Connect your passionConnect your passion

Monday, November 5, 2012

Highly successful people love what they do. They are generally very good at what they do and get well rewarded for it, however there are others who work for free because they have passion for what they do. They volunteer their time because doing what they love gives them more life. In your quest to reach your desired goals, you may have to do certain activities you don’t enjoy as much; You have to keep your eyes on the big picture. Keep it firmly ingrained in your mind that you have to pay your dues and sacrifice to be able to live the life of your dreams. Brainstorm specifically to discover ways to connect your passion to your least favored activities. If scientists can split the atom and develop complex formulas and equations, why can’t you use your ingenuous mind to connect your passion? Surely, living a life of passion shouldn’t be rocket science. Learn to think differently, you can find answers within following your passion and thinking outside the box, way outside.

Brainstorm multiple times how to connect your passion to your least favored activities.