Day 94 – Get personal

Friday, April 5, 2013

The quest to achieve your goals should be a personal journey. Humans throughout time have mastered their destiny with fewer resources, you can too, the possibilities are endless. Make accomplishing your goals a personal quest to fulfill your obligation to the planet that gave you life. It took billions of years of evolution out of random chaos to give you this opportunity of a lifetime - seize the moment.

Ask yourself the tough questions that matter in your heart. How will achieving your goals help your family? How will accomplishing your goals change your quality of life? Is it personal enough to hit in your gut? Is it worth moving every mountain in your way, including the huge mental mountains that hold you back.

As a human being, it’s your universal birthright to master your destiny. You’ve read and witnessed people fulfilling their dreams in life. It’s your turn to do the same, join the ranks of those that are mastering their destiny.