Day 100 – Congratulations

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Job well done! You stuck to a challenge for 100 straight days. You are a goal centurion. Keep on achieving goals from here and beyond.

Congratulate yourself on being a goal centurion – 100 day commitment to your goals is just the first step of many. There's no doubt that you should have much more clarity on what it takes to achieve goals consistently.

We've had some feedback on providing actionable information on how to plan and execute goals in detail. We welcome other feedback, please email as to what you would specifically like to see in the next 100 day challenge.

Thanks for coming on this adventure with us. We hope we provided a valuable roadmap to achieve your goals.

If you didn't make the progress that you would like over the past 100 days, stay tuned on how to join the Motivation to take action network, we'll be providing some steps that will allow you to activate your universal magnetic force thru hard work and application - making accomplishing goals much easier.