Did you know?Did you know?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Today’s mental workout shall take a lot at some amazing facts about the brain. Did you know the elephant brain is about 6 times larger than the human brain? But comparatively speaking with body size, the human brain reigns over all known species so far. So it looks like the earth goes to the victors with the best brain not necessarily the largest. So this is one contest size doesn’t matter, sorry ladies. The key here is that if humans have developed the best brain of all known species pound for pound, why is it we only average about 20% of efficiency. Who does it benefit the most if you don’t actually use the brain?

The brain also contains 100,000 miles of blood vessels. Just imagine the earth is about 25,000 miles, so we are talking about 4 times that of Earth. Getting the picture now, you throw in 100 billion neurons and you can see the magnitude of what we are talking about. Now you can understand why blood flow to the brain is important. For some who have been stuck on neutral for a while doing the same tasks over and over, no matter if you are a Doctor or a carpenter, if you repeat the same functions over and over, the brain gets used to it and ceases to incite increased blood flow. Your brain takes up about 20% of your total body’s blood.

Now hopefully you have more blood flowing as you are stimulated by the power of what you have within you. And if you are not stimulated, then read it over again. Don’t you think this should have been the first thing we all learn in school, that we have the power to control what lies within us. Well that’s a story for another day, I hope you enjoyed your mental workout.