Communicate the force behind your goalsCommunicate the force behind your goals

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making concrete plans that can bring you closer to your goals is only the first step. There’s no more relevant time than now with new year’s resolutions already in full force. Plans must become more than plans. They must become plans of action as soon as you make them. As every self-help and personal improvement source on the planet tells you, it makes a difference if you write them down. You should also go beyond just writing your goals down, convey the significance of what reaching those goals will mean to you. Communicate the feelings behind those goals. How will it change your life. How will reaching these goals improve the quality of your life. How might it affect your family and lifestyle in a meaningful way that appeals to your emotions. Taking note of your emotions at this time allows you improved clarity later on. Usually at the start of your goals, you feel empowered and super motivated, it’s beneficial to capture those feelings in case the road becomes tough or perhaps new emotions may come into play that supplant the original ones.

Communicate the force behind your goals.