Date night!!!Date night!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today’s mental workout for Imagination Wednesdays takes us behind-the-scenes at an exclusive date that even the hottest tabloids don’t have access, not William and Kate, no nudity here, we are covering the date between Mr. Left Logic and Ms. Right Imagination. Yes, this should be a wonderful night to remember, on paper these two seem a wonderful match made in heaven, or at least on the Christian dating sites anyway. Mr. Left is looking handsome in his nicely pressed suit, you know how he is, everything by the book, right on time as always. No surprise Mr. Left has planned every part of the date right down to the minute details, just can’t help himself, it’s the way he’s made. A good thing we have Ms. Right to bring some imagination or it would be a long night indeed, like watching paint dry or perhaps an average day on a planet called Earth.

Here comes Ms. Right, she looks a picture of attraction in her long evening gown, understated, but elegant, clearly trying to leave a little to the imagination. Oh oh, Mr. Left is looking at his watch already, he’s ready to get this show on the road. Limo service is provided courtesy of the Cerebellum, it has an impeccable sense of direction. We arrive at café Medulla Obligata, Mr. Left checks the reservation, through to form he is ensuring everything is in perfect order; he loves everything to run like clockwork. Mr. Left picks an uninspired seat in the middle of the room as he considers this very practical. Ms. Right insists on a more romantic corner booth with candle light, now we’re talking. Mr. Left doesn’t take any chances, he simply orders his usual, the red meat. He’s a stickler for routine this bloke, stuck in his way of doing things you may say, perhaps even a republican in a former life. Ms. Right goes for the daring special of the day, the salmon, apparently it’s great for the little neglected organ in the body, the part that’s supposed to do the thinking.

After dinner Mr. Left insists on dropping Ms. Right back home, he says his daddy taught him perfect manners. Ms. Right counters by saying that daddies can only teach what they know, she would rather walk in the nice open air. However, Mr. Left wants to play it safe, he’s worried about the negative thoughts lurking in the shadows and nightmare freaks that come out in the dark. No worries, Ms. Right has enough courage for both of them. As Mr. Left rambles on about knowing this and that fact, detail after detail, Ms. Right is hit by a sudden splash of inspiration to go dancing and she tells Mr. Left to put on his dancing shoes, he replies that they are at home thinking about his special loafers. She tells him it’s just a figure of speech, Mr. Left has a habit of taking everything literally. They head over to the Dream lounge, Ms. Right’s hoping to loosen him up a little with a couple of drinks. After a while Lefty is finally starting to have a great time, he even learns a few new dance moves on the spot, funny how a little experience provides confidence. True to form, Lefty pulls out his calendar ready to schedule the next date, strike while the iron is hot he says. They make a dream couple these two, this date night appears headed for a happy ending, well as happy as it gets in the mind. It certainly shows that when you have a little logic going in the right direction, imagination can take you anywhere, until next time.