Day 92 – Retrieve your greatness

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You may not recall, but a long time ago, you were a fearless warrior. As a baby that is, you ventured out into a brand new world where you had to adapt to your unfamiliar surroundings. As you tried to stand up or walk, you failed many times, but continued till you triumphed.

To ride a bike, you had to overcome obstacles too, but you knew it was a rite of passage so you persisted. You were destined to do certain things that were expected of you, so you did it. Things expected of all kids in society, and you succeeded in progressing step by step. Tap into the same youthful greatness and zeal, and accomplish goals that bring real meaning to your life.

Retrieve your youthful greatness to persist despite obstacles in your way. Challenges have been in your way before, the difference is that when you were younger, you allowed nothing to stand in your way. Adopt the same mindset now, retrieve the greatness of your formative years to succeed at all costs.