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Monday, October 15, 2012

As you develop your support network, be open to get expert advice from various people who serve in different areas within your target niche. Your goal is to get the whole picture, it helps if you can ascertain information from distribution channels, supplier networks, mid-managers, senior management and entrepreneurs in addition to sales representatives. You can even do a little group session test and actually collect data from applicable surveys and specific interview data. Be engaging and creative, might as well practice now, you are probably going to need those skills later to sell your concept. Keep your spirits up. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged at all by any feedback you disagree with. Just thoroughly understand where the particular person is coming from. Like it or not, not everyone may be sold on your idea, remember they are not you. They may know you in a business capacity, but they have no idea what level of internal drive and self-belief you have within you. You may not even be sure yourself of what power lies dormant deep inside you, so how can they tell how much drive you have. The idea is to park your ego at the door and just gather useful information and data which you can turn into more knowledge and wisdom for the journey ahead.

Define open-minded vs close-minded.