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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today’s mental workout deals with several methods of marketing your unique content. Again we stress making your content unique, the last thing we need is just more recycled information on the web. You have the power of billions of brain cells coupled with your unique experience in the niche you wish to serve, focus and apply yourself, deliver content that makes an impact. After you create your content and set up your website and blog, you can do article marketing to get your website indexed and create backlinks etc. Unfortunately it’s not just a case of build it and they’ll come, there are millions of websites and blogs online all vying for traffic, so follow the basic guidelines covered in the quality traffic mental workout. The good news is that you don’t just want any traffic spikes here and there, you want consistent and continuous traffic from interested folks who see the value in what you have, in other words, convertible traffic.

Email Marketing

Create an irresistible offer with a valuable, free solution to build a list for a newsletter and executing your marketing strategies. Choose from several email providers like AWeber or Mailchimp for bulk delivery. Give people a test drive of your quality content in exchange for an email. Make your opt-in page clear and concise. Be careful not to disappoint, remember you only get one chance to make a first impression. If you hype up your freebie too much without delivering on impact, then people are likely not to trust you again, they will just unsubscribe at the speed of light. Develop a clear strategy of what your ideal customer looks like, it’s no good building a list of just random names and hoping they will convert into sales. Aim to build a list from likely-to-buy prospects. Hope is not a strategy, think outside the box. You may want to segment your list based on a set of criteria. For sales conversion, you need to build a solid relationship. It’s not just a matter of ‘here’s something free, now buy my product.’ You should aim to deliver at least three solid pieces of valuable content before you ask for the sale. Use a step-by-step method to drive up anticipation for your product launch. Your newsletters should start off with all solid, unique content with no call-to-action for buying anything. Take your time, build into the process, you don’t need to blast out emails daily. They’ve invited you into their email home, don’t abuse the privilege, again patience is a virtue. Keep an eye on your tracking stats, stick to the policy for unsubscribing. Experiment, break some conventional rules and learn for yourself through constant testing, trial and error. For powerful sales copy for your newsletter and headlines, check out Sandi Krakowski at, that’s her specialty, she’s a copywriting genius.

Direct mail

You may be wondering what direct mail has to do with content marketing for an online venture. Well, remember about mobilizing offline strategies to build a more solid online foundation. A few years ago it was all direct mail marketing before online took over. Now since most of the competition has likely gone online, you should revert back to direct mail. As you browse online, just take note of the ridiculous pace of ads blasted on your desktop. Remember your goal is to be strategic, do what your competitors aren’t doing or willing to undertake. There’s a higher likelihood that your direct mail may be opened nowadays. You will be surprised, some studies say direct mail gets opened more than email. Direct mail is a process like anything else, don’t expect a miracle on your first mailer, again you want to deliver value in a short amount of space, but plan for a sequence of mailers before you create a measurable impact. You can get dirt low prices unheard of several years ago, direct mail companies are willing to go the extra mile to work with your budget. Again we emphasize doing your research on lead selection, find the profile that fits your target market. The list needs tremendous focus or else you are just throwing money away. To prove direct mail still works, look no further than Google, how many adwords coupons do you get bimonthly. If the online Gods, Google allocate resources to direct mail, shouldn’t you too? You can also consider a joint mailer with a complimentary partner to share mailing costs. Following up with a cost-effective telemarketing campaign can increase results.

Video marketing

Video marketing is all the rave these days, vimeo is good for video production, Jing for screenshots and of course Youtube is an effective delivery platform. Many business owners seem inclined to steer clear of video, but people appreciate placing a face with the organization, they would like you to articulate a vision in your own words. It’s another step in establishing that connection and trust factor. You may want to collaborate with other aspiring entrepreneurs too. When you create your videos, be sincere and humble. Deliver the results you promise, if you are transparent and authentic, people will sense it. The people know, we already have enough confidence men running around everywhere. Shoot to play on the value team. Strive to deliver quality content across the various platforms, you should learn to master the art and science of multiple points of marketing contact in today’s world. When evaluating content marketing, we can’t possibly ignore the giant elephant in the room, no, not Mitt Romney, social media of course. Tomorrow’s mental workout will conclude content marketing week with everybody’s favorite pastime nowadays, social media, even dead people may start tweeting soon, if they are not already. As always, make it a content-rich mental workout.