Day 71 - Triple intensityDay 71 - Triple intensity

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

With under 30 days left in the challenge, time to turn up the heat even more. We want to hit triple intensity to finish off the 100 Day Challenge with a bang. That means you have to give it three times the effort you did at the beginning. After dedication to your goals over the past 70 days, you should have built up tremendous momentum if you applied yourself.

Since you are much more familiar with the landscape of pursuing your goals, take more calculated risk than you were prepared to take in the beginning. Stretch yourself out there even further, put more on the line. If for any reason you haven’t made sufficient progress in even some moderate goals, it’s time to re-evaluate again and figure out a way to give your absolute all.

In the first month of your challenge, it was more of an apprehensive warm-up, now in the last month, you are much more experienced and seasoned. Time to turn it up even more! Experience is truly the best teacher. Apply what you have learned over the last two months to cross that finish line. Deliver a triple intensity finish!