Day 97 – Goal warrior

Monday, April 8, 2013

Regardless of your performance during this 100 day challenge. Commit to become a lifetime goal warrior. Develop your own system for accomplishing goals and in turn, inspire your friends and family members too. Encourage others to achieve their own goals in life, there lies great strength in teaming up.

With experience, you will learn to be even more effective and proficient in accomplishing your goals. You will get better and better as you execute more efficiently time after time. Fight to accomplish goals that you believe in – important goals that are meaningful to you and your family, goals that are worth sacrificing for.

There rests the power of a warrior deep inside you. Let this challenge unearth that power potential within you to deliver the life of your dreams. Become your own goal warrior to live on terms you dictate. Fight every inch of the way if you have to in order to make your dreams come true.