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Monday, September 24, 2012

Today’s mental workout kicks off this week’s entire focus, content marketing in the digital age. Throughout the week, we’ll explore ways to deliver the valuable content that your target market requires and in some cases, simply demands. Any aspiring business owner or entrepreneur must allocate resources towards content marketing, because the competition surely will. As the Almighty Content Gods, Google continues to implement algorithm changes, it’s clear that quality content is the goal. The last major update was just a few weeks ago. We’re certainly not complaining over here, our rankings have improved lately. It’s good news for those who focus on delivering quality content as opposed to trying to game the search engines. The digital age is revolutionizing how business is done. Not even the most obscure business can ignore content marketing with the advent of mobile too. The digital age is rapidly transforming educational systems around the world, we’ve even seen regimes get toppled through mobilization online.

Google has laid down the law, it apparently removed millions of scraper sites with plenty more pending, the type of websites that just steal others' content. It happens a great deal to website owners, your content or articles get stolen and placed elsewhere online without a customary credit to you. It drives owners crazy because you have to go through an entire process to report it, with all that negative energy and hassle, you could have probably created some brand new content. This evolving situation presents an ideal opportunity for anyone to launch a new website geared towards quality content. Many keywords that were taken up due to black hat SEO tactics as they are known will now be available for open competition. Valuable article marketing still works regardless of what people tell you, perhaps SEO spun articles full of shameless self-promotion are now ineffective. I am sure you’ve noticed the numerous software packages available that can create hundreds of duplicate articles from just one, except for it reads like hieroglyphics. It takes time and effort to produce quality content, but it's well worth it in the long run. Google wants unique content, so give it to them.

To be considered a player in the industry, all brands must now publish. As social media continues to grow at an incredible rate, old-school traditional modes of content delivery will give way to innovative and disruptive platforms, so effective positioning is crucial. Google has reportedly indexed over a trillion web pages. Everybody is online looking for content. Most corporate decision makers allocate significant resources to research prospective companies online before engaging in the sales process. Optimal content marketing can not only generate enormous profits from initial sales, but also in terms of long term profits, it has a cumulative effect. You can create a high level of brand loyalty and respect amongst the masses. Creative content that is relevant and valuable will attract and engage your audience. You are essentially building a trust relationship with your target market. Regardless of what niche you are in, you can produce quality articles, reports, how-to guides, eBooks, case studies, white papers, dvds, simple videos, any content that can deliver on value and start a conversation. Remember every single entity had to start with the first article, blog post or web content, you can too. In a few thousand years, our everyday online content platforms will seem like stone age carvings to the next super generation, leave your own mark. Now you know why you should implement content marketing, how do you go about it? Tomorrow’s mental workout will focus on ways to identify and research a potential market. As always, make it a content-generating mental workout.