Day 91 - Scorecard Day 91 - Scorecard

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

With 10 days to go to finish the 100 day challenge, why not score yourself early. Give yourself an honest, early scorecard. Rate yourself on effort, overall performance and creativity. Did you really give it all you had inside? Did you push yourself to the limit? Grading ourselves has been ingrained in us since our early days of schooling - use it to your advantage.

Assess where you are as far as your goals are concerned. Were there some goals that you should have accomplished no matter what? What area did you let yourself down in? Where could you have done more? Can you truly walk away saying that you did your very best.

If your results are something to be proud of, keep up the good work! On the flip side, those that are disappointed with their performance still have time. Take these last days to change behavior and apply yourself for the biggest finish possible. You still have time to adjust and get well on track for days beyond the challenge.