Close encounters for one of a kind!!!Close encounters for one of a kind!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Superhero Tuesdays enshrines one of the greatest directors of all time, Steven Spielberg. He is undoubtedly the most influential director of his generation and one of the pioneers of modern blockbusters. At the onset of his career, Spielberg stormed into Hollywood with movies that revolutionized special effects like Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. Since then he has displayed his unique range and versatility across several genres beyond sci-fi to include war, slavery and family values. Long before Spielberg became a director, his story is a lesson to all that dare to pursue their passions and dreams. Twice turned down by USC's film school, he didn’t let that get in his way; he knew what he wanted to do with his life and nothing was going to stop him. Spielberg was largely self-taught deciding to spend a majority of time at the Universal lot immersed in the movie culture. Even more remarkable, he began making amateur films at the ripe age of 10 and by 17; he had already shot a full length sci-fi picture. Spielberg’s movies are emotionally powerful stemming from his difficult upbringing coping with divorce and bullying. His movies have a strong sense of composition and movement that capture the imagination of the audience from start to finish, and he truly has a big heart for the social issues.

Steven Spielberg is also more than a director, he’s famed to be a shrewd businessman. Because he had a unique vision as a director, he sought autonomy and control by forming his own production company, Amblin Entertainment in 1980. Amblin was responsible for such hits as Gremlins, Back to the Future, Goonies, Men in Black as well as successful animated series like Who framed Roger Rabbit and Land Before Time. Spielberg also had a hand in the big hit drama ER that brought us George Clooney. In 1994, Spielberg went a step further and formed a triumvirate with Disney’s Jeff Katzenberg and billionaire music producer David Geffen to launch DreamWorks. The power trio combined their talents to create an influential multimedia Hollywood studio venturing out into video games too. Steven Spielberg has evolved into one of the most powerful and influential figures in entertainment today, but he still carries the down-to-Earth nice guy authentic image. Steven Spielberg paved the way for many of the blockbusters today, with Jaws, ET and Jurassic Park, he enjoyed the highest grossing movies at the time. His movies to date have grossed almost 9 billion dollars and of course he’s picked up a couple of Academy awards on route with the highly acclaimed Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. Best of all, Steven Spielberg has an amazing sense of humor to go which his boundless imagination, undoubtedly contributing to his unparalleled success.