and outcomes of your life’s strategies, protect what’s important to you, execute your game plan, but stay flexible and open to new opportunities. Make each move count all the way till you capture the castle that your dreams are made of. As always, make it a calculating mental workout.