Day 72 - Step by step systemDay 72 -  Step by step system

Thursday, March 14, 2013

If you are not operating at triple intensity, you should evaluate your step by step system. If things are not running smoothly or you don't have the level of clarity to run at triple intensity, then your step by step system needs to be examined. Your brain is a complex problem-solver - engage its full capabilities. Therefore, if your system is not yielding results, then let your brain eliminate challenges in a methodical and practical manner.

The journey to accomplish your goals revolves around your system in place and the effort you put in. If your system is set up for trial and error, then that allows you to correct mistakes, learn and adapt on the fly. Even if you have to go through every single wrong approach before you find the ideal solution, it’s still worth it.

A step by step system allows you to always know what stage of 'planning to execution' you are in. Your brain is already programmed by society to operate thru a step by step system - why not capitalize on it. You should always identify your next steps clearly on any strategic plan. Never stay stagnant, when one problem occurs, analyze and research some alternate options. Only when a system works, can you really generate massive momentum and results operating at triple intensity.