Do or do notDo or do not

Monday, October 15, 2012

Desire to succeed at all costs alone sets apart those who make it from people that quit. Like Yoda said in Star Wars, you either ‘do or do not.’ There’s no trying when it comes to using your mind and desire to succeed in life. You must simply issue an ultimatum to yourself that failure is not an option. It’s that single-minded desire to succeed that will have your mind programmed 24/7 on finding ways for you to accomplish your goals. Why not shoot for the moon and if you miss it, you may still end up in the stars. People all around the world fail to ask enough of themselves, their minds are perfectly capable of delivering much more if only they can change the way they think. Desire means loving the work you do, fall in love with your profession, it brings stimulation that can open doors. That of course leads to more connections and more possibilities for opportunities.

Can any obstacles hinder you when you have true desire to succeed?